Quinnipiac Poll: 55% Say Corbett Doesn’t Deserve Re-Election

Gov. Corbett
Gov. Corbett

More than half of Pennsylvania voters believe Governor Tom Corbett does not deserve to be re-elected, according to the latest poll from Quinnipiac.

55% to 34%, respondents say Corbett’s shouldn’t get a second term, including 79% of Democrats, 55% of Independents and even 30% of Republicans. The 21 point gap is the worst yet for Corbett according the pollster.

By an 18 point margin, 52% to 36%, respondents disapprove Corbett’s job performance. They have an unfavorable opinion of Corbett himself by 8 points, 46% to 38%. The Governor trailed all 6 potential Democratic opponents tested against him.

The trifecta of negative numbers comes 8 months before the November 4 general election. Independent voters and respondents from every age category broke against Corbett in all three questions.

Jobs and the economy took top billing as the issue voters think should be the focus for elected officials, followed by education.

The pollster tested Corbett’s handling of various issues and found no topic where the Governor had positive marks.

On education: disapprove 61% to 30%.
On government spending: disapprove 60% to 29%.
On jobs and the economy: disapprove 58% to 31%.
On taxes: disapprove 56% to 32%.
On health care: disapprove 51% to 29%.
On energy and the environment: disapprove 49% to 36%.
On abortion: disapprove 32% to 24%.
On transportation: disapprove 41% to 37%.

35% said Corbett is too conservative, 13% said he is too liberal, and 38% said he is ideologically just right.

The silver lining: 49% to 41% respondents say Corbett has strong leadership qualities. They are split 43% to 43% on whether Corbett is honest and trustworthy. By 19 points, 55% to 36%, respondents say Corbett does not care “about the needs and problems of people like you”.

Corbett’s numbers reflect a general attitude about the state of the state as well as lawmakers in Harrisburg.

The state legislature is in similarly negative territory. Voters disapprove their job performance 54% to 30%.

41% said they are somewhat satisfied about the direction of the state, versus 56% who are somewhat or very dissatisfied. While 30% said they would describe the Pa. economy as good, 49% said not so good and 19% said poor.

43% said they were worse off financially from a year ago, 32% said better off and 24% said the same.

Minimum wage

One of the Democratic party’s biggest 2014 issues nationally, raising the minimum wage has significant support in Pa.

70% of respondents said they support such an increase. Of those, 54% support the $10.10 wage favored by President Barack Obama, 24% say it should be less than $10.10 and 21% say it should be more.

From February 19 – 24, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,405 registered Pa. voters via live interviews on land lines and cell phones from Feb. 19 to 24. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.6%.

9 Responses

  1. Actually there are two governors who are republican that didn’t seem to do bad jobs. But to be fair i wasn’t alive for one of their terms and the other i was too young to remember. I refer to William Scranton, and Richard thornberg.

  2. Not one term Corbett. I’ve always thought him more like Tommy Boy without the redeeming qualities

  3. If Corbett cared at all for the citizen’s of this Commonwealth we would at least get a break on Gas costs instead of shipping it all to China without a penny tax on it, and yet our Companies have to lay off worker’s because their isn’t enough gas available to keep the company running while it’s cold? “It’s needed for homes”…. We have gas coming out our ears and yet this is what you get from Gov. Corbett? (Your Unemployment, that he’d like to do away with because the Company can’t buy natural gas and Huge gas bills for you to pay at home while the Gas Companies make record profits with no oversight from their good “Friend” Tom Corbett! The Only Gov. who refuses to Tax gas companies in the U.S., go figure?

  4. I think Tom Corbett is a crook whose campaign was paid by Gas Co.’s and who have taken Millions of dollars in Gas owned by the citizens of this Commonwealth from PA, while ruining wells and home drinking water, Streams, River’s and Forests. To even make it illegal for your doctor to inform you what chemical made you sick without him/her losing license to practice medicine in PA. His loyalties are to the gas companies just like Head Gas Company Lobbyist & former PA Gov. Tom Ridge. Seems Republicans make Really BAD Governor’s……Wait and see what a cushy million dollar job Corbett lands once he’s voted out of the Office; just like his Pal Tom Ridge, who has been raking it in since he was voted out as PA Governor.

  5. Isn’t it time that K Kane filed deportation papers against acting Governor Brabender? How many GOP rubes going to find Tea
    Party Tom and acting governor John Brabender? Starting to smell alot like Santorum 2006,,

  6. “The 21 point gap is the worst yet for Corbett according the pollster.”-PPA
    Can’t say he did not earn it.

    “The silver lining: 49% to 41% respondents say Corbett has strong leadership qualities. “-PPA

    My I take a quote from Mr. Bobby Knight….”He couldn’t lead a whore to bed.”

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