PA4: David Boasts About Background in 1st TV Ad

Putting his record in the spotlight.

Dan David, Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District, released his first television ad of the general election cycle. The 30 second spot, “Spotlight” highlights his background as a co-founder of a global-equities research firm exposing “over $15 billion in financial fraud.”  

“When you rip off Americans, you’re not just stealing our money,” David says to begin the ad. “You’re stealing our future.”

He details the specific incident and explains this as his motivation to seek office.

“Now, I’m running for Congress to work full-time to protect our savings and retirement,” he says in the ad. “It’s not just about the money. It’s about protecting our future.”

David is facing Democratic candidate, state Rep. Madeleine Dean for the newly drawn 4th District open seat in parts of Montgomery and Berks County.

The Dean campaign did not have a comment on this ad.

This is the first television ad of the race between David and Dean.

If you see this ad or any political ad, I invite you to flag it for me at

7 Responses

  1. If the people of Montgomery county want to pay all of their hard earned money back to the government in taxes, then they can vote for Dean. If they want to have their money in their own hands to make the purchases they want for their own family and actually own their lives, they will vote for Dan David. Pretty bipartisan guy who seems to be focused on what Americans care about most, their own wallets. He’s by far a better choice than Dean.

  2. He has a first-name for a last-name. Thereby, I do not trust him. Vote Mad Dean for Congress. She may have a first-name for a last-name to but at least its the opposite gender!

  3. The green screen and stock footage almost makes you not notice how bad his suit is. Republican voters have the incompetent Montco Republican Committee to thank for this clown.

  4. Then he should really be peeved at his own party for passing that Tax bill that only benefits the wealthiest of Americans…or the GOP’s incessant longing to do away with SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare….

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