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SD-46: A Candidate and an Actress


Camera Bartolotta announced last week that she was going to run against Sen. Tim Solobay (D-Washington), in her first attempt at public office.

Her announcement highlighted the fact that she had never run for office, but didn’t mention her brief career in film.

In fact, the Republican challenger has her own Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page, where her bio reads, “Camera Chatham Bartolotta is an actress and producer, known for The Fault in Our Stars(2014), Lucifer’s Unholy Desire (2012) and Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014).”

You can see her briefly in the trailer for Lucifer’s Unholy Desire here.

PoliticsPA asked her about her film work and how it relates to her race for the State Senate.

“I’ve been blessed with the ability to be able to translate a message on camera.  I’m not nearly as gifted as some, but it’s a talent I’ve been given,” Bartolotta said. “I’ve used that ability to help friends in our community – whether it was for producing a holiday shopping commercial for the Monongahela Chamber of Commerce, for no charge, or donating my time as a spokesperson in an infomercial for the United Way of Washington County, I have always been interested in using the talents that God gave me to help others, and to even help friends who are making their first movie.”

“But I’m not running because of my acting and production skills, I’m running because of my twenty-five years of small business experience, my commitment to my community and to our schools,” she continued “It is those skills I’ve developed over the years that we need more of in Harrisburg to protect taxpayers, grow our economy, and keep Pennsylvania moving forward.”

She is also a small business owner and former PTA vice president. In her campaign announcement, she highlighted the importance of what her campaign calls “local Western Pennsylvania values.”

Solobay’s 46th district represents all of Greene County, most of Washington and some of Beaver. He won the seat in 2010 by 6 points after a million dollar race for the open seat.

The seat is one of two targets that the Republicans have for this year, and it is a little bit of a reach. Romney won the district 54% to 46%, while Casey won 51% to 49%.

15 Responses

  1. Everyone knows Mom dispatched sonny boy to Washington County promising the incumbent a gov’s appointment to the turnpike commission for him to step aside so her gal pal can join her for slimey highjinks in harrisburg, giving the gov 2 western pa handmaidens in the senate. Mom’s closet full of scandals, ethical lapses & skeletons. This is going to be her undoing

  2. Sadly, Solobay has turned out to be nothing more than a self-serving, rubber stamp for liberal interests. Won’t it be nice to finally have an independent, self-made woman cast votes on behalf of her constituents that truly represent their interests and values. What a breath of fresh air for our district!

  3. Sadly, Solobay has turned out to be nothing more than a self-serving, rubber stamp politico for liberal interests. Won’t it be nice to finally have an independent, self-made woman cast votes that truly represent the interests of her constituents? What a breath of fresh air for our district!

  4. Solobay is corrupt and that will all soon come out. He’s a pay to play politician, please refer the bills he sponsors and the campaign donations he recieves, there is a very very obvious correlation. He was the puppeteer in this manuever on Canonsburg Council, and now he is playing in North Strabane township to try and control the board so he can make his friends rich so they turn around and give him campaign donations.

  5. This could be a classic Washington county politics move. There are serious democrat politicians here. Well funded, well connected lifers. Republicans seem content to toss any Long serving volunteer into the race as a sacrificial lamb for a season. It appears the leadership’s strategy of keeping down or ignoring good potential candidates, while giving friends a thrill of seeing yard signs bearing their names for an unsuccessful cycle, might continue. Maybe camera is not a typical WashCo candidate, yet to be seen. Perhaps getting this indie film stigma out of the way in January is a good strategy. We will see. Good luck.

    Any news in the Brandon Neumann race?

  6. Greetings Tim… I can call you Tim right? I appreciate your ruthless smear campaign tactics, you sir have spirit, although you are clearly not giving all your effort and thus I predict your eventual downfall. In the event you are forced to vacate the country, Latveria will gladly offer you asylum and a job, bring your own kneepads….

  7. This election is a referendum on Solobay’s effectiveness as a Senator. 2 years ago he sponsored a state-wide moratorium on property re-assesments that only applied to Washington County; it was ruled unconstitution 2 seconds later. Last year, he passed a small games of chance bill that was supposed to help non-profits and social halls; the only problem was that it ended up hurting them and it has since been repealed. At the end of the day, Solobay is an ineffective junior Senator of a minority party and clearly not the best choice in this race.

  8. Hey Solobay supporters, while you’re busy attacking a widow and women in general, have you ever heard of the name Amy Durbin – nurse in Canonsburg? Ask Timmy about his relationship with her and what tragically happened, she was the same girlfriend that rode on the Consol Energy Plane with him to Texas to the Superbowl.

  9. “It’s a talent I’ve been given” — Actress Camera Bartelotta, talented star of Lucifer’s Unholy Desires and Vampires vs Zombies.

  10. Sounds like the kind of candidate Ms. Foster can get behind when she recalls the percentage of PA’s female population vs. female representation in the General Assembly and especially when this candidate has the diverse experience of running a small automotive oil change business and being in the movies.

  11. Texas Timmy is a shale gas stooge. He’s also an opportunist and border line moron. If Bartolotta is smart she should expose Timmy’s womanizing. It’s the stuff of legend.

  12. D. Miller-
    Are you sure your last name isn’t Bag?

    Why are you giving Brittany a rough time?

    The piece was an announcement of a new candidate, who has an interesting background in low budget indie films made in PA.

    There are 25 state senate races, and over 200 state leg races. Don’t complain when one of them has an interesting angle.

  13. Obvious new editor Brittany working for team democrat, this lady announced 2 days ago and you’re already printing everything Solobay sends you. I look forward to reading your “fair” coverage as the race progresses. Lets wait and see how many negative articles they write about Timmy who owns a house compliment of the taxpayers and is the top per diem taker in the state. The guy is a total pig.

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