Report: Post-Gazette Considering Trump Endorsement

trumpWith the Republican Party’s biggest donors coalescing against Donald Trump, the real estate mogul could be set to pick up a huge endorsement from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Rumors are floating around the Post-Gazette’s newsroom that the Pittsburgh paper and its sister publication, The Toledo Blade, are looking to back Trump, Chris Krewson of reports.

Tom Waseleski – the Post-Gazette’s editorial page editor and a member of the editorial board – said they are “nowhere near any endorsement with regards to any candidate, with regards to any primaries,” though some reporters at the paper are starting to worry.

“I did hear a rumor to that effect, which is very distressing. But we’re not privy to that [information],” reporter and President of the Pittsburgh Newspaper Guild Michael Fuoco said.

A Trump endorsement from The Toledo Blade could be upon us shortly, with Ohio’s primary less than two weeks away. An endorsement from The Blade is likely to signal an endorsement from the Post-Gazette, though Pennsylvanians will not cast their ballots for another eight weeks.

The endorsements would be Trump’s first from major newspapers and could go a long way toward legitimizing his huge primary lead to the establishment wing of the Republican Party, though that probably doesn’t matter to the former reality TV star.

Trump won seven states on Super Tuesday –  Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia – and opened up a sizable delegate lead over his main challengers, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich remains in the race, but Ben Carson has pulled out of Thursday night’s Republican debate in his hometown of Detroit, signalling his intent to withdraw from the race after seeing no “political path forward” after Super Tuesday.

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  1. Many supporters of Trump like his no politics and bold statements.
    Let’s look at what we now know; he is a womanizer, prejudice against blacks, Hispanic, Muslims, gays and who is left? He isn’t that great of a business mogul. His father gave him a million dollars to get started with. He has had several losses and bankruptcy cases. He says make America great again, but has his own company and investments overseas. Build a BIG Wall to keep out Mexicans and make Mexico pay for it! What a joke! His demeanor is much less than presidential, has no diplomacy and with his self-centered attitude, could just end up getting us in WWIII….How great is it that the Russian leader came out encouraging him? Sure, Trump would be easy to manipulate. Sara looked bad when she couldn’t name one magazine she says she reads. Trump consults only himself! So, why do you really think he has not disclosed his taxes??? Hell No, do not support Trump! Personally, if he should win with well-meaning supporters being doped; I guess I will have to move to Canada!

  2. I think it would be the best thing in the world if PG would endorse Trump, good for the PG and Trump.

  3. I think it would be the best thing in the world if PG would endorsing Trump, good for the PG and Trump.

  4. Give David Shribman some credit as it would be totally out of character for the PG to endorse Trump.

  5. If this paper endorses that divisive fascist, I’ll never buy or look at it again!

  6. the editorial board of the P G usually does a thoughtful and thorough job of political vetting. i’d be astonished if John Robinson Block at HQ could derail the P G board to vote Trump (even if JRB’s wife is on that bd under her maiden name.) (it somewhat reminds me of the Rendellwoif machine forcing their chosen candidates down rank and file throats.) and if JRB does and the P G do, PG will lose a lot of subscribers.

  7. Who cares if the Post-Gazette endorses him? He already has Joe Gale and his pants! That should be enough to win the PA primary, just ask Joe and he’ll tell you.

  8. trump (lower case) is not a godly man or is he to the almighty dollar,how many divorces, how many bankruptcies?? it amazes me anyone could even consider this man, now the post gazette hmmm what kind of med’s are they taking or stopped taking. I travel 16 miles 32 round trip to a grocery store on Sunday mornings to get my Sunday post gazette paper & food shop early to get back to read the paper & watch the “getting crappier by the day gas bag shows” hmm the NEW YORK TIMES DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION is looking better & better & that is exactly what it will be if trump is endorsed cant wait to see the buy 2 for the price of one like the slimy “nazi revew of wingnuts gone wild tribune review” that will die soon I wont even look at it. all the good republicans have gone to their reward & what we have left is a bunch of scumbagilicans & sanatorium’s addicted to Koch money in it hundreds of Forms.

  9. Donald Trump uses hate to disguise his true loathing of the American worker. Donald Trump supports the outsourcing of American jobs and the lowering of the minimum wage. No surprise that the first Senator to support Trump was Sessions from Alabama – the state that made it illegal for cities and municipalities to raise the minimum wage.

    The people who are foolish to believe that Trump speaks to them – are only fooling themselves.

  10. I think Pennsylvania may be relevant in choosing the Republican nominee on April 26th.

    Outsider Donald Trump can win Pennsylvania; on the right, conservative Joe Gale, who, himself, against all odds, unexpectedly,defeated the Gleason-Asher Establishment in Montgomery county and is now supporting Outsider, and self-funder, Stan Casacio challenging Establishment’s reliable Arlen Specter Republican Pat Meehan.(His brother, Sean, is Stan Casacio’s campaign manager. Sean ran Joe’s successful county commissioner campaign.)

