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Reader Poll: Who Should the GOP Nominate for U.S. Senate?

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You’ve seen the early polls … now we’d like to hear your opinion.

Who do you think should be the Republican Party nominee for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Pat Toomey?

Dave McCormick, former hedge fund CEO, was the choice in the most recent Fox News poll.

Mehmet Oz, celebrity TV doctor, has been all over the airwaves with his message to the Keystone State.

Jeff Bartos, a real estate developer who was the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor in 2018, won early straw polls held by state regional committees.

Carla Sands was the former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark during the Trump administration.

Kathy Barnette, veteran conservative commentator, was the GOP nominee for Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District in 2020.

George Bochetto, a Philadelphia trial attorney, and Everett Stern, a businessman and HSBC whistleblower, are also in the race.

Needless to say, this is one of the most closely-watched Senate races in the country in 2022 with the balance of power in Washington possibly at stake.

So, who do you like? The poll remains open until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, March 14.

Reader Poll: Who Should the GOP Nominate for U.S. Senate?

  • Kathy Barnette (51%)
  • Undecided or Not Sure (11%)
  • Carla Sands (10%)
  • Mehmet Oz (8%)
  • Jeff Bartos (8%)
  • David McCormick (8%)
  • George Bochetto (3%)
  • Everett Stern (0%)

Total Voters: 8,614

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130 Responses

  1. I am very glad to see that the overwhelming majority of voter can look past the name recognition, the huge advertisement budget, the RINOs, the carpetbaggers, and the “wizard” behind the curtain curtain. Kathy Barnette is a TRUE conservative and without a doubt the absolute BEST candidate in this race. Others can call in favors from Mark L. and Sean H. The millionaires in this race can buy 24 hours of radio and TV ads. They can buy party endorsements. They can even buy petition signatures and votes, but they can not buy true genuine grassroots support. Kathy announced on March 8, 2022 that she was the FIRST to submit 3,100, which is well over the 2,000 that were required. This is 3,100 signatures with more yet to come before the 3/15 deadline. The establishment, the RINOS, and the democrats may have their preferred republican candidates, but WE, the REPUBLICAN voters of PA, have ours. Her name is Kathy Barnette. Run Kathy, Run!!!!

  2. Carla Sands may have worked in the Trump administration but he never backed her for this Senate seat. Lots of people worked in his administration and lots of people stabbed him in the back.
    My vote is for Kathy Barnette- a true conservative.

    1. He endorsed Sean Parnell before Carla Sands announced her candidacy. He hasn’t endorsed any candidate for PA Senate or Governor. Kathy lost a congressional race in Montgomery County almost 3-1. She doesn’t have the statewide strength to win a seat in congress, what makes you think she can win a statewide race?

      1. Kathy won the congressional race for District 4. Just like Trump won the same county. I went to bed that night and Kathy had over 65% of the vote until the next morning when 90,000 mail in votes appeared for Mad. Kathy even lost some numbers? what was up with that. Even Precincts that were mostly Red , Mad won with Mail in Votes. Kathy is the only one that will beat Fetterman. He cant pull the Race card like he can with the others. Also have you seen the interviews and debates for Sands? Or McCormick, or OZ? Well you saw none of them at the last tow debates. I have seen Kathy’s interviews and debate answers, She is the only one that has common sense.

      2. Also Check the public records of how much $ Money Dean spent on getting reelected? Almost $zero, I wonder why? Maybe she knew it was already in the bag, like Basement Biden. Kathy had the election 3 to 1 until the wee hours of the night. I been following her since early 2020! She is Awesome! I follow the races really closely when they affect me and my household. What has Sands done? Did she try and run for office the last two years during the lockdowns? At Rally’s etc fighting for Pennsylvanians? Nope. Kathy was. Just Like I saw Doug Mastriano do the same.

    2. Kathy Barnette is a long term PA resident who is raising her family here. PLUS 1. She is a hard working and successful middle class wife, mother, author, commentator and finance professional, not a super rich establishment player looking for another notch. PLUS 2. Kathy is Godly, intelligent, and operates from deeply held principals and common sense. PLUS 3. She has never held public office. PLUS 4. Despite the final outcome of her run for Congress, she was winning at the end of election night and only lost well after when the mail in “rabbit” ballots (caused they never seemed to stop reproducing D votes) were “counted.” There really is no other choice and we should be grateful we have one that is so excellent.

