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Report: Mastriano Balking on Testifying To Jan. 6 Committee

According to a report this afternoon from POLITICO, Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano is balking when it comes to his scheduled interview with the January 6th Select Committee.

In a letter addressed to chair Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), Mastriano lawyer Timothy C. Parlatore said the Republican would not testify unless Parlatore can record the session.

“Senator Mastriano is currently the Republican nominee for Governor and is engaged in a hotly contested general election race. Given the committee’s demonstrated propensity for releasing edited clips of interviews without the requisite context to support a false partisan narrative, I am concerned that there is a risk that your committee will do the same to Senator Mastriano. Members of your party like Sean Patrick Maloney, Democratic Campaign Chair, have openly admitted that the goal of the hearings you are conducting is intended to paint the Republican party as irresponsible and power hungry ahead of the midterms. For this reason, my client has legitimate concerns that your committee may attempt to influence the outcome of the Pennsylvania state elections through the dissemination of information.”

The Jan. 6 committee had issued a subpoena to Mastriano on Feb. 15 for documents and testimony. It was not until after he captured the GOP nomination for governor in May that a produced documents to the panel. At that time, Mastriano’s lawyer told POLITICO that he and the committee had agreed the candidate would sit for a voluntary interview instead of a compelled deposition.

Parlatore has been frustrated by the committee’s apparent unwillingness to consider his proposals to address Mastriano’s concerns.

“Your refusal to even discuss this and instead demand a compelled deposition does not indicate any legitimate investigative interest and actually reveals an intent to misuse your committee to disseminate disinformation to improperly influence the outcome of an election.

“If we cannot agree on a reasonable arrangement for a voluntary interview, then we will have little choice but to go to court and litigate the issue.”

A spokesperson for the select committee declined to comment.


12 Responses

  1. Mastriano is a coward. Pure and simple. He knows he’s in hot water and refused to answer basic questions. The fact that he led the charge with fake electors from PA should disqualify him in every voter’s mind. What he did was reprehensible. He should not be heralded as any kind of “victim” here. There’s absolutely no way he gets my vote this fall.

  2. Today it’s being reported that Ding Dong will partipating remotely via video. Apparently he only travels to DC to participate in insurrection events and to disrupt the smooth transfer of power.

    All I know is this is proof to all you Dougheads out there that Ding Dong is a flat out coward and Hillary has a pair of solid steel cajones while Ding Dong has a pair of shriveled up raisins bouncing betwixed his thighs.

  3. Ding Dong Dung has already painted himself as irresponsible and power hungry, as evidenced by his own pronouncements. Clearly unfit to serve as

  4. Senator Doug has to be rock bottom worst candidate ever for any party for Pa Governor. He makes Scott Wagner look like Socrates. What gaffe has Senator Doug not made? Unsavory right wing groups as friends? Check. Dropped by for a rollicking good time as patriots do at insurrection. Check. Took a photo of his presence at insurrection for posterity. Check.

  5. If he defies the subpoena, then he should get the same as Bannon got. Just because he is a candidate does not permit him to refuse to testify. Perhaps he should reference Hillary Clinton as she testified under oath in camera back in 2015 about Benghazi for 11 hours. And the damn Republicans admitted it was all about embarrassing her ahead of the 2016 election campaign.

    Appears that Hillary is more of a man than Ding Dong Doug is.

    1. Ding Dong Dung Dougie has a tough choice. Does he “submit” to lawful subpoena and take the 5th to every question OR does he tell the truth and confess his traitorous actions?


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