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Prosecution Rests in Kane Case

Kane-TrialAfter an explosive Thursday, the prosecution rested their case earlier Friday.

Not before, however, a few more people testified.

According to Wallace McKelvey of the Patriot-News, Gabriel Stahl testified that senior agent David Peifer told her to scan and email documents to the Attorney General. These documents were the ones that were later leaked to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Speaking of which the author of that story, Chris Brennan, took the stand but refused to divulge his source.

“I’m going to respectfully decline to answer,” Brennan said.

Additionally, Laura McCrystal and Craig McCoy of the Inquirer reported on the effect that article had on its target.

“Everything changed after that article,” Catharine Hicks testified.

Hicks was engaged to the subject of the leak, Philadelphia NAACP leader J. Whyatt Mondesire. She asserted that Mondesire was devastated by the article and he died last year.

29 Responses

  1. @ Guzzardi:

    Yes, plus her having lied repeatedly about it [even “honestly forgetting” she’d signed a notarized statement claiming she’d never disclose GJ-data].

    If you read my prior input, you will note additional dimensions to the case, particularly on another PoliticsPa page [the one with 200+ comments].

    Summary articles have been mainstreamed to help you [and others] get up-to-speed; I’ve been focused on this [and fighting-off the anti-Semite, d2] for perhaps two years [without your assistance].

  2. So, when (not if) the jury convicts, what will the morons who comment on here about Kane’s innocence have to say about the jury? Come on — give us a preview! Oh, never mind, you can’t say it yet because you still hope to say “See, the jury saw through this crappy case.” But it ain’t gonna happen, so you might as well tell us how they are all Corbett Pervs on the jury.

  3. From what I am reading, the evidence does show that AG Kane did disclose secret Grand Jury testimony in violation of the law. Is that not the key point of the case?

  4. Fina started all this crap. And now we have the Supreme Court dominated by Democrats and another Democrat (Shapiro) taking over for Kane in January. Oh yeah – Fina’s career as a prosecutor is over. Not sure this has worked out so well for Kane’s accusers (led by Fina). The Superior Court recently found that Fina’s behavior in the Penn State case was “highly improper.” And the Feds are looking into the shenanigans he pulled on the “sting” case – where he let the cooperator keep all the money he stole – and then it turned out Fina’s lawyer is also the cooperator’s lawyer.

    I blame Fina for this shit-show. And their big trial against Kane managed to prove only that Josh Morrow is a liar.

  5. and not getting a pass clearly means that all the jails must be emptied because they’re filled with railroaded innocents.

  6. David – it’s not as bad as you think. There are most certainly politicized prosecutions, though. Kane’s certainly qualifies. The government seems to have twisted themselves into a pretzel trying to make sure they “get” Ms. Kane.

    But she has a good legal team. I am sure they will prevail. The whole world knows the character of the people behind the Kane witch hunt. Their bigotry and misogyny has been well documented.

  7. HaHaHa-

    I’d have less of a problem if I didn’t already know that the cops, prosecutors and judges are in collusion. It’s pervasive even starting at the level of traffic tickets.

  8. DD – Many Americans see Jylury Duty as a civic duty. Those same people understand that you cannot convict someone on less than credible evidence. And they also know that a witch-hunt ought not be successful.

  9. Observer-

    Hope the jury is not stupid.

    But… they weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty. 🙂

  10. Of course the Attorney General will be acquitted. The case is a JOKE and everyone in the Courthiuse knows it. The jury is not stupid.

  11. The CLOWN CAR is behind this prosecution. Everyone knows it.

    Many people are saying that Kane will be acquitted.

  12. She did this to herself. It’s all in the record and she won’t even say otherwise under oath because she’ll perjure herself again.

  13. I had faith in this D.A. But I was very surprised when he pursued this case. The evidence is not only tainted. It is woefully inadequate.

    The D.A. fought the defense effort to get this case to a Judge who is not friends with the special prosecutor and not friends with the D.A. that brought the charges against Kane.

    How can that be OK? Why didn’t he want the case in front of a different Judge?

    And why didn’t the Judge let Kane present evidence of the motive(s) of the people who conspired to silence Kane? Including the people who reported Kane.

    Kane found evidence that was very damaging to some very powerful people. She knew Corbett and Fina and Costanzo dragged their feet on the Sandusky case. Then she stumbled upon their e-mails. The ones where they suggest that attractive young girls way be worth going to jail for. The ones with racist images and graphic violence against women.

    When Fina and Costanzo went to Judge Carpenter to “report” Kane, did they tell him that she had discovered their vile e-mails? Did they tell the Judge that Kane had figured out the dirty tricks they pulled on the “sting” case? No. They didn’t. They pretended to be innocent victims.

    The rest is history. They smeared her. They themselves illegally leaked scores of protected material. And then they set her up. They tried removing Kane and failed. They threatened impeachment but never did it.

    Then they tied her hands behind her back (not allowing her to present the evidence of the scandal she uncovered) and went forward with trumped-up criminal charges.

    Jury may not be told the truth, but they aren’t stupid.

  14. Is this the part where we pretend the pathetic troll has money to bet with?

    LOL. He lives in a trailer, types nonsense all day and blows dudes all night.

  15. Hard to believe that is all the DA has. Figured there would have to be something concrete. An admission. Some direct evidence. Something. The DA seems to be relying on liars to convict someone who they accuse of lying. Strange.

  16. Shargel wouldn’t DARE put Kane on the stand. She would get so humiliated. That’s why he rested right away. Stop the blood-letting!

  17. PA Parent, people do in fact get prosecuted for violating grand jury secrecy. I don’t know who fed you that misinformation.

  18. I am disgusted at Steele for wasting time and resources on this fraud of a case. Why is Kane even being prosecuted for a leak when no one else ever gets prosecuted for same conduct?

  19. Bucks Co.: yeah, just ignore KK’s own text messages and the recorded conversations of Morrow in a rare moment of candor. Just ignore King’s testimony about how KK planned to commit this crime. Just ignore it all and then you’re right!

  20. That’s it? They rested without having presented ANY direct evidence? None at all!?!

    The government’s star witness admitted to lying under oath previously. He is GUILTY of doing exactly what they falsely accuse Kane of doing.

    LOL @ this case. Should be a NOT GUILTY in 5 minutes

  21. Kevin Steele be like: “Kathleen, turn around, see what your ass taste like!”

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