      1. My vote is for Carla Sands and she is the only one that can win against the Democrats in November.

  3. I will vote for Carla Sands in the Primary election on May 17th for a few reasons. One, she is a native Pennsylvanian, not a carpetbagger like OZ. Two, she is the only candidate to have foreign policy experience, and the only candidate who has worked with Donald Trump’s administration. Three, Carla Sands is firm in her policy prescriptions for Pennsylvania. All of the other candidates have not explained what their policy would be if they won the seat. Four, she is electable. Barnette and Bartos have lost elections. Barnette lost almost 3-1 in the 2020 4th district congressional election, and Wagner/Bartos lost by 855,000+ votes in the 2018 race for Governor/Lieutenant Governor. We need a strong, winning candidate who has the grassroots support from every county, not just the western parts of the state. The Philadelphia suburbs are key to winning the Senate seat, and Carla has the highest chance of doing that.

  4. It is time for the rhino horns to be revealed and for those with the trunks of truth to have their voices heard. Kathy Barnette is a truth announcer and a strong leader. She stands in great company alongside Teddy Daniels and Doug Mastriano. This is a team that will get things done, not only for PA, but for the entire Nation. Kathy is a warrior who is grounded in faith in Jesus and in service to both God and Country. She is who and what a member of our Congress should be. Let’s elect Kathy Barnette to the US Senate for PA!!

  5. Kathy! She’s awesome! No more RINOs or democrats in Republican clothing. We’ve learned our lesson.

  6. Kathy is all out a fighter who will represent the will of the people just listen to her life story one of us.

  7. Carla Sands is the most qualified candidate. Working in the Trump administration she knows first hand how to enstill America and Pennsylvania first policies.

    1. Sometimes being an insider only means you know how to work the system. Will she actually work for the voters ? There are plenty of of lifetime rhinos out there

    2. because someone worked in the Trump administration does not qualify them for a senator for the state of Pennsylvania. I’d be concerned they’d lean more towards a national approach rather than for Pennsylvania. (not that the 2 couldn’t be same) Kathy seems to be a down to earth REAL Pennsylvanian.

      1. Nice lady with a great story. That’s it. Kathy is a political commentator—and that is where she should stay. What kind of experience is that for a Senator? This isn’t a position where you need learn as you go and she lacks the necessary qualifications & experience. Let her run for Congress again and maybe she will win this time.

  8. Kathy exhibits a grit and determination that shows me she is ready to take on the challenge and be a terrific representative of our Commonwealth and our USA.

  9. Enough with the insiders and RINOS.
    Upset the apple cart and elect an independent thinker that is one of us.


  10. Kathy Barnette for Pennsylvania. We deserve a True Pennsylvanian not someone who claims to be a Pennsylvanian. Go Kathy.

    1. I was VERY impressed with Kathy Barnette during her run for Congress, and I think she is the best choice for this election. She is well-spoken, bold, articulate, and smart. And it’s great that as a black woman, she breaks the stereotype of old, connected white males that Democrats tend to complain about.

  11. Look at McCormick’s Wikipedia page and see his associations, e.g. Aspen Institute, and Atlantic Council. They scream “globalist” and “social justice warrior” Atlantic Council gave an award to Klaus Schwab. He was formerly CEO of Bridgewater Associates which has a Chinese subsidiary. His campaign is a false flag operation. Don’t just believe what he’s saying now. Do your research.

    1. McCormick had a fundraiser in NY of all places and the VIP Guest was an Exec from Dominion Voting systems. Its documented

    2. I agree, McCormick is a globalist trying to paint himself as a good ole Pa Country boy. He is part of the elite establishment. Search his wife also, she received an award for the world economic forum for her work. They are globalist. We need someone who puts Pa first and America first, That is Kathy Barnette! Her campaign is truly grassroots and she needs even small donations to make it across the finish line.

  12. Agree 100%..they can’t stand that Kathy has a grassroots base that’s passionate. All they have are paid followers

  13. I believe that every experience we have prepares us for our future experiences. I think McCormick has had a lot of different experiences from the battle field to the corporate job dealing with China. I do not think he has been bought by China; he has learned how to deal with China which will make him a better negotiator. He loves his country and thinks he can make a positive difference. Plus, he’s not doing it for the money.

    1. You can’t deal with China unless you go by their rules. He is bought and compromised already. You can learn to deal with China. He sold Hedge funds over therd. Too late for him
      Did you know he did a fundraiser In NY a month ago and an Exec from Dominion Voting Systems was a VIP at that Fundraiser. Look it up

    1. China Owned but starting to look like India Bots. By where these comments are coming from.

  14. How pathetic to see Kathy Barnette’s team buy votes for a random online poll, going from 9% to 44% overnight? Give me a break. I thought Democrats were the only ones who engaged in vote fraud?

