Sanders Supporters Preparing to Camp Out for the DNC

Sanders-021507-18335- 0004Bernie Sanders’ supporters are not going away quietly.

Dake Kang of the Associated Press is reporting that campgrounds around the city of Philadelphia are being bought out by Bernie’s backers. These people are set to protest at the Democratic National Convention later this month.

In Pilesgrove, New Jersey there are 200 campsites situated about thirty miles south of the city. They’ve all been booked for the week of the convention, July 25th to 28th.

“We are getting phone calls constantly,” Four Seasons owner Cheryl Robinson told Kang. “A lot of times they don’t want to let us know that they’re Bernie supporters. We ask if they’re coming for Occupy the DNC, and then they kind of giggle and embarrassedly say, ‘Yes, we are.’”

Occupy the DNC refers to a Facebook group that has over 30,000 members.

“Our goal is to show up in mass numbers to swing super delegates to Bernie,” the group’s leader writes in the group’s description. “This is a collaborative page with all of us working together toward ride and house shares, event planning etc. Please join to help our revolution.”

Bernie Sanders himself is still set to hold a rally in FDR Park the Sunday before the convention starts and while he has said he’ll vote for Clinton in November he has yet to drop out of the race.

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  1. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do as we try to undermine and eventually replace our #BrokenSystem with one that can represent us, Berners.
    I’ll be inside, but I will come out in #Solidarity every chance I get. I tell folks that that is where the cool kids will be. Even the 80 year old cool kids.


    ~ Steve Todd
    Democratic Delegate for Bernie Sanders, PA Congressional District 15
    Dauphin County Democratic Committee, Derry Twp, Precinct 12

  2. Says the guy who repeatedly said that Sestak would win…..keep up the good work Jerry….

  3. Barbara –

    Do you want Trump? Have you been taken in by 25 years of right-wing and FoxNews conspiracies about the Clintons (that have never amounted to anything)?

    Hillary will pick Supreme Court members who will protect women’s rights (abortion, healthcare, etc.), gay rights, civil rights, and recognize that assault weapons bans and reasonable regulations don’t infringe on the 2nd amendment.

    And, she’s not trying to undermine NATO or the European Union (which Putin has been workings towards weakening).

  4. Thanks for giving the Supreme Court to Donald Trump Barbara I really appreciative it. I mean really who needs voting rights anyway? Just a bunch of poor and old people. Environmental protections? I kind of like global warming, screw snow.

    You’ve been a big help keep it up.

  5. I want Bernie to run as an independent or with the green party so I can vote my conscience. I can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary.

  6. I know the Mayor wants people to stay in Philly, but really? why would anyone want to be there to camp out with Bernie?

  7. January 2016: superdelegates are unfair and exist solely to subvert the democratic will of the people!

    July 2016: well, I guess we can’t win by getting more votes, so let’s subvert the democratic will of the people using superdelegates!

  8. No. That would count as carbon emissions contributing to global warming.

  9. Camp out, because they are “left out” in the wilderness.

    With Warren on board supporting Clinton, no super-delegates are going to switch to Bernie. It’s more likely some Bernie super-delegates will come over to support Clinton.

    If these people had any real political brains, they’d be registering Democrats in their states to vote against Trump.

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