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Scott Walker Will Keynote Philly GOP Conference

Scott-WalkerScott Walker is coming to Philadelphia.

The Wisconsin Governor and probable 2016 presidential candidate will keynote the 2015 Northeast Republican Leadership Conference.

“Governor Scott Walker is one of the leading voices of conservative values in the Republican Party,” PA GOP Chair Rob Gleason said. “Governor Walker has a proven track record of putting Republican principles into practice in government. Scott Walker has always put the needs of the taxpayer ahead of the wishes of special interests, and I look forward to hearing him discuss his vision for the future of our Party and our country.”

“As the cradle of liberty, Philadelphia is the perfect location to discuss the future of America with citizens from across the country,” Governor Walker responded. “I’m excited to speak with my fellow Americans about the ways we can put our great nation on the right path.”

Walker won’t be the only GOP presidential hopeful there either.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina will also be speaking.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus and former George W. Bush Advisor Karl Rove will also be in attendance.

The event will be held from June 18th to June 20th at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel.

19 Responses

  1. “Governor Scott Walker is one of the leading voices of conservative values in the Republican Party,” should read “Governor Scott Walker is one of the lying voices of conservative values in the Republican Party,” and Scott Walker has always put the needs of the taxpayer ahead of the wishes of special interests, should read Scott Walker has always put the needs of the richest taxpayer ahead of the wishes of school children,
    (will limit the corrections to two)

  2. Scott Walker’s resume:

    Walker just lost 8 points in a Wisconsin poll since November. 58% disapprove of his policies and 41% approve, down from 49%. Wisconsin is 40th in jobs and just came out 50th in economic development. Walker couldn’t balance his check book. I just love how his handlers are promoting him with sound bites. Walker brags about breaking unions, but he never campaigned on it and the legislation was written and voted on in the middle of the night. He compares public employee teachers and nurses with ISIS and brags he fought 100,000 demonstrators. Fact is he never showed his face and slithered out of the capital via a tunnel to his awaiting car.
    Did anyone document his $2.2 billion deficit, his delaying paying off $108 million loan he took to balance his last budget, the $1.3 billion he is borrowing for the transportation funding, the $1.9 billion in tax breaks that broke the budget, hacking $127 million from our K-12 schools, expanding voucher schools that leave with taxpayer money in the middle of the night, pulling $250 million of funding from the UW system.
    Walker wants to give $250 million taxpayer dollars for billionaire NY hedge fund owners for their new NBA arena. With interest, it will cost $400 million. Based on a survey, 79% of Wisconsinites do not want it. Oh and don’t forget our $5 dollar property tax break this year and next. Since Walker took office the average taxpayer break is $12 a month.
    Then there are the two John Doe investigations. With Doe I one, 6 felony convictions of Walker’s top staff, 3 went to prison, stealing $60,00 from a disabled veterans fund, child enticement charges, campaign finance law violations, campaigning on taxpayer’s dime while at work, secret wifi in a closet a few feet from Walker’s office to bypass open records and coordinate activity.
    Doe 2 is a “criminal scheme” to coordinate campaigning with outside PAC organizations, involving Karl Rove. A $1.5 million donation by John Menard, who later got $1.8 million in tax credits and a $700,000 donation by a mining company that re-wrote environmental laws, all documented in e-mails. Walker just shut down his economic development corp he is the CEO of, millions $ of taxpayer money has disappeared with no accountability. Loans given to campaign donors with no over sight to failing companies, including those who outsource Wisconsin jobs. Since this last debacle came about a week ago, he is shutting down the loan program, which wrote off $7.6 million in loans. There has been a request for a federal investigation.
    Walker makes Joe McCarthy, the 1950’s Wisconsin senator look like a choir boy. He has trashed the state of Wisconsin and now wants to work his magic on the whole country.

  3. Hey Walker. Be sure to tell them how much you like to rip off tax payers. Google WI Economic Development Corporation and open your eyes to this charlatan.

  4. Cruz/Walker…oh please make that happen. Hillary wins by at least 60-40, probably more. Not to mention the laughs along the way.

  5. @ jjcnpa:

    Agree that Walker should probably be on the ticket, but I’d still want Cruz atop it…recalling that Walker flipped on Ethanol to curry-favor with Iowa.

  6. It is nice that you don’t have a talking point that resonates outside of your bullshit mother jones circle jerk

  7. It is nice that they are inviting the Koch Brother’s Employee of the Year to speak.

  8. Seeing Observer and Montco Dem, two staunch defenders of Kathleen “insert any metaphor for sinking ship/self destruction” Kane, come out so vehemently against Scott Walker makes me more confident than ever that he will win. I had doubts before but they have now dissipated.

    Also, Godwin’s Law, for crying out loud.

  9. Scott Walker has prevailed in a far bluer state than Pennsylvania by challenging the power of the government unions (backed by private business unions). I expect he will have a message that resonates. I have heard him present and he is does identify as an “everyday American” for real. It is not his narrative; it is his identity. “Untimidated” is a good description and the union tactics were viciously ugly. And yet, Scott Walker won four elections in four years and whethered not only physical threats but legal assaults by a highly policized Milwaukee District Attorney. Scott Walker is as formidable as he is unpretentious.

    Democrats seem unable to resist insults and that snarky condescening dismissal of dissident views. Of course, when insults are all you have, that is what you have to use. Facts and logic are not helpfu;snark does not inform.

  10. Cue the liberals and their obsessive, irrational hatred of the evil Koch brothers.

    Funny how it’s not corruption when the Democrats rake in millions from Hollywood, Soros, unions, trial lawyers, GE…

  11. This promises to be an exciting event, attended by the bulk of the GOP-POTUS candidates; such a “cattle-call” in the NE-USA region will send a message that the GOP is not going to depend upon acquiring Electoral College votes primarily from fly-over country.

    Indeed, now that the debate-structure has been announced [top-ten only, for FNC’s initial foray in August], the impetus to maximize polling-status [to avoid the cut-off] will be strong; I’m told the schedule will have been solidified within a fortnight, and the creation of break-out sessions [e.g., prioritizing use of data and social-media] will provide a magnet for both the politicos and the party-masses.

    Notwithstanding the predictable swipes @ the GOP on this site, know that the “talk” is that the final-ticket will draw upon the strengths of a governor [who has executive/statewide experience] and a senator [who has constitutional/(inter)national experience]; comments @ an event such as this will help sort-out the field within key-“brackets” [midwest governors, strict-constructionists, evangelicals, establishment-types].

  12. Whoa, the more-bucks-than-brains Kochs are paying for comments? Of course, it makes perfect sense…where do I sign up? I can write wingnut trash all day long. Of course, I may hide messages in mine — like this one:

    Korea only clarifies historical sense, since ultimately chosen Koreans are savagely slaughtered.

  13. Oh, boy, is HE going to hear some Democracy!! Not going to be able to arrest the singing grannies here like he did in Madison, the little Nazi! Who is footing the bill for the massive amounts of security that will be needed to keep him from being sh*t on? Better NOT be the Taxpayers!

    Hey Koons – what are the Kochs paying these days for non-sensical, fact-free comments? Is it still a buck a post, three for ones that get a response? Lololol… Enjoy your three bucks!

  14. Walker is so far above the Dems in the ISSUES and he had governed as a good solid pro-citizen guv in Wisc. He , Rubio, Cruz, Kasich have issues on their side and Pa. should look carefully at their successes. Instead of the blue state guvs, mayors, and city councils who have made those cities hell holes. And btw, they are all run by Dem libs. Enough. Give Walker a real look. I only wish the soviet republic of Ca. would!

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