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Shapiro Calls for Accountability from Frackers in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

Montgomery County Commissioner and Democratic candidate for Attorney General is going after oil and gas companies in his latest TV ad.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Fracking Accountability”, decries the influence the industry has in the commonwealth.

“In the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million on lobbying in Pennsylvania,” Shapiro states. “So it’s no surprise that although they’ve had over 4,000 violations, all they’ve gotten is just a slap on the wrist.”

“It’s time for that to change,” he continues. “I’ll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. I’ll be an Attorney General that always works for you.”

The commercial also highlights Shapiro’s endorsement from the Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania.

Shapiro is running against Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala and Northampton DA John Morganelli in the April 26th Democratic primary.

30 Responses

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  2. Steventodd, what recourse do property owners have in the Delaware River basin when political appointees from 3 other states say they no longer have rights to their land? You talk about moral bankruptcy? I guess that’s the pot calling the kettle black. Let’s start with intellectual bankruptcy.

  3. HaHaHa — Will I be seeing you tomorrow at Josh’s fundraiser at the Union League?

    Actually, stupid question. Fundraisers cost money.


  4. Josh posted a link to his TV ad on this, on his campaign’s FB page, along with the absolute statement:

    “As Attorney General, I’ll hold the fracking companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water — watch the video:”

    To which my fellow fracktivist friend, Berks Gas Truth’s Karen Feridun, and I asked the following (our comments were not coordinated). Josh liked both of those inquiries. He had not just arbitrarily liked all comments, which indicates he at least heard them. My answer follows, and I screen cap’d the dialogue, as I have found the hard way that campaign dialogue tends to accidentally disappear after campaigns.


    Steve Todd
    Will you investigate the Constitutionality of one arbitrary watershed (the Delaware) enjoying protection from this poisoning, while the rest of our equally sovereign citizens are sacrificed to fossil fuel exposure?
    April 9 at 2:27pm

    Karen Feridun
    I’d put it another way. Will you defend the rights of all Pennsylvanians to enjoy the same protections that those who live in the Delaware River Basin enjoy? It’s not their fault that they don’t live in an area overseen by a commission that can be pressured into making sensible decisions.
    April 9 at 3:05pm

    Steve Todd
    Thank you for liking both my and Karen Feridun’s comments, Josh Shapiro. I have been a long and vocal supporter of yours, but ask around. That also means I will hold your feet to the fire on what you promise or indicate. The protection of those wealthy and connected in the Delaware basin, while saying fracking is fine two feet over the watershed divide is morally bankrupt. You have NOT claimed this, but many high-ranking Dems do so, by their support of both situations. I’d like to see you ask that question, and give an opinion of commentary on that. Thanks, and best luck. You have my continuing support and my vote either way.

  5. Below is Jim J’s comment from the other article on the PA AG race.

    Perhaps Mr.Keel, John Dougherty, Marty Marks, or someone else from the Zappala campaign would like to respond? I have seen an article that corroborates Jim’s account about Zappala trying to bury the report critical of the cops. Here’s Jim’s earlier comment:

    “What Zappala did in the Leon Ford case is reprehensible. He helped the Police cover-up after they shot an innocent, unarmed kid in Pittsburgh. Ford – an unarmed 19YO – was shot after Police mistook him for someone else, cursed him, called him a liar, and told him they would “get his Black ass out of his car when [they] wanted his Black ass out of the car.” Despite the fact that Ford did nothing wrong (he had valid license, insurance and registration), Zappalla charged Ford. Ford had no record of criminal convictions and was laying in a hospital bed when Zappala charged him – paralyzed by the Police bullets that ripped through his spine. Zappala’s Office lost the case in Court when a jury exonerated Mr. Ford. Before the trial, Zappala and the D.A.’s Office tried to conceal an official Report that criticized the Police involved and questioned the credibility of the officer that shot Mr. Ford. The Judge had to threaten to toss the case and three times order the DA’s Office to release the Report before Zappala finally gave it to Mr. Ford’s attorneys. In short – Zappala charged a kid that should never have been charged and then tried to bury a Report that the kid needed to defend himself from the false charges. Zappala is worse than Rahm Emanuel in Chicago.”

    Zappala? What say you?

  6. DD –

    “Nobody Cares” = “Jessica Myers” = “Unsanctined R(etard)” = “buggy” = “SpongeRETARD” = Same Pathetic FOXtard troll

    Do not feed the troll. Just call him names.

  7. Nobody Cares Who You Support-

    Stephanie was a friend, not a client. I did go over her petitions and there were 1,000 valid ones. The judge made several errors, including looking up the wrong voter when two had the same name, and marking as struck names that he had allowed. She definitely could have used a better lawyer. Still, I stand by my statement there were 1,000 valid signatures.

