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Rendell Praises Trump on Trade and China (AUDIO)

I know this sounds shocking, but Ed Rendell went off message today.

As first reported by Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed, the former Governor spoke on SiriusXM’s Dean Obeidallah Show. During that segment, Obeidallah mentioned some kind words Gov. Rendell had for Trump in his 2012 book A Nation of Wusses.

“As my friend Donald Trump points out, the Chinese are pushing us around without fear of reprisal,” Rendell wrote.

“The interesting thing is, I talk about China and the fact that China took advantage of us in trade and cost Pennsylvania some significant jobs, and I quoted Donald Trump in the book,” Rendell acknowledged. “You know all that Donald Trump says isn’t wrong It’s the way he says it — and there are many things he does say that’s wrong. But he’s right about China. We have for some reason not stood up to China. We’ve allowed them to manipulate their currency, which gives their businesses tremendous advantage in selling to America. They came in here and tried to dump low-priced, subsidized steel pipe to get rid of the steel pipe industry in the U.S.”

“So, there are some things that Donald Trump talks about that do have a germ of reason or a germ of truth,” he concluded.

Rendell also pointed out that Trump had donated $32,000 to his campaigns.

4 Responses

  1. You are right about Rendell being DUMB: He appointed Cynthia Baldwin to the PA Supreme Court. As bad and crooked as that court is, Baldwin was still an insult to its intelligence level. Pgh lawyers called Baldwin “dumber than a cafeteria worker”.

  2. Why does anyone think that Rendell is a Democrat? He is not even a DINO. Instead, he is DUMB. Just a pathetic old man with no sense of direction. no one to pay for his convention, no one who really understands him, no one who thinks that he was a good governor. Even Hillary puts the hammer to him after he went out on media across the country and said that she never sent any classified email.

    Send fast Eddie is to Punxsy and have him spend some time with another rodent.

  3. Fast Eddie already hedging his bets? Sees Shillary as the loser she is? Angling to be Trump Veep? Next thing you know, he’ll comee out against the TPP…

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