Republican AG Candidates Call on Kane to Resign

kane-sad2Republicans are pouncing at yet another Kathleen Kane defeat.

Earlier today, the Attorney General had her law license suspended by the PA Supreme Court.

Both GOP 2016 AG candidates responded with statements condemning the incumbent and calling on her to resign.

“In light of today’s Supreme Court decision to suspend her law license, I think it’s time that Attorney General Kathleen Kane make the right decision and step aside,” Rafferty said. “The Office of Attorney General, the employees who work there and the jobs they do are far too important to have them compromised by the distractions that have resulted from the ongoing investigation into Attorney General Kane. While the Attorney General is entitled to her day in court, the people of Pennsylvania deserve to have an Attorney General that is fully focused and committed to doing the important work of keeping Pennsylvanians safe.”

“Additionally, I believe that the Attorney General’s resignation would go along way to boost the morale of the committed and hard working employees of the Office of Attorney General,” he concluded. “They have suffered enough from the endless distractions and controversies surrounding the current Attorney General.”

“Today’s developments add yet another sad chapter to Pennsylvania’s legal system thanks to Kathleen Kane and her refusal to resign,” Stephens responded. “Prosecutors are expected to do the right thing for the right reasons. In this case, the right thing for Kathleen Kane to do is to step aside so that the hardworking members of law enforcement, the Attorney General’s staff, victims of crime and the people of Pennsylvania may again have confidence and trust in the Office of Attorney General. The 2016 election should not be about Kathleen Kane’s corruption and scandal. It should be about who has the best experience to be Attorney General and who can return the credibility and integrity back to the office.”

So far, Kane refuses to resign and intends to run for re-election.

7 Responses

  1. KS – I haven’t seen any reports of “joke” e-mails. The idea that prosecutors are so chummy with the Judges that they share below is VERY DISTURBING …

    Once a prosecutor has “the goods” on a Judge, he can use it as he wishes. It would not be appropriate. Just look at what Kane is doing to the Corbett Pervs … The prosecutors could do the same thing to the Judges.

  2. We now have two Republican Legislators running for Attorney General who favor removing a sitting Attorney General from office without due process.

    Why don’t they offer legislation to require elected official under challenge to take an unpaid leave of absence until they are either vindicated or convicted? This is not an option today.

    The Legislature could benefit from such an honorable action.

  3. I’m sure Kathleen Kane is packing up her Office now that Stephens and whoever have called upon her to resign.

  4. gulag – good point re: the ex part communications with Judges.

    And good point generally about what was going on out there during Corbett’s years as AG. We know what was not happening — Jerry Sandusky was not getting arrested.

    And if you look at Fina’s behavior on the PSU Three, it is appalling. First, he lets a witness testify before the GJ knowing that he is unrpresented (a clear ethical violation). Then he goes on TV to talk about the strength of his case (another clear ethical violation).

    These guys are bad news. Don’t know much about these Rs … but for them to suggest that there was credibility before – when the prosecutors were sharing racist e-mails at work – suggests their judgment may be off.

  5. Getting back to credibility and integrity? You mean like watching porn emails, ex parte communications with judges, and violating due process rights of citizens?

  6. Well … if the Repervlicans running are calling for it … I mean … She has to resign, right … LOL …. The D Governor called for her to resign and she didn’t. Do these Jack-asses think she will listen to them?!?

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