PA10: Perry Touts Fighting for Veterans and Seniors in 1st Ad

Veterans first.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-York) released his first television ad of the general election cycle. The thirty second ad details Perry’s background in the military and vouches for the Veterans Choice Act and senior benefits.  

“I fought for the Veteran’s Choice Act, which guarantees every vet gets the quality healthcare they’ve earned,” he says in the ad. “It also provides extra care for disabled vets helping them and their families.”

Perry’s Democratic opponent, George Scott, who also has highlighted his military background in his first television ad, finds the spot to be contradictory.  

“We find the ad to be a bit surprising given that Mr. Perry voted against the Veterans’ Affairs budget twice in this year alone,” said the Scott campaign.

The Perry campaign fired back by explaining their vote against the overall budget, which included the bill.

“It’s a shame that Congressman Perry’s opponent and his hired DC mercenaries decided to take rank, amateur potshots by being loose and disingenuous with the facts,” said Perry campaign spokesman Brian Nutt. “The Omnibus spending bill – to which the opponent refers – is a giant bill that puts spending for the entire Country in one bill; which is what Washington does:  hijacks things we want and need – like care for our Veterans – in an untenable bill that keeps us in – and keeps adding to – our $22 Trillion debt. Our Veterans and Voters deserve the best and that’s what Congressman Perry has delivered to our Country for decades – in all aspects of his public and military service.”

The ad also brings up fighting for Medicare, which has become a trend among GOP incumbent television ads thus far in the campaign cycle.

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5 Responses

  1. He also voted to cut Medicare and to increase the national debt by trillions. I guess all those hysterics about the national debt under Obama wasn’t really about taking a principled stand on fiscal issues. Of course, unlike the Republican tax cut for billionaires, the Affordable Care Act was actually paid for.

  2. “hijacks things we want and need – like care for our Veterans – in an untenable bill that keeps us in – and keeps adding to – our $22 Trillion debt.” So Perry votes to give away needed revenue to the upper 1% of the ultra, but then speaks of the $22 Trillion Debt. Giving away necessary revenue is what is adding to the uncontrollable national debt BOZO. The only way the fiscal crisis is going to be fixed is reasonable, necessary spending combined with adequate tax revenue coming from those that can afford to pay it.

  3. George Scott tanked his campaign with the ad where he burned a gun. That has not gone over well in the district

  4. No offense to our veterans (thank you for your service) – but could that ad be older or whiter?

  5. Are you kidding me?! If it doesn’t work for the strident and out-of-touch Freedom Caucus – they don’t vote for it. Perry doesn’t believe in working together towards solutions – it is his way or the highway. He doesn’t vote to support our veterans and then he puts and ad out that he is their best friend – please!

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