PA-Gov: Wolf Unveils Latest Ad (VIDEO)

In the Democrat’s first major move after last week’s debate, Wolf released a new ad, which focuses on Pennsylvania’s declining employment statistics since Gov. Corbett took office.

The 45-second web video, titled “Not Even Close”, uses footage from Tom Corbett’s first campaign in 2010.

“I want to make Pennsylvania number one in agriculture, number one in job creation, energy production, and education,” then-candidate Corbett declared.

“So Governor Corbett, Did you make us number one?,” the narrator then asks. “Not even close.”

To back up its claim about a failed Corbett administration, the much-used 9th to 47th in job creation statistic is mentioned.

After taking a shot at Corbett, the ad switches to a much lighter tone, in which Wolf is called a “proven job creator” and one who is focused on “strengthening middle class families.”

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  1. If Tom Wolf is a proven jobs creator he must be referring to the State of Indiana where he outsourced the manufacturing of his cabinets to. Also, a quick Google search of the Wolf Organization and number of employees shows that he has reduced his workforce from approximately 600 or more in 2006 to less than 270 today, laying off 15% of his workforce in 2011 alone. For those who buy his claims that PA is 47th in Job Creation, you only have to know that they are not referring to actual jobs gained but to rate of increase in growth. It’s like saying that if you have one customer and add a second you grew at a rate of 100% but if I have 10,000 customers and added 5,000 I only grew at a rate of 50% so you’re doing better than me. Not quite and that’s the point. Under Governor Corbett, PA has created over 184,000 Private Sector jobs and we currently have the largest private sector workforce in our Commonwealth’s history.

  2. most poles say goevnor corbit is gonna comeback and beat john wolfe in a land slide cuz the way it worksa in penna is each guv. gets to be guv for 8 yrs, and then after he stops been goevnor the other palitcal party can be gov. for anuther 8 yrs.,

  3. | The 45-second web video

    Stop. Who cares about web videos?

    Also, this new comment system may be better for mobile devices, but it stinks on computers.

  4. That’s right we better elect A guy that will raise taxes on businesses and people I think that’ll be the solution

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