    The well financed statewide candidates don’t blink at spending $50,000 for data that is months behind mine. It’s the old adage “no one ever got fired for going with IBM”, even if they had an inferior product. Most of the people that have tried both systems prefer mine (and quite a few don’t trust the HDCC and party not to steal their data and help their primary opponents).

    This year I have candidates for about 5 of the congressional races, a few state Senate, and over 20 house races. Some are longshots, and some are incumbents returning for a second or third time. I expect to knock out at least one well financed incumbent who is relying completely on VAN/VoteBuilder, and possibly a decades long entrenched GOP incumbent.

    How many candidates do you have?

  8. Josh and his supporters always get so testy when someone poses tough questions that they cannot answer. They are not used to that. Softballs only, please.

  9. jjcnpa – You were a loud and proud Rob McCord for Governor supporter in 2014 (and one who predicted his victory). How did that work out? McCord came in 3rd place, lost miserably and ruined his political career, resigned in disgrace as Treasurer and will be sentenced to prison after Mayor Pawlowski is indicted (which is coming soon) and tried for public corruption (that’s the way plea bargains work in high-profile cases). Josh, and everybody else, doesn’t care who you support for Attorney General, except maybe one person. And that one person probably should reconsider. On politics, keep your uninformed opinions to yourself. When you are in a hole, stop digging.

    David Diano – Just stop posting. At first, everybody who has seen you at Democratic State Committee thought you were a just a joke who is an annoying gadfly political groupie trying to sell a crappy product (one of many reasons why not one serious candidate for state or federal office, no serious statewide or congressional candidates, ever buys your terrible product). After every post you do more than just confirm that, you also look dumber. Stop speaking authoritatively about the law, you have never practiced law and don’t have a degree from even the lowliest unaccredited law school. You know nothing about election law, campaign finance law, or any aspect of the law. I remember when you were telling everybody how your client Stephanie Singer definitely would win the challenge to her inclusion on the ballot last year. Big surprise, she lost in Philly Common Pleas Court, Commonwealth Court on appeal, and in her attempt to appeal to Supreme Court. Bad facts, bad arguments, and a bad lawyer almost always lead to a bad result. That’s right, we remember that your most important candidate was a one-term Philly City Commissioner who couldn’t even get 1,000 valid signatures (in a city with hundreds of thousands of Democrats) to get on the ballot as an incumbent – you and your client who ran Philly elections did a great job with that, Diano. I have never seen anybody more wrong on everything than you. On politics, keep your uninformed opinions to yourself. When you are in a hole, stop digging.

  10. Jessica Myers-

    Kids for Cash?

    Do you mean Josh’s $50,000 in donations from charter school PAC?

  11. Fugghet about Obama! My boy, Little Stevie is da man. He gets it. He likes da Unions.

    I already gots Seth Williams in my pocket. Now I want the AG too.

    Vote Zappala.

  12. I am proud to have endorsed this man. He will make a fine Attorney General.

  13. jmarshak-

    By Josh’s standards, I guess I’m qualified too. And, I’ve never taken a dime from the charter schools.

  14. How is someone who has never tried a case in his life qualified to be Attorney General?

  15. DD: You are not suggesting “Pay to Play…?” My goodness, might Morganelli be on to something?

  16. why would josh of all people tell wolf to ‘quit fast tracking ?’ josh is the rendellian pick for AG. Rendell told his DEP secretary Mc Ginty to fastback dirty coal operator permits to beat the stricter EPA deadline. Mc Ginty, the loyal puppet, went along. then NPR discovered her fast tracking of campaign contributors like Bologna Coal Co., and did a huge expose on her — including copies of her emails to staff directing the fast – tracks. Pittsburgh City Paper did a followup of the devastating effect her fast track and permit grant to Bologna Coal has had on the people so unfortunate to live near dirty coal plants.

    Alas, Fast track for campaign contributors is the rule in PA. it certainly did a lot to get 7th choice mc Ginty Rendell’s’ support for PA US Senate. PA continues to be such a great pay-to-play state, and the big blue machine continues to try to tell us for whom we should be voting. (Of course, we can choose not to listen. . )

  17. DD / Jeff:

    How does someone who would have lost his Party’s endorsement but for 8 votes and/or Marcel Groen short circuiting the process keep getting endorsements?

  18. David/Not Ready

    How does someone who privatized the unionized county nursing home earn an endorsement and the support of organized labor?

  19. Not Ready

    How does someone who took $50,000 from charter school PAC get PSEA endorsement?

  20. How does someone who sold 220 acres of open space in his county earn an endorsement from the Conservation Voters of PA?

  21. I’m just a regular person in no way associated with the Shapiro Campaign. I’ve just stumbled onto this site in an effort to help learn about the candidates for Attorney General in Pennsylvania.

    Wow! What a great ad! This has decied me! Josh is the only one who cares about protecting me from dangerous frackers! Josh Shapiro certainly has my vote!

  • Who are you voting for in the PA Supreme Court race?

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    • Still undecided (2%)

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