PHL-15: NBC10 Cancels Debate, Blames Kenney Campaign

PPCWEED01C-600A TV debate between Philadelphia Mayoral Democratic nominee Jim Kenney and GOP nominee Melissa Murray Bailey has been canceled.

According to Ryan Briggs of, NBC10 dropped the event because of “unreasonable demands” from the Kenney campaign.

The Kenney team submitted a six-page “memorandum of understanding” with the GOP campaign to the station. While such documents are common, this particular one sought to prevent split-screen close-ups and reaction shots.

Anzio Williams, Vice President of News at NBC10, felt the restriction of camera angles “jeopardizes the integrity of the debate and the standards of the journalistic organizations participating.”

“We gave NBC10 the better part of two weeks to come up for some alternatives,” Kenney campaign spokeswoman Lauren Hitt responded. “Another TV station that has higher ratings than NBC10 had no problem with our [memorandum].”

“NBC10 never had a real excuse other than it made for more interesting TV,” Hitt concluded.

UPDATE: Republican nominee Melissa Murray Bailey released the following statement:

“Jim Kenney is finally showing his true colors by using career politician tricks to protect his career politician job.” The people of Philadelphia deserve a real debate on issues, in prime time when they can see it. What’s Jim Kenney afraid of?”

“I’m ready, willing and able to face the public and face Jim Kenney. Like Chip Kelley said, ‘we’re from Philadelphia and we fight.’ I’ll fight for everyone in Philadelphia, and stand up to the corrupt political machine. Jim Kenney is a product of that machine, and now he’s hiding behind it.”

“If Jim Kenney isn’t willing to stand up for himself and his own campaign, how can the people of Philadelphia trust him to stand up for them?”

4 Responses

  1. I liked the old Jim Kenney much better than the Martin O’Malley clone we see now. At least when he was Mayor of Baltimore O’Malley was in favor of stop and frisk and the broken windows theory of crime prevention. I already miss Mayor Nutter despite the fact he has not left yet. Kenney looks like DiBlasio II.

  2. exactly…kenny is the political hack for the D’s..nothing he can do or say that won’t have phillys @#&%$*elite voting for…..sad situation…but that’s what the people want…after all Nutter’s doing a great job…you know safe streets, honest towing companies, Chakutaba and son, etc….

  3. The election for Philly mayor already happened back in May, no need for Kenney to debate himself.

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