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PA-Sen: McGinty Hugs Obama, Ties Toomey to Trump in Latest TV Ad (VIDEO)

Yesterday, President Obama and Vice President Biden endorsed Katie McGinty’s Senate campaign.

Today, the McGinty campaign already has a new TV ad produced touting the President’s support.

“President Obama endorses Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate, calling her ‘a champion for working families’,” the narrator begins while bringing up McGinty’s work with Gov. Wolf in expanding Medicaid.

The thirty-second spot then takes a sharp turn in tone as it focuses on the GOP presidential front-runner and incumbent Senator.

“Trump and Toomey have attacked women’s health care and Social Security,” the narrator intones over unflattering video of the two side-by-side.

The commercial then shifts back to optimism.

“To fight back – President Obama wants McGinty in the Senate – to protect Obamacare, Social Security, and for equal pay for women,” the narrator concludes.

The goals of the ad are clear, associate McGinty with Pres. Obama and Toomey with Donald Trump. Given the recent news that the President’s approval ratings are hitting a three-year high and Trump’s unfavorables are at 65%, this seems like a good strategy.

It also ignores the fact that McGinty still has two Democratic primary challengers, former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, on April 26th.

11 Responses

  1. I watched the video and I didn’t see a hug.

    I am on totally on Sestak’s team, but I have to call out the sexism in the title of this article. “Hugs” is not a term that would be used to refer to a man’s reactions to an endorsement by the President. In this context is is a condescending reference to gender of the candidate. Nick Field, you should change it.

  2. It’s just shockingly disingenuous. The big accomplishment it touts is Wolf’s accomplishment. The ONLY reason she was even along for the ride is because she was rejected to head up the state party. Then she quit six months later to chase another office.

    Truly some of the worst most dishonst politicking ever perpetrated upon the good voters of the commonwealth.

  3. McG’s ads reveal a transparently phony/fake. If that is the impact on others of her ads, heaven help McG. As others have said, McG, the puppet of the establishment political/corporate class, is out of her league and going down to yet another ( her 4th? ) political defeat. Well deserved defeats—she is way out of her league—-and, a pretender to the throne. People can spot a fake and they know when they are being played for fools. McG should be ashamed. Another sham…………

  4. marshak – we need to prepare ourselves for Senator McGinty and President Clinton ll …

  5. Since Katie is now taking credit for being in proximity to other people’s accomplishments, I too would like my credit for helping those 500,000 Pennsylvanian’s as well.

    If I were to be completely honest, I actually had more to do with it than Katie did. Not to mention, I’m still here cleaning toilets and didn’t run off after 6 months on the job.

  6. jmarshak, she was Chief of Staff for Wolf for an entire 6 months. Just because she left in the middle of the budget impasse doesn’t mean she wasn’t fighting for us poor slobs!

  7. Still waiting for somebody to tell me when McGinty did all this fighting for the working class.

  8. Way to waste a million bucks by tying Toomey to a guy who isn’t even going to be the presidential nominee

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