    1. I agree. She has lost my respect and trust. Playing the dirty Democrats game and spreading lies about Carla Sands too. That’s what you do when you can’t win on your experience or qualifications—and riding Mastriano’s coat tail isn’t helping either. Such a disappointment.

      1. Same goes for you and Chris Stanwix, But you may be on Team Sands – Spreading lies. How much is she up to buy petition signatures? You can’t deny it when they solicit people to get signatures. Ears everywhere. Something like buying petition sigs from Oz/McCormick/Sands spreads faster than Covid. I am a fan of Kathys I heard her speak, I have heard her story. She is not a carpetbagger. I enjoyed all of the videos they posted on Facebook from the Debate that all three OZ/McCormick/Sands decided to skip, not just one Debate both but both? Why is that. That sounds More Like the Dem Playbook, throw a bunch of money at it and see if you can win from the basement of the recently Rented Places in PA. So give us a break!!

          1. I worry that neither Kathy Barnette nor Jeff Bartos, one of which I prefer to see run, has the recognition or charisma to defeat John Fetterman or Conor Lamb, the latter the expected Dem IMHO, in November. Mehmet Oz might. I will vote for Kathy in the primary, but retaining a Republican seat is more important to me than by whom it’s retained. Good luck, Kathy.

          2. I agree, right now I feel that Kathy Barnette is not only a great real grassroots PA candidate, buy also may be the most electable attracting the necessary swing and some Dem votes. Being rich is not the best attribute to get elected in PA.

    2. Why are you spreading lies about her and her team? Are you on McCormicks or Oz’s team? I didn’t see anywhere where she is buying votes. I saw on Facebook where she or her team asked to participate in a poll? But if you want to talk about buying votes, McCormick/OZ Threw out Millions to buy votes. Thats what makes me think you are on one of their teams. McCormick team is paying $4 to $7 just for a petition signature to get on the ballot. Sands was paying $500 a Sheet to get petition signatures. How do I know that, because a few people that we know of took them up on that offer because they are currently unemployed and needed the money. Kathy posted that she already got over 2,000 signatures and turned it in already. That’s what a grassroots campaign does like Kathy, and the millionaires have to buy petition Signatures? Now that is pathetic. Since time is running out you should ask your team McCormick or Team Oz how much they are up to buy a petition signature?

      1. No Team Membership
        I’m on no “team” but helped with getting signatures at one place for Sands. Extreme integrity was all I witnessed on every petition. Nothing but friendly people following the freedoms allotted by our legal voting system.

      2. We found out about Kathy’s get out and get signatures. We changed out plans for the day and drove 30 mins to sign for her.
        I have been following her for years. She cares about this county and PA. She has a powerful story and voice. I am proud to support her

    3. So… If a candidate sends out this polling information to their base or social media followers and says check this poll out, that’s buying votes? Get a life!

      That’s how I got the info to vote.

      1. I agree Donna – the $10,000,000’s that they are spending on the race to me is buying votes. Paying people to get petition signatures is more considered buying votes than reaching out to her grassroots base to do a poll? lol..

    4. In what way is it fraud. We support Kathy Barnette. She is the best choice for Pennsylvania.

    5. Pull the curtain back. Kathy is real. We have had enough. Please explain to me how electing another Doctor or lawyer is fighting the establishment? If you were surprised by Kathy in this pole, just wait till we’ve voted. You’re in for another surprise.

  15. I am leaning towards Carla Sands but still considering Kathy Barnette as well.

    1. I will vote Sands in the Primary only because I think Barnette is the weaker candidate. She already lost a congressional race by almost 3-1 in Montgomery County. We need someone strong, who can win against the Democrat in November. If Barnette happens to be the nominee, I will be happy for her, and I will support her.

  16. I saw Carla Sands speech at CPAC. I loved her point about operation warp speed for American energy. Oz is a fraud, McCormick is a RINO, Barnette is an unserious candidate. Sands will be getting my vote.

    1. Sands is about to drop out of the Race – She is Paying people $500 a sheet to get petitions to even get on the Ballot. Lol Many Staffers Left, and her consulting group left. Definitely Not Oz or McCormick. Barnette is the most serious candidate and is the only one that will be able to beat Fetterman the Racist.

      1. Lie, and more lies from the Barnette campaign. Carla Sands is not dropping out of the race. Politics is ugly and the negativity coming out of the Barnette team is a disgrace.

