Reader Poll: Who is Pennsylvania’s Brightest Rising Star?

Kathleen-Kane-portrait1While Tom Corbett and Tom Wolf battle this year over the top job in the commonwealth, it might be easy to forget those promising politicians who will rise up in the years to come.

Last week, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd tackled just that question when he named four “rising political stars” from the Keystone State. The Daily Rundown crew ultimately chose two members from each party.

From the Democratic party, Attorney General Kathleen Kane and Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro were picked. While in the GOP, Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello and State Rep. David Reed were named.

Todd’s segment gave us the idea to ask our readers which of the four they felt had the brightest future of all or whether they believed some politico was being left out of the conversation.

So, dear readers, who do you believe is Pennsylvania’s brightest rising star?

Who do you believe is Pennsylvania’s brightest rising star?

  • David Reed (27%)
  • Kathleen Kane (26%)
  • Someone else (23%)
  • Josh Shapiro (14%)
  • Ryan Costello (10%)

Total Voters: 1,575

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21 Responses

  1. McGinty???? Really??? Because she tried a run for an office she couldn’t win!! She has never been involved in the democrat party at any level! Maybe she should start at the bottom and learn what the Democratic Party represents.

  2. Dave Reed, Kathleen Kane, and Josh Shapiro are all good selections. I’m not so sure about McGinty because she did so badly, or Critz who did equally as bad.

    Critz is good for Cambria Commissioner and McGinty perhaps for a congressional run.

  3. @ skeptic

    Haaa haaa haaaa haaa, Mike Stack, that’s freaking hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh.

  4. Jim-
    Name a battle Kane has lost:

    She won on lottery privatization.
    She won on gay marriage.
    She make it clear she opposed VoterID, and that’s gone too.
    Regarding the corruption sting case, she passed that on to Seth Williams, and if (when) he fails to prosecute/convict, the voters will see that she was right not to take the case.
    Per John Baer:
    “A source says departing state prosecutors who handled Sandusky likely sought to ‘welcome’ Kane by handing her a case that amounted to nice big bowl of eff-you.”
    “One African-American lawmaker, for example, reportedly is offered money to vote against a voter-ID bill that all Democrats opposed as voter suppression.
    This is paying fish to swim. ”

    Kane did manage to p*ss off the Inquirer staff, but that’s a little too inside-baseball for the voters to care about.

  5. Kathleen Kane has demonstrated she doesn”t have what it takes to compete in the political arena. Katie McGinty, on the other hand, has demonstrated that she can compete. Two things remain—Wolf has to beat Corbett and the Democrats have to get a candidate that can beat Toomey. Toomey can be beat but not by Sestak and I hope he doesn’t get in there are other viable candidates but it’s not him.

  6. Katie McGinty. She’s smart, she stayed above the fray and she has a great future in PA.

  7. What about Mike Stack? He just blew his opponents out of the water in the Dem primary, has a solid base in Southeastern PA, proved he is a stellar fund raiser and will likely have a podium the next several years as Lt. Governor with plenty of time for voters to get to know him much better.

  8. Eugene DePasquale is someone to keep on the short list. He has a well-known political heritage in Western PA and a base in both Pittsburgh, where he was raised and York where he has lived for more than a decade.

    He is also highly competent in his job and getting a lot of press from the audits he performs.

  9. Well the Dave Reed staff has clearly all voted this morning. He is a lifer in the House which really makes him a yawner. I am not aware of anyone who entered politics post-pubescence with no chops in the private sector going on to be a star.

  10. Stuart-

    Williams has to go 4 for 4, considering the way he shot his mouth off about the case.

    If he fails to convict any, and the weaknesses Kane cited were the basis for the failure, then that would show she was right all along.

    Would all the cases be tried together or separately?

    Oh, wait, …. what am I saying? The cases won’t be tried at all.

  11. How about Katy McGinty. Ran a nice upbeat campaign, got name recognition. May be in a decent position for the future

  12. The write-in guy will be beat by the DEM write-in guy (you know, the gay republican?) in the fall, by 20 points.

    Shapiro’s name on this list is a joke. He couldn’t get re-elected to his present post, based on his terrible performance as Commissioner Chair. His only supporter is Fast Eddie Rendell, whose influence in PA is dwindling to nothing, fast.

  13. Kane? Are you crazy? She’s a flaming out fallen star. She’s finished. Clueless. If DA Williams convicts any of those pols she passed on, Kane should be tarred and feathered and run out of Scranton on a rail.

  14. How soon we forget the person who won a HISTORIC write in election for state Senate!!!

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