Pittsburgh Focus Group: Trump Support Slipping

Trump during a visit to Harrisburg.

Trump during a visit to Harrisburg.

A focus group of Pittsburgh voters sponsored by Emory University gave insight into what is behind Trumps dipping support.  The group was comprised of people who voted for both Trump and Clinton, and one Jill Stein voter.  

The findings, reported in the Los Angeles Times, Politico, and NBC News, showed that many of Trump’s voters are “disappointed” in his time in office.  

“He came in not as a politician. In some aspects, he’s almost turning into a politician in a different way, saying things he thinks his base wants to hear. He’s let me down,” Brian Rush, a registered Republican, said about Trump.  

“He’s not even professional, let alone presidential,” Trump voter and registered independent Christina Lees said.  

The group was conducted by Democratic pollster Peter Hart.

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6 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Focus Group: Trump Support Slipping”

  1. Julius Evola says:

    A bunch of people parrot what the media tells them to about a president who is taking advice from malicious charlatans who want Trump to drown in the swamp, not drain it.

    We’re all going to be prey for tigers.

  2. Barricks Einwohner says:

    The silent majority speaks?

  3. Joe Paterno says:

    A democratic pollster searching desperately for a couple “never trumpers” to stage a fake poll just as her corporate DNC masters demanded. Pathetic.

    1. chickinslacks says:

      a woman named Peter … hmmmmmm

  4. PhillyPolitico says:

    I’d *really* like to know what the Jill Stein voter thinks. And I’m not even kidding.

    1. Sue Ellen says:

      Jill Stein was part of the Russian take over of the election. Why else would she be in Russia sitting at the same table as Putin and Flynn? I just hope all of Bernie supporters who voted for Stein feel good about their vote.

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