RMU Poll: 43.6% Kane Should Go 15.3% Kane Should Stay

KaneThe Attorney General’s numbers are getting worse.

That is the conclusion of the latest Robert Morris University survey, which shows 43.6% of respondents believe Kathleen Kane should resign.

15.3%, on the other hand, think the AG should stay in office while 41% don’t know enough to make a judgment.

These are worse numbers for Kane than when this same question was posed back in May. Back then, the margin was 33.5%/17% in favor of resignation while 49% didn’t have an opinion.

Therefore, according to this poll at least, despite the email revelations about Frank Fina and Justice Eakin the AG’s support continues to erode.

This poll was conducted by the Robert Morris University Polling Institute from October 10th to 15th. They contacted 523 Pennsylvanians. The margin of error is +/- 4.5%.

79 Responses

  1. It has been said that Kane has discovered e-mails on Frank Fina’s hard-drive that included bestiality videos, 100 year old women engaged in intercourse, and a woman having “sex” with a snake. If he used his State computer to watch that stuff, why isn’t the Disciplinary Board suspending Fina’s license? Fina has prosecuted people for mis-using their State equipment. Why is it OK for him to do so?

    More importantly though — when is Kane going to release those e-mails???

  2. Someone clearly co-opted my screen name too. I still think it was you, though, MTG. For instance: I would never type “Multi Tasker General is me.”

    Only a pathetic groupie would actually try to be me.

  3. Here’s how crazy I am: I am being owned so I posed as being “Politics PA” to save myself.

  4. Hey Jessica, I checked in at 11:39 and again now. None of the other posts are mine. So please do ban the IP address of HaHaha, who is doing all the posting.

  5. Agreed. 75% of the posts are being made by this “Multi Tasker General” person. We need to report him to the moderators, as suggested yesterday.

  6. Someone needs to check the meds of whomever is posting. This is why I stopped checking this site for a few days because people are losing it. Get Help people.

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  8. Indeed, it will be difficult for me to carry-on under this name. I am getting completely owned right now

  9. MTG has lost his marbles again. It’s a shame. Because he is sometimes coherent at the tea-party meeting.

  10. Can’t we just get back to the crimes that Kane committed that haven’t been proven in Court yet? Can’t we just keep pretending that Castille … and Fina … and the other racist creeps behind this charade still have credibility?? Please!!??!!

  11. Poor MTG is right. He can’t have any money … because he can’t have a job. Too dumb. LOL …

  12. We’ve passed Level 4, heading into Limbo. There may be no coming out. The top is still spinning.

  13. I just posted as Pat Unger. One of my many tells is that I always accuse others of being “unglued”

  14. Poor MTG is coming unglued again. He got it under control for a while yesterday … Sad … So sad …

  15. I love co-opting The screen names of others. But then I cry foul when the very same is done to me. In short, I suffer from mental illness, lack gainful employment, and I am a huge baby

  16. Not MTG. And you’re still embarrassing yourself H3. Actually I’m not surprised you support KK. Just like her you resort to shrill name calling and dirty tactics over real substance.

  17. H3, this is the real MTG. Just checking in for the first time today, and I see that your multiple personality disorder is in full swing. Carry on!

  18. And – MTG – if you scroll down, you will see that I only suggested that you were “borderline” retarded … which I still believe to be true.

  19. H3 if you’re so smart then please elevate your insults above the 4th grade level of calling people retarded. You make all democrats look bad.

  20. Huh?

    Anyone who reads the comments here KNOWS for sure that I am not MTG.

    After all – he is a borderline retarded, pathetic shill-boy for Fina & The Corbett Pervs. I am smart and speak my mind on issues that should concern all Pennsylvanians.

    Like the e-mail that Pat points out below … the one sent by Frank Fina to his white male buddies (and his wife) … the one that contained this:


    Those racist creeps used their State computers to distribute that vile garbage. I would think that even the TEA-slurping Pennsylvanians would be upset about that …

  21. Agree with you, observer3. It is absolutely ridiculous that they are going all-out on Kane for one alleged leak and totally ignoring what Frank Fina and his cohorts did. To blatantly leak all that material in a case involving a leak shows just how “protected” they must feel they are. This case is exposing a lot of things that needed to be exposed.

  22. Looks like the pathetic troll, MTG, is at it again. I have reported him to the moderators. Everyone else should do the same. ‘

  23. Every time Kane has a press conference or issues a statement, she should ask the following question:

    Why aren’t Ferman and Steele investigating and prosecuting the people that illegally leaked tons of material from the recent grand jury?

  24. Let’s face it. These polls are stupid. There was a smear campaign orchestrated by people who have a lot to lose in the so-called “Porngate” scandal. They illegally leaked tons of material fro the Kane grand jury to the Press. The headlines have been bad. And that affects public opinion. But, the people behind those headlines are the same people who sent e-mails containing this:


    The same people who sent around racist garbage like that have been trying to make sure the headlines don’t have their names in them. Kane became their victim as soon as she discovered the 20,000,000 e-mails that Corbett and Ryan thought they had destroyed.

    This needs to play out in a real Courtroom with a real Jury; not in the court of public opinion.

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