PA8: Cartwright and Chrin Strike Different Tones in New Attack Ads

Different kinds of attacks.

Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna) and GOP challenger John Chrin (R-Skytop) have released two new ads this week continuing the trend of attack ads in the race for the 8th Congressional District.

Cartwright’s newest 30 second television ad, titled “John Chrin Runs for Congress” has an actors portrayal of Chrin contemplating a run for Congress in a Wall Street office.

“This is what it’s going to cost you to buy a seat in New Jersey or Pennsylvania,” says an actor playing the role as an assistant to Chrin showing a bar graph.



“Our first ad successfully defined John Chrin’s residency and career, and we’ve seen the results,” said Cartwright campaign spokesman Mike Szustak. “Our message is getting through, and the Chrin campaign is growing increasingly negative and desperate as they struggle to gain traction.”

In multiple ads, the Cartwright campaign has tried to pin Chrin as an outsider to the district. The end of this ad has one of the actors playing the role of an assistant mispronouncing Wilkes-Barre.

“Chrin is simply out-of-touch with the district, and adding a sense of humor will further cement the conclusion that he is a Wall Street banker from New Jersey who wrongly thought he could buy a seat in Congress,” Szustak said. “It’s going to be hard for Chrin to shake those labels now.”

The Chrin campaign did not find the humor in the most recent ad.

“Matt Cartwright’s ad is a joke,” says Michael Stwarka, Communications Director for Chrin’s campaign. “Cartwright wants to divert attention from the fact he voted with Nancy Pelosi and the radical left for sanctuary cities, amnesty for illegals, and job killing tax increases. The voters of Northeast Pennsylvania care about issues, not jokes.”

Chrin’s most recent 30 second ad, titled “Innocent” struck a much different tone.

“A five year old girl raped by an illegal, given sanctuary in Philadelphia,” a voiceover says during the ad as a girl is playing hopscotch. “Matt Cartwright supports sanctuary cities and voted to give illegals amnesty.”



The Chrin campaign has consistently attempted to paint their Democratic opponent as beholden to Nancy Pelosi and the progressive wing in the party in favor of sanctuary cities.

The Cartwright campaign sees the attack ad as a sign of desperation from Chrin.  

“It’s early in the game, but the Chrin campaign already looks desperate, releasing a hideous ad built on lies and filled with rabid viciousness,” said Szustak. “Here in Northeastern PA, we don’t have sanctuary cities, but we do have a Congressman who balances the rule of law with the needs of our law enforcement community. Congressman Cartwright has been a strong leader on immigration issues and will continue to push to reform our broken system and protect our borders.”

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21 Responses

  1. John Chrin’s Circle Wealth Management owns major stakes in fake news organizations like Google and Facebook. He should divest his interest in Silicon Valley companies that suppress real American values and conservative speech.

  2. I wonder if Matt Cartwright realizes half that district is a bedroom community for New York and New Jersey???

  3. You guys seem a bit angry. I think the Jersey guys are great and nobody wants kids hurt. There are good and bad guys in both parties and good and bad immigrants too.

  4. Just saw Chrin’s hideous ad on television. I can’t believe this campaign is so racist that they’re comfortable openly using the slur “illegals” on television. I’m thankful my child wasn’t in the room to hear this garbage. PA is better than this.

    1. il·le·gal
      contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.

      So people who come here in violation of the proper immigration channels (the law) are “illegal.” Not racist. No one calls other immigrants who follow the rules by this term. If it were racist, they would say it about all.

      1. “No human being is illegal.” -Elie Wiesel

        But sure, put yourself in league with genocidal maniacs. It’s a great look.

        1. At what point did I say any human is illegal? Never. All humans are legal. All have worth. But we do have these things called borders and laws. If you want to move back to natural law and open borders, advocate that. Until then, breaking the law makes you illegal.

    1. Brendan, Would you rather have someone from Mississippi or New Jersey represent you? Or maybe, Kansas?

  5. The Chrin ad’s real intense but fair. Cartwright voted a couple times in favor of sanctuary cities. Cartwright ad looks like it was done by kids. Chrin couldn’t legally run in PA if he didn’t live in PA. Obviously he does. I thought Cartwright was lawyer? He doesn’t know the law? Maybe Cartwright could read the Constitution on that while relaxing in one of his out of state homes?

    1. Pretty weak defense, Chrin Troll. Buying a house in a district just in time to meet the legal deadline for residency isn’t anywhere near the same thing as actually living in a district and knowing it. Etc. Technicalities. Chrin’s ad is nothing but smears, so you’ve no leg to stand on in complaining about Cartwright’s.

      1. Kind of like Scott Wallace moving back to Bucks County just in time to qualify in PA-01 after living in Maryland and South Africa for nearly 50 years.

        1. Like Rick Santorum claiming he and his family lived in a two bedroom house outside of Pittsburgh, when he and family lived in the Virginia suburbs of DC. CARPETBAGGERS ARE CARPETBAGGERS. And their main interest is themselves not constituents. Been like that since the Civil War was fought.

  6. Wow! Those ads could not be more different. Not sure of all the facts on sanctuary cities stuff, but “Wall Street banker, lives in New Jersey” is pretty straightforward, and that is damn funny. Bar’eh!

  7. Chrin must be desperate. A Willy Horton remake with the GOP’s favorite city to hate. Shameful.

    1. When you can’t win on substance, appeal to racism.

      It worked for Trump, Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart (Republican candidate for US Senator from Virginia), American Nazi Party member Arthur Jones (Republican candidate for Congressman from Illinois), Neo-Nazi John Fitzgerald (Republican candidate for Congressman from California), white supremacist Russell Walker (Republican candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives), and on and on.

  8. What people, including Republicans, know about Chrin is that he is a Wall Street guy that lives in New Jersey. He is the “swamp”.

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