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Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation Responds to SOTU

President Joe Biden delivered a fiery 68-minute State of the Union address on Thursday night that laid out the clear contours of the campaign ahead, criticizing former President Donald Trump over the Jan. 6 insurrection and going after the Supreme Court, with justices present, over its ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade.

And he also gave a shoutout to Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey, who introduced a bill to combat “shrinkflation” — which he described as “paying higher prices for smaller products while corporate CEOs brag about record profits.”

“It’s called shrinkflation,” Biden said. “Pass Bobby Casey’s bill and stop this.”

Here are responses to the address from the Pennsylvania delegation from District 1 to District 17.


2 Responses

  1. Republicans need to stop lying about the state of the economy. A national economy in a large nation like the US is somewhat like a large cruise ship or oil tanker. When economic policy changes, the ship starts to SLOWLY head in a different direction. It is slow and deliberate not sudden.

    Trump fiddling with trade policy and enacting tariffs on needed imported goods COMBINED with his total disastrous handling of the COVID pandemic is what crashed the economy and led to the huge spikes in unemployment and inflation.

    Biden comes in to office in 2021, starts to take corrective actions to bring the economy back and what are we seeing? Record low unemployment, record job creation numbers, inflation slowing and OH YEAH – the stock markets at record levels. Supermarket prices are up and uncomfortable on some items, but car prices are settling down. And check this out – people are going on vacations. Try booking a cruise or hotels at summer hot spots. Nobody is staying home and not spending. WE ARE BETTER OF THAN WE WERE 4 YEARS AGO – Why would we hand the presidency back to a man who has RUINED EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES – including the Republican Party???

  2. Democrats want to be all things to all people and Republicans what to be in control of everyone and everything in the name of being for “individual freedom.” Has Joe Biden been something for most everyone? The facts say yes. Has there been chaos, confusion and control issues within the Republican party since Trump and MAGA? The facts say yes. So if you what control chaos, you listen to Perry, but if you want as much as possible for everyone you vote Blue. And those are the facts.


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