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Romney, Clinton Join Bucks Battle

Fitzpatrick, left, and Boockvar

With only days until the election, and a Romney rally in her own district, Kathy Boockvar has enlisted help from a favored Democratic heavyweight in order to close the gap between herself and incumbent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks).

After his winning DNC speech, former President Bill Clinton has quickly become the chosen spokesperson to reach out to voters and has lent his voice to Boockvar’s campaign, narrating automated calls to potential voters.

“I’m endorsing Kathy Boockvar for Congress and I urge you to vote for her.  Kathy will work to rebuild our economy and strengthen the middle class,” he says.

Clinton will also be speaking at four separate rallies on President Obama’s behalf in PA on Monday including two in Boockvar’s area (though not her district) in Blue Bell and Philadelphia.

He mentions two of the strong points of Boockvar’s platform before going on the offensive against Fitzpatrick and special interest groups.

“Special interests are saying things about Kathy’s record that simply aren’t true. They’re in fact trying to hide the truth — that Mike Fitzpatrick has been voting with the tea party against our interests.”

Clinton closes the message with an appeal to families, and calls Boockvar, “the independent voice we need.”

Both the Boockvar and Fitzpatrick campaigns have been actively reaching out to voters in these last few days, asking for contributions and promoting events.

Fitzpatrick’s campaign has been providing voters with tickets to Sunday’s Mitt Romney rally which will take place at 5:30pm in Yardley.  This all in effort to combat the Obama campaign’s efforts in his district which he called a “danger” in an e-mail to supporters.

“The race for President is heating up in Pennsylvania and this is giving my opponent a boost she hasn’t had before,” he wrote. “Team Obama is fanning out across our district with volunteers, urging Democrats to vote in record numbers. We’ve received reports they are canvassing our neighborhoods and organizing for a final all-out voter drive.”

Ahead of the Romney rally today, Boockvar will be hosting an event in Langhorne with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, activist Sandra Fluke, Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Montco), and Patrick Murphy, the man Fitzpatrick beat in 2010.  The event will focus on the impact a winning Romney-Ryan ticket would have on women and the middle class.

The 8th congressional district race is Democrats’ best opportunity to pick up a seat in the Pa. congressional delegation, but Fitzpatrick is a favorite to win re-election.

4 Responses

  1. Fitzpatrick has never answered specific questions..never.
    He wants to save Medicare. Sounds good until one realizes he supports the Ryan voucher plan.

    He refused to answer what he found “troubling” in documents he read. He cant answer because there is nothing troubling.

    He continues to lie about the “unelected 15 member board” he claims falsely will determine medical care. They cannot do that by law. It is his job to enforce that law so why is he whining? If he so disdains “unelected” board members why did he, Fitzpatrick, sign a document from an UNELECTED citizen with no government authority. ? Grove Norquist has Fitzpatrick and all of congress by the short hairs which is why he signed. He represents Grover, not us.

  2. Boockvar’s interview by Steve Highsmith [“@ Large”] demonstrated the identical lack of specificity that she articulated @ the beginning of this campaign.

    He asked repeatedly for her to transcend generalities, but all she would say is that she would package proposals following the election; this applied to ObamaCare in particular [“What changes would you make?” “As a small businesswoman, I want to ensure the economy isn’t hurt.”].

    As a reflection of the overall approach of her party to this entire experience, it is so sad that divisiveness has been consciously exacerbated.

  3. Hey Sean Ryan… I accuse you of being a rapist. Now you AND Clinton are both accused rapists. Still doesn’t make either one true. Spread your unfounded accusations elsewhere.

  4. Seriously, accused rapist and known philanderer Bill Clinton is enlisted to fight on behalf of Boockvar in the war on women?

    I can’t write this stuff.

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