    On the Liberal Democratic Left is the Post-Gazette!

    Donald Trump is not a Conservative and he is not a Liberal; he is independent. He speaks to those who have been ignored, abandoned, dismissed and disdained by the self-seeking Establishments of both parties. Who can see Pennsylvania is better off after years and years of “bipartisan”, another word or “One Party” governance for past 15 years?

    I continue to predict that Hillary Clinton will withdraw before the end of March.

    The Media’s Democratic operatives masquerading as journalists editorializes by omission of heavy coverage. Catherine Herridge at Fox News is a model journalist. Secretary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan, compromised national security secrets. Once Donald Trump begins to talk about this issue, the media will, reflexively, obsess with 24/7 coverage. Many will wonder why she, and her insider ring, is not in jail. Of course, there will be discussion of $625,000 Goldman Sachs speeches, and obsessively demanding that Hillary Clinton release the transcripts of her obsequious speeches and there is Clinton Cash documenting how Hillary (and Bill) sold the USA for cash contributions.

  11. Hey Cindy, why don’t you just repeat the same explanation you used a decade ago when prominent Democratic leaders like Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi where spewing all that vitriol towards then President Bush. Simple, right?

  12. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

    “One of America’s Greatest Newspapers” – owned by a Japanese company. 🙂

  13. James Watt-

    There is nothing wrong with newspapers interviewing (or researching) candidates and making informed recommendations to reader in a clearly identified opinion section. In the case of Trump, the Post-Gazette has the opportunity to research the plans and rhetoric and find Trump (and the other GOP candidates) unworthy of endorsement.

    Here is a link is to an open letter by 60 leaders in the Republican security community (some of them bomb-Iran hardliners). But, they all agree that Trump is too irresponsible, ill-informed, and dishonest to lead the US, and he would be such a disaster and make us less safe. They conclude that his he unfit for office. The Post-Gazette could be responsible and make the same recommendation.

  14. The state of Pennsylvania will have their primary on April 26th. It seems odd to polarize your base by endorsing anyone when the race will be wrapped up by then. When I really think about it, papers shouldn’t endorse any candidates, they should just report the facts.

  15. Now, I’m going to have to buy a subscription to the Post-Gazette just so I can cancel it when they endorse Trump.

  16. I have been subscribing to The Post Gazette for 24 years and if you Endorse Donald Trump. I will cancel my subscription immediately he is a disgrace.

  17. This endorsement probably is for the nomination. I can’t imagine the Pg not endorsing the feloniusb incompetent Clinton in the general.

  18. I am a huge supporter of this man! Please Post Gazette endorse Mr.Trump! He is what this country needs a nice big shot in the arm! He is the only one that is not “Owned” by anyone in Washington! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! VOTE DONALD TRUMP!!!

  19. I am a school counselor in an elementary school. I am called to teach our children kindness, respect, to accept diversity, citizenship, and anything that will help them in their relationships and therefore their success in life. Children are disciplined and counseled if they call someone “stupid”. Please tell me how I explain Donald Trump to them and tell them to Respect the office of the President? PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MAN IN ANY WAY! Our children need to know these behaviors are not acceptable in a society that understands the word respect.

  20. Other than not using the code words (we’re not anti-Latino, we care about immigration enforcement) and brazenly deceitful rationalizations (e.g., water boarding isn’t torture), Trump’s positions mostly are similar to the rest of the GOP’s.

    His anger and bluster have been staples of the GOP for 15-20 years.

    I’m not sure why the endorsement should be a surprise.

  21. If the PG endorses Donald Trump it indicates a total abnegation of their responsibility to our community. They should be denouncing him as a fascist, mysogynistic, racist who has gone from being funny to frightening. What has happened to the Fourth Estate? They no longer do investigative exposes that embrace the truth & deride idiots. I’ll cancel my subscription immediately if this happens.

  22. I’ll subscribe to the PG. It’s amusing to me the ones who are talking about all this hatred are in fact themselves spreading hatred. I didn’t believe in anything Obama stood for, but I had close friends who voted for him and guess what, WE ARE STILL FRIENDS. Grow up America, I’ll have my viewpoints and you have yours.

  23. This would totally confirm my thoughts of Pennsylvania being the south of the north. Please don’t embarrass the rest of us Pittsburghers by endorsing this racist bufoon. He is a modern day Hitler and not fit to lead anyone but the poor uneducated racists that are following him like the pied piper. It’s scary to see the number of people who think so backward. It’s sad that we as a nation have not progressed beyond the hatred and fear of those who are non-white. Donald Trump and his followers should do us a favor and enclose themselves in the “wall” and let the rest of us live in peace.

  24. All he has to do is say he supports privatizing the liquor stores and he’s got it!

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