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Romney Visits Valley Forge; Obama Surrogates Sound Off

Mitt Romney arrived in the Keystone State today, hoping to increase two important resources vital for his Presidential hopes: money and votes.

Romney held a fundraiser at the Union League in Philadelphia this morning. Joined by Senator Pat Toomey, Congressman Charlie Dent and Senate hopeful Tom Smith, Romney stressed the importance of “shocking” everybody and winning Pennsylvania.

“We really would shock people if early in the evening on Nov. 6 it looked like Pennsylvania was going to come our way,” said Romney, according to a pool report from Colby Itkowitz of the Allentown Morning Call.

However, Romney’s message to his donors and those in attendance at the Valley Forge Military Academy Rally was different. Romney boasted confidently to the crowd that he would win Pennsylvania.

“You know, I’ve got a little secret here,” said Romney, “That the Obama campaign thinks Pennsylvania is in their pocket. They don’t need to worry about it. And you’re right, and they’re wrong. We’re going to win Pennsylvania. We are going to take the White House.”

It was the first visit by either presidential candidate to Pa. since July.

On the opposite side, Obama surrogates were ready and waiting. Former Governor Ed Rendell blasted Romney’s infamous “47 percent” comments.

“The Florida Fundraiser was an incredible birds-eye view of what Governor Romney feels about the American people, said Rendell. “He basically cast away 47 percent of our country.”

Schwartz added to Rendell’s sentiment, calling Romney ignorant toward most Americans.

“Mitt Romney has made a certain choice, which is to really ignore and express disdain for most Americans,” said Schwartz.

Rendell also challenged the Republicans and Romney to compete for Pennsylvania, saying writing off the state is a mistake. Rendell said that Pennsylvania’s poll numbers are congruent with other swing states around the country, but that if Romney starts campaigning in PA, “we’re ready if they do.”

8 Responses

  1. Is Boehner a career politician. Was Reagan? Please the term is over used . Are only democrats career politicians. You should encourage people to vote with their minds and quit hoping they don’t have one.

  2. The fact that Rendell and Schwartz both denounce Romney should be enough to prompt any Independent to race to the polls and vote the Romney/Ryan ticket. Rendell and Schwartz both embody the definition of career politicians (snake oil salesmen) and both represent the types we must purge from office if we are to restore law and order in this country.

  3. The Valley Forge event was a huge success. The cadets were very respectful and even warm. There were cadets in line for the general audience as well, so, no I don’t think it is fair to state that they were unenthusiastic. Even with the short notice, they could have easily filled a place twice the size with the turnout.
    There are absolutely enough conservative and independent thinkers in PA who will win this State for PA. PA also has a sizable Catholic population, many of whom are quite insulted and alarmed by the President’s, and his HHS Secretary’s, lack of obedience towards the Constitution. Many are registered Democrat, and many have heard ArchBishop Chaput’s personal statement that he could never vote for a pro-choice or pro-abortion candidate.
    These are all factors, combined with the shutting of coal mines and high unemployment among the young, that will lead to victory.
    That’s good, because a Romney victory will benefit everyone, except those who live on government corruption.

  4. Why were the cadets required to stand there to be props in Romneys election campaign…reminds me of the coal workers in the other campaign stop.

  5. Presumably, you quoted Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, who apparently has the time to critique Mitt, but won’t debate her challenger.

    A bunch of us were @ her office yesterday @ Noon [Torresdale/Cottman] and noted that she–as per the press–has refused multiple invitations from neutral entities.

    She, therefore, refuses even to hold Town Hall events [with or without her competition] and, thus, to interact with her constituents…so sad.

  6. I was at both the Union League and Valley Forge. It is amazing the the Valley Forge event was put together with only 36 hours notice. Talking with all kinds of people in all kinds of places I think Pennsylvania could be a surprise. I do not think that the Democrats have anywhere near the voter registration effort that they did four years ago. Also I think you may see an electorate more similar to 2004 than 2008.

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