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Sen. Toomey Endorses GOP Congressional Candidate Keith Rothfus

By: Geoffrey Middleberg, Assistant Editor

Today, Sen. Pat Toomey endorsed Keith Rothfus who will face the winner of the Democratic primary between Rep. Altmire and Rep. Critz for the 12th congressional district.

Last week, Sen. Toomey said if the GOP primary battle had been between Maj. Leader Turzai and Keith Rothfus he would not have endorsed.

Sen. Toomey told the Tribune-Review: “Mike is a terrific guy (and) a very capable guy,” Toomey said yesterday while in Pittsburgh to tour Google’s East Liberty office. “I think Keith Rothfus is also a terrific guy and also a very capable guy, so it is likely that I will not be actively involved in the primary.”

Mike Turzai announced he would not run earlier this week, and now, Sen. Toomey has endorsed Rothfus.

Here is Sen. Toomey’s statement:

“I am proud to endorse Keith Rothfus for the 12th Congressional District. Keith is the type of conservative leader we need in Washington to get our economy moving again and create the jobs we need so badly in PA. Working together we can roll back excessive spending, taxes, and regulatory burdens that are crippling our economy. I look forward to having him as an ally in Congress.”

Keith Rothfus said: “I’m thrilled and humbled with Senator Toomey’s endorsement. I look forward to fighting for the same values and job-creating policies as Senator Toomey is in Washington.”

10 Responses

  1. I totally concur that the new 12th was done in a rather suspicious manner. The very fact that Rothfus doesn’t have to live in it but is willing to move his family to it underscores his commitment to winning this seat. I’m pretty sure he has several kids who go to school in the new 12th/old 4th; he’s got ties to that community.
    I hope the “establishment” stays out of it and lets We the People of the 12th decide. The PA GOP really blew it in the 2010 primary; Rothfus dominated Buchanan 2:1. This guy is serious.

  2. I’m from the old 12th or current 12th. I like it better. Having a district go from beaver co. To somerset is just a little too much. These types of things have the propensity to backfire (regardless of party).

  3. Steel,

    Good to hear. Just thought there may have been a little confusion since so many people have the mistaken belief that candidates have to live in their district to run. Glad to know that you know your stuff though. It was cut for Turzai or Christiana. However, they quickly came to the realization that Rothfus has a lot more grassroots support and financial-backing than they initially thought. The map certainly has an interesting shape to it to say the least. I’m not really sure all of the reasons for drawing it that way. I just know that they would have to do some serious convincing for me to believe that carving Rothfus’ small neighborhood out of the district was anything else than a pure political power move.

  4. Alan I get what you are saying. So, who was the district cut for? I think it’s awful. They really butchered the mon valley and allegheny river valley. This map lacks continuity in my opinion.

  5. Keith Rothfus appears to have the credentials of a Constitutional Limited Government Free Market candidate. I would think the Toomey Network Team will support Keith Rothfus against Republican State Establishment. Keith Rothfus is, most definitely, INDEPENDENT OF LEADERSHIP.

    The district is becoming Toomeyesque and a Limited Government Fiscal Common Sense Republican will have an excellent chance in November.

  6. Steel,

    First of all, he doesn’t have to live in the district to run. Secondly, his current house is 2 blocks outside of the district. That was not done by accident. Third, he has repeatedly stated that he will move into the new district this summer. That’s quite an investment on his part and his family’s when he technically does not have to do that. It’s also not the easiest thing to do in the current real estate climate.

  7. Rothfus has lived in the former District 4 for years; he has only just been redistricted with the new map a few weeks ago. He has already publicly stated that he would move the 2 blocks needed to reside in the new district so that he could run against Critz or Altmire.
    Rothfus ran a great campaign last time and the Dem candidate should be nervous. As the underdog Rothfus was within 2 percentage points of Altmire in 2010. He still has a huge volunteer base, lots of fundraising, and name recognition for the last 2 years. He’s obviously committed to winning this seat if he’s going to make the move.

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