President Obama’s Legacy is On the Line

OBama ConcernedOne gets the sense that Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, is for the most part satisfied with the results of his Administration.

He instituted health care reform, passed a massive economic stimulus, secured a nuclear deal with Iran and led the worldwide effort to reduce climate emissions. Those are just a few of the accomplishments the President is most proud of.

The President has always lagged, however, when it comes to the part of his legacy concerning his party. Democrats have faced record losses during his tenure and his reticence to fundraise and glad-hand has irked the D.C. community.

Recently, however, that has changed. Even today, Edward Isaac-Dovere of Politico detailed how the President will spend the fall stumping for candidates all over the ballot in an attempt to burnish his legacy.

The passage of time obviously changes one perspective but it’s clear the change in Barack Obama’s attitude is the result of one man: the person he once referred to as a “carnival barker”.

Donald Trump has questioned President Obama’s birth certificate, intelligence, childhood, and faith. Therefore, the enmity is completely understandable.

It is nearly impossible to think of two men who are as different than Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Try to imagine both of them in the Rose Garden in December talking about the transition, discussing top-secret issues in the Oval Office and touring the West Wing. What could President Obama possibly write in that letter each Commander-in-Chief leaves to their successor?

The idea that there is a real possibility the he would have to pass the Presidency on to Donald Trump may very well make the President physically sick.

On the other hand, the Democratic nominee is a woman he grew to respect even as they ferociously fought for the office in 2008.

In fact, there may not be a person Barack Obama respects more than Hillary Clinton and a person he respects less than Donald Trump.

The possibility that Trump could not only reverse his policies but redefine his historical legacy may be the most frightening prospect of all.

Before “The Donald” even burst onto the scene, Barack Obama’s mission in his public life has been to prove that America is not how Donald Trump portrays it as. So doing everything he can to prevent the Republican nominee from becoming the 45th President is the most critical component of his legacy.

Tonight, expect the President to talk plenty about the past eight years. His main focus and concern, though, will be the next four months.

28 Responses

  1. ‘Fraid so. It is Obama’s legacy. Remember ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep him?’ My doctor quit after ACA kicked in so I had to change. Remember, ‘ If you like your present plan, you can keep it?’ ACA kicked in 2010 I was forced to switch — was it 4 or 5 times since then. Remember, ‘ A family will save $2,500 a year because of ACA?’ Well, that’s quite a legacy. And Hillary wants to build on ACA? Maybe it’s a reflex, but I find myself cringing…

  2. Anyone notice that health care isn’t a right but rather the government compels you to buy it instead?

  3. Somehow Obama has built his eponymous program on lies and Democrats love him for it.

  4. -“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
    -“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”
    -“The average family will save $2,500 a year.”
    -Admitted to lying to Congress and to reporters about what’s in the Iran deal.
    -No press conferences (because he’s a stuttering idiot without a teleprompter…his staff figured that out early)
    -A video caused Benghazi…

  5. Hard not to love Obama. And the woman you call the “first bitch” is quite a lady. Would not be surprised to see her on that stage in 8/12 years. America adores Michelle.

  6. Obama barfing his guts out at Trump’s inauguration would be fitting end to eight years of deceit and administrative tyranny. To paraphrase the first bitch, “I was proud of the United States until Barak Obama became President.”

  7. You Democrats need to relax. Don’t be scared of little ‘ol me. I’m sure HiLIARy will win. You don’t even need to vote. See, the LA Times, which polled through yesterday, still has Trump up by 7, but his average lead dropped by 0.2% today.

  8. Not me at 10:06. I suspect HaHaHa who eventually does this when I own him over and over.

  9. Even I can’t argue with that Katy (and I am a racist FOXtard troll). Obama is awesome. And Trump is worse than a joke.

  10. Obama did so beautifully last night. What a stark comparison to a man who tweets “waist” instead of waste and talks about how he’d like to date his own daughter if they weren’t related.

  11. Pat Unger, I will be back in Italy in September. You should go for a visit sometime. Calabria is Incredible.

  12. Of course, someone pirated the original bungy name. I think it was HaHaHa.

  13. That’s not the bungy I know from Italy. My friend bungy doesn’t use ALLCAPS and is not a racist.

    My suspicion is that the retarded troll is stealing screen-names again. Last time I reported it to Sy Snyder, all his posts got deleted.

  14. I see you can’t wait for Wikileak’s sunshine to throw shade on the Clinton Foundation quid pro quos.

  15. It’s been over 25,500 days and Donald Trump has not had one job in public service. Not one.

    He has ripped off a bunch of contractors and bankrupted several companies though. So – there’s that.

  16. “It’s been 235 days since crooked Hillary Clinton has had a press conference,” Trump said at a press conference in Doral, Florida.

    Looks like she’s trying to break the Obama record.

  17. This is what it looks like when the Democrat troll can no longer deny to himself that he’s been owned:

  18. Nevertheless, he worries. Partly because of the polls and partly because he’s thinned skinned (not my words).

    I’m not so sure about his legacy either. The fact that his Administration admitted to lying to the people and to Congress to sell the nuclear deal with Iran is an awful footnote to what even the most liberal journalists have called the most opaque presidency ever.

    Liberal lying to get power and put their policies in place is nothing new. Alinski just recognized it and wrote a playbook for Obama and the Clintons.

  19. President Obama need not worry about his legacy. He will go down as one of the best Presidents in the history of this great country.

    Even with Congress activelly behaving like children, President Obama has achieved so much.

    Now he can help Hillary become the next great President Clinton.


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