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Report: Kane Committed Second Act of Perjury

Kane-sadKathleen Kane may be in even more trouble.

Given that the Attorney General is already facing eight criminal charges, it’s tough to imagine that is possible.

The recent search of Kane’s office, however, may have unveiled further evidence of wrongdoing.

According to Angela Couloumbis and Craig R. McCoy of the Inquirer, the investigators found the signed oath of secrecy that they were looking for.

This document is a pledge by Kane to not reveal information from grand juries going back to 1980. During her testimony, the AG stated that she had not signed this particular document and that such a policy was impractical.

“We don’t go back and sign [oaths for] every grand jury from the beginning of time,” she stated under oath on Nov. 17th. “You can’t do that.”

If the investigators did indeed find the document and Kane signed it, the Attorney General could face a second charge of perjury.

18 Responses

  1. Kane did not say she never signed a pledge not to reveal grand jury stuff back to 1980; she said back to the beginning of time. So unless they come up with a pledge that goes back to the beginning of time, technically she did not lie. Only Reaganites believe the world began in 1980.

    Still would like to know how the same reporters get all this secret stuff, but nobody is investigating them or the “leaks”.

  2. Hi, sorry to divert off the main topic but can anyone tell me whatever happened to her driver? Also, what happened to the Dave Peifer guy who also the paper stated did the same as the driver and who testified against her. Does he lose his job if they say he also committed a crime at the least? Thanks.

  3. Observer, you’re hilarious. Risa Ferman is running for judge because of this one case? Ha! How did Risa predict this case was coming to her when she announced and began her campaign for the bench? Amazing!

  4. Observer and Lew – Let’s be reasonable … The signed Oath (if it exists) will prove that she knew. The “I just signed a bunch of stuff” defense doesn’t work for the State’s top law enforcement officer.

    Can someone please explain why Fina deep-sixed the Mondesire investigation? Is it just a coincidence that Seth Williams (Fina’s new boss) is tight with Mondesire? Below is Brennan’s article:

    Also – When is someone going to investigate the misappropriation of State resources by Fina and Costanzo? They stole from the taxpayers. They sent racist material around from their State computers … on State time … Those who love TEA should be might upset about that.

  5. What all you non-lawyers believe about Perjury charges is half the story. Showing that a statement is not technically correst does not get you a conviction. Risa still has to show the speaker KNEW it was not true, and had the requisite intent. If Kane had to sign a thousand documents when she took office, and the guys who prepared and placed those documents in front of her were known scumbags, her knowledge as to what was in any one single document is very much in doubt. Risa is making sure she does not have to actually try this case before her Elevation to Holy Judgeship – because she knows it’s a dog.

  6. Continuing discussion that, most recently, was on another page…
    …allows for the conclusion to be carried-forward that AG-Kane appears to be poised to receive adverse-action by the Supremes.

    None of the prior comments by her acolytes have explained-away profound self-inflicted wounds, notwithstanding attacks on others [and the TEA Party Movement].

  7. Questions that needed answered – where is the Philadelphia Inquirer getting their information? Why aren’t they being investigated? Where are Fina and Costanza hiding? Why aren’t they being investigated? The Attorney General will never be given a fair trial in Pennsylvania. Politics PA and the Philadelphia Inquirer can be partly blamed.

  8. H3, there’s a difference between Kane and Bill Clinton (aside from the vast difference in IQ): in PA, a perjury conviction bars you from any public office forever. Bye bye, Kathleen!

  9. kanesdriver … oh, kanesdriver … where ARE you ???

    You might be right. But shills like you have been saying Kane is “over” or “history” since last year. Since then, she has exposed quite a few racist pig creeps. Bet you wish you had been right earlier …. LOL

    This whole affair has certainly opened the eyes of many about how bad/dumb/naive/racist people with too much power can be very dangerous. Lots of smart people now know about the dangers of these grand juries being used the wrong way.

    Kane may be a criminal (we will find out at her trial), but Bill Clinton committed perjury … and he will be recognized as one of the best POTUS’s in history. And he is about to become First Husband. If all they have on Kane is perjury and he-said, she-said nonsense, Kane will be taking this nonsense to trial.

    Popcorn will be ready!!

  10. It really is strange.

    Perhaps someone needs to reach out to the Ombudsman at the INKY. Even if they think Kane is a bad egg, getting into bed with people like Fina and Costanzo is never a good idea. Of course – there is no Shield law that will protect the two lawyers. They have had lots of time to cover their tracks, but they should be hauled in front of a grand jury to answer about the leaks. So should all their “associates” at the Philadelphia D.A.’s Office.

    Regardless of what you think of Kane, it should be VERY concerning to citizens of PA that people in law enforcement – who are supposed to uphold the law – can so blatantly violate the law. They also run afoul of the Ethics Rules just about every day.

    Meantime, I hope everyone has seen the racist stuff Fina sends around to his white male buddies:

  11. I’m sure Couloumbis and McCoy could answer your question, H3. They seem to have access to all the grand jury proceedings, yet somehow their leaks aren’t investigated or even brought up. Strange how that works, isn’t it?

  12. What would be shocking to me is that she would be dumb enough to have such a thing in her Office. This is still a “perjury trap,” though. They are running around seeing if they can find anything to contradict sworn testimony. Next they will have to find the “proof” that the memo released was actually protected grand jury material.

    Speaking of “protected grand jury material,” it has been said that Fina got all his depraved e-mails and admitted them in a grand jury proceeding so he can call them “protected grand jury material.” Is that true?

    And if he had them, why didn’t he share them with his new boss? Or maybe he did … Williams has some explaining to do.

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