Romney Ad Keeps Pressure on Welfare “Gutting” (Watch Video)

The Romney Campaign released a new web ad today, knocking President Obama on his welfare policies.

The ad, titled “Only In America,” tells the story of Danny Vargas, who grew up on welfare in Brooklyn, NY, and the results of the welfare-to-work requirement on his life.

Vargas credits the work requirement as the spark to his success story. He was able to create a successful business as well as take an active role within the community.

The Romney campaign uses his story to show why “gutting” the work requirement in welfare will only hurt Americans on welfare.

“President Obama is stripping the work requirement out of welfare. I think the problem with that is there’s been so many success stories since the welfare reform of the 90s,” says Vargas in the ad.

“Where families that might otherwise have stayed stuck in that cycle of dependency, they actually saw a light at the end of the tunnel. They saw a different possibility. Taking it away brings us back to that situation. The unintended consequences of a well-meaning program of the 1960s was that families ended up getting stuck in that cycle of dependency.”

In a response to recent attacks, the Obama campaign released a statement calling the claims misleading.

“Governor Romney has run a series of welfare reform ads making an attack that has been called false and misleading by the architects of welfare reform – both President Clinton and a Republican co-author of the legislation.  He has tried to attack President Obama’s initiative to help states move at least 20 percent more people from welfare to work – even though he asked even greater flexibility around work requirements and supported legislation that would have allowed governors to let people stay on welfare indefinitely.”

This newest ad is part of the next phase of attacks by the Romney campaign on Obama’s welfare policies. Two weeks ago, Romney blasted Obama in a television ad on welfare. However, the Obama campaign released an ad the next day, refuting team Romney’s claims with a Washington Post fact check.

9 Responses

  1. And second… take a pic… It’s a republican $itching about Obama giving states more latitude & flexibility w the program.

    Wheres our big states rights git er’ doners? You are like mitt “the flipper” Romney. Hypocrite.

  2. You are the pot calling the kettle black. Let’s start with those farm subsidies and corporate subsidies.

    You want to know where the cuts are… they are right there.

    I don’t know anyone who is proud of being on welfare and to suggest a majority of those folks “are content” on that system is an absolute mis-truth… Just like a rich Republican to analogize inner city welfare bums as the problem, while they sit silent about these other massive welfare giveaways they need to ween their friends off of, which we’d have to see how much those add up to.

  3. The reality is that people who are working are not thrilled to see Obama, before a contentious election, cutting what was a bipartisan reform even if he has couched it as a “waiver,” without technically changing the law which he knows he could not do.

    It bypasses the elected process. It disrespects taxpayers. It goes back to the bad old days of just letting states do what is easy, rather than what is right.

  4. The Democrats are the ones lying repeatedly on issue after issue — it’s past spin. Obama wrote an executive order that gave states the option to revise up to and including removal of the work requirement in welfare reform.

    He did this to “give states room” to “work with people.” That is the explanation from his own administration for Exec Order.

    So why are the Democrats disavowing it entirely, claiming the GOP is making it all up?

  5. Typical republican to kick all the people on food stamps. Let’s end the free ride for all the real welfare queens like republicans getting massive farm subsidies, and corporate welfare queens like BP and walmart who provide 7 dollar an hour jobs.

  6. a candidate who repeatedly refuses to espouse or explain any consistent policies while demanding that we “trust” him…iokiyar???

    Contrary to the hysterics of the Obama opposition, the modification, which allows the Department of HHS to waive certain state requirements under the law, does not make any significant change in the substance of the law. Rather, the modification—which comes in the form of the occasional waiver— is a response to the many states seeking more control over how they administer their welfare program. equested-in-2005/
    The waiver would also permit states to tighten up on some language in the federal law that allows welfare recipients to claim unpaid internships and other such endeavors as qualifiers for welfare rather that getting actual, paying jobs.
    So, the states ask for more power to operate their welfare programs in a way they believe will produce a better local result than the system required by the federal government…the Obama Administration agrees to this request in the understanding that the states are in a better position than the central government to determine what works for them….and the Republicans go nuts.

  8. Turns up the Big Lie, actually. This entire video is based on a lie – not a stretch of the truth, not an exaggeration…a big, fat, no-doubt-about-it lie. The Obama Administration did not do what this video and the entire Romney campaign say: it did not “strip the work requirement out of welfare.” There is no wiggle room here, no shading of the truth. It just simply did…not…happen. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan show that they cannot be trusted to run the country by allowing a lie like like this to become such a focus of their campaign.

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