        1. Have attended any petition signings? I have. I physically saw the struggles these other candidates are having that their TV ads can’t buy? Grassroots voters. Did you see Kathy’s post on how she was the first to get the 2,000 signatures needed for to be on the ballot? Do you follow the money that Sands loaned her campaign? Oz or McCormick. All public knowledge. I don’t think your really a patriot mom. Spreading lies when you’re not involved in actually seeing what they are doing. We the people Choose Kathy Barnette Doug Mastriano and Teddy Daniels the true Patriot Dad’s and Moms! Tell Sands good luck with the signatures. In all seriousness she deserves to have a fighting chance but don’t think they should buy petition signatures. Oz and MCCORMICK did also. Maybe if they went to the debates and showed up before the people they may not have had to buy the signatures

      2. Real Serious Voter – Why the hell would Sands drop out with 2 months left into the Primary? Rumors are nothing but gossip lies.

  17. Carla Sands is the GOP’s ONLY hope of holding this senate seat! #PAFirst

    Oz is not Pennsylvania and McCormick is owned by China!

    1. Carla is paying people $500 to get petitions to get on the Ballot, she might not make it till the 15th of March.

    1. Our country going through hard time and need the person that can stand against the extreme left.
      David McCormick is the one with his military experience .

      1. He already sold Hedge Funds to China. He is bought and paid for. China doesnt let you in unless they can buy you. Good luck with that

          1. Lol, the one that publicly consulted with Oprah before he ran and the same OZ that was kissing the dirty floor in Hollywood on his star? That’s what it looks like when he will be kissing China’s leader’s feat, or Oprah’s feet. See how easy it was for him to do it? Can anyone say and spell flip flop?

  18. I’ve met and listened to Kathy Barnette 4 times. Genuine, down to earth and loves this country. She served in the military honorably. Her bio is humbling. On the other hand last weekend Carla Sands was at a local event for petition signatures. When someone said they’ve already signed a petition for someone else, she became rude and walked away. McCormick recently stated that he would be “making a lot less” as a US Senator. PA does not need a snot nosed hedge fund manager or snobby former ambassador. Kathy Barnette for Senate !

    1. Yes 100% Seh will be the only one to beat Fetterman. They cant pull the Race card on Kathy. And thats why she doesnt get news coverage, they do not want her to win. They can tear up Oz on his views, and Tear into McCormick with his relationship with China. He sold out already

  19. What does it say about the Pennsylvania GOP that the three front runners are all wealthy carpetbaggers?

    Don’t underestimate Dr. Oz. He knows how to talk to people and how to work a crowd. People who watched his show for years and years are comfortable with him.

    Dave McCormick is the candidate of the Big Money special interests. He is not comfortable talking to people and it shows. He’s the Jeb Bush of this election.

    Carla Sands is just plain dumb. She has no business running for Senate.

    Kathy Burnette is too extreme to win in November.

    Jeff Bartos? Meh.

    1. I believe Sands and Oz are not Pennsylvanians at heart. McCormick is out of touch with the average voter in PA. Kathy is a down to earth mother, vet and conservative. She’s exactly what Pennsylvania needs for our children, our schools, our businesses. our people. She’s for real.

      1. Carla grew up in Cumberland county and has absolute loyalty to the best interest of Pennsylvania – she may have moved but she is central pa

        1. I agree! Carla Sands is the choice for me! Met her several times and she is a Christian, mom and very friendly, intelligent, approachable and has a great resume filled. She is a Trump supporter and will our Pennsylvania first.

    2. Kathy is only one to win against Fetterman. They cant pull the race card. And She has Backbone

  20. Carla Sands is the best #AmericaFirst and #PennsylvaniaFirst candidate who can win the primary and the General election. Talked to her two days ago and she is in this to win with a new campaign manager Most people in my ward in Allegheny County think that she’s the best to defeat Lamb or Lurch

    1. She’s not a Pennsylvanian. She’s an import. We don’t speak Californian here.

      1. Wrong! She grew up in Central PA’s Camp Hill and Mechanicsburg and graduated from Cumberland Valley High School. Pennsylvania gal at heart.

        1. Long time ago. She is about to drop out. Probably around the 15th of March. heard she is offering $500 a Sheet to get her name on the Petitions

      2. Carla is absolutely PA proud – I went to high school with her sister and know the family – she is 100% Pennsylvania with some LA highlights – but – a grounded person that could cut you like a knife

  21. Kathy Barnette is the clear choice for the U.S. Senate. Kathy has been here, in Pennsylvania fighting alongside of us for the past two years. She is not afraid to speak the truth! Now people are coming out of the woodwork wanting to “represent us”, but I’d like to know where they have been for the past two years! Kathy Barnette for Senate!

