Peters Announces Listening Tour of PA-11 Ahead of a Decision

Peters' TourRepublican Joe Peters, a former federal prosecutor and Attorney General candidate, announced a listening tour of the nine counties in the 11th Congressional District while he considers a run for the seat.  The seat is being vacated by Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne), who is running for U.S. Senate

Peters announced the tour in a Facebook live video in front of the Scranton Police Department.  

Edit: The Scranton Police Department, while outside the district, is where Peters started his law enforcement career as a police officer.

“I want to know your issues.  I’m going to start on a listening tour of the nine counties of the 11th Congressional district and listen to you,” Peters said in the video.  

In the video, Peters discusses what is one of his main issues, the opioid epidemic and its effects on the community.  

“People ask me what are my top priorities.  The first thing that comes to mind first and most is heroin and opioid addiction,” Peters said.  

Former Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser announced he is running for the seat.  State Representative Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland), and businessman Andrew Lewis are also considering runs for the open seat.

You can watch the video below.

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19 thoughts on “Peters Announces Listening Tour of PA-11 Ahead of a Decision”

  1. Charles Pont says:

    Elected officials in Philadelphia County regularly do not live in the districts they are elected to represent. Sometimes they even get caught.

  2. jessy says:

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  3. Eugene J Peters says:

    Joe was president of his class when he graduated West Scranton High High School. He became a Scranton police officer under a Mayor subsequent to my terms.His photo is in front of the police dept he served
    Joe began his residence in Lake Winola ,Wyoming County several years ago.He was asked by a former Rep Party Chair,several years agoto run for DA of that county. Wyoming County is in the District in which he has expressed an interest

  4. Eugene J Peters says:

    I would appteciate a callfrom rick santorum ,jr l am Joe Peters father,a 2 term Rep Mayorof Scranton ( the first Rep to win 2 consecutive terms in the long history of Scranton). I am the very proud father of Joe Peters.The same person that Rick Santorum & his father asked for support when he came to Scanton in HIS quest for public office. My phone # is 5703468446.
    If you are not former Sen Santorum, but a paid publicist,dont call & please don’t waste my time

    1. joe says:

      ummmm….so many thoughts. But messages like this demonstrate why your son and his campaign stands no freaking chance.

    2. Rick Santorum Jr. Jr. says:

      Unfortunately, telephones cause a reduction in sperm. So therefor it is a form a contraception so I can’t make that call Eugene.

  5. Rick Santorum Jr. Jr. says:

    You can run for Congress no matter where you live but at least shoot your video in the district.

    1. Emily says:

      A candidate SHOULD come from the district he or she wants to represent, but Santorum didn’t even live in the state he “represented.”

  6. abcya says:

    It is the information I am looking for. I’m learning more about this. Hope you bring more things related to it. Thank you very much!

  7. Brett Heffner says:

    Peters lived most of his life in Lackawanna but since moved to Wyoming County, which is in the 11th CD.

  8. RunJoeRun says:

    Run Joe Run! This is the kind of Congressman we need to send to DC!

  9. Josh Shapiro says:

    Is it too late to give back his endorsement?

  10. Barricks Einwohner says:

    “Listening tours” are gimmicky like walking tours. How about “I am trying to fund raise tour?”

  11. Tom Corbett says:

    Does anyone know which nine counties he thinks are in the 11th? They’re all at least in Pennsylvania… right?

  12. Rick Santorum Jr. Jr. says:

    The more I think about this the more my head hurts. You KNOW that Scranton isn’t in the district Joe. Joe Peters is a nice guy. I like Joe Peters personally. But he has the political instincts of a cheese sandwich…

    1. Peters supporter says:

      Joe lives in Wyoming county… shows what you know.

      1. joe says:

        *palm to face* look at the still frame in the video, pal.

        joe is an affable guy but a dolt and perennial loser. absolutely no chance whatsoever. in fact, i bet he screws up the nominating petitions

      2. idratherbefishingwithrick says:

        Yeah I know but the video is him in Scranton and talking about Scranton…shows how much you pay attention.

  13. Rick Santorum Jr. Jr. says:

    Scranton isn’t even in the district…

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