    1. I have talk to her and I believe she is sincere and we do a good job

    2. Exactly, Also the General they cant pull the Race Card. Plus She has a Backbone

    3. Kathy,is the one to have in office. She is true and blue and speaks from her heart. Oz is working for the Turkish government he has a double citizenship,he is a Biden in disguise.

  22. Bartos is the strongest candidate. If the Dems nominate Fetterman any Republican will beat him.

  23. Bartos is the best debater. Dr. Oz seems to want to be crowned King and not have to slug it out in the political mosh pit because he is above the rough and tumble of politics. McCormick is picking up on Dr. Oz being tentative to go on the political offensive. Unless Dr. Oz gets a little more politically intense and stops acting like he is on a talk show McCormick will win.

  24. Pennsylvanians must give serious thought as to what the job of a United States Senator really is. Not just to follow polls or the thoughts of a single person, but to indulge into the issues and be able to present a case supporting their thinking.
    Right now Oz is a New York/Hollywood refuge seeking a new life in Pennsylvania. His statements are those of consultants, most of whom are following polls and other past elections. McCormick does not appear to have the necessary skills to perform at a high level in the Senate.
    The best candidate who knows Pennsylvania thoroughly, is a well-grounded, thoughtful Conservative Republican is Jeff Bartos. He is the only one who can win the general election. Our GOP must stop being a debating society and focus on winning general elections with principled, educated, knowledgeable candidates. For this election, we should support Jeff Bartos.


  25. Kathy Barnette is the only one not bought and paid for. OZ and MCCORMICK both Skipped the debates twice? Why are they scared. They can’t control the questions in a debate. Easy to just speak to a crowd with talking points. Especially OZ did that for a living. Checked with Oprah before running, kissed the Hollywood Star. Moves to Pa to run. McCormick did millions of Dollars in Business with China. Parachutes in to live in Pa from CT just to run. Voters are super all the time. When will you learn your lesson. Ted Cruz endorsed McCormick, Establishment will be worse than Toomey. Doug Mastriano true Patriot endorsed Kathy, General Flynn the Dems #2 Enemy after Trump endorsed a true Patriot Kathy where were these guys when we had the lockdowns? Kathy was at rallys fighting for Pennsylvanians. Get real, don’t be stupid. If you can’t see this you are blind. Fetterman can’t use Racist with Kathy but will with the other two Numnuts.

    1. As Chairman of the Fayette County Republicans, I as well as 95 percent of our 250 members support Carla Sands for Senate. Her knowledge of our conservative issues and what needs to change in Washington makes her the best choice.

      1. Not too Smart, Heard she is Paying $500 a Sheet for Petitions to get on the Ballot. Also Her Consulting Group Left, and some of her staffers. Sure she will be out in a week or two. Then what does the 95% do? Move to Kathy?

  26. I like Kathyn Barnette and Carla Sands. Would be fine with either of them.
    Dr. Oz would be a big mistake

  27. Dave McCormick has what it takes to fight for what is right for Pennsylvania. I like his message and believe that what he says he really means; it’s not just a bunch of meaningless words. I also like that he relies on God for guidance and assurance. Dave sees our country going in the wrong direction and he feels that it’s his duty to try to change that. Our country needs strong leaders like Dave McCormick.

      1. If I give give a review will you Venmo me from your war chest too – lol

    1. He is already bought and paid for. He was against Trump, and sold Hedge funds in China

    1. Yep Veteran Kathy Barnette not a Veteran that sold out to China already selling Hedge funds like McCormick

  28. I should clarify – Ambassador Carla Sands is the only candidate with foreign policy experience. She has the grit, passion and foreign policy experience

    1. The Undersecretary of the Treasury for International Affairs (Dave McCormick) doesn’t have foreign policy experience? Seems more useful than an Ambassador to an ally.

      1. That just means he knows how to make money off the government system – which – apparently he learned how to make a few billion to share with his investors. That pirate booty doesn’t mean he is good for Pennsylvania

      2. Yeah so much foreign policy experience that helped McCormick outsource American jobs to China. NO THANKS. #KathyBarnetteforSenate

    2. Heard her Consulting group left and many of her staffers. I guess they didn’t believe she could do it. Why did she skip the debates twice? Like Oz and McCormick? Please enlighten us

    3. Lol. The only reason anyone has even heard of Sands is because she married a rich dude. Sad AF.

      1. Carla Sands is a former trophy wife and failed actress and chiropractor who bought herself an ambassadorship. She is really, really stupid too; watch her interview with NBC10.

  29. Foreign policy EXPERIENCE is an OBVIOUS current resume skill set

    1. Lol! She held a gifted appointment in exchange for donations her husband’s name pulled together.

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