Shapiro Lays Out Plan To “Move Pennsylvania Forward”

Josh Shapiro

Governor-elect Josh Shapiro spoke to a number of radio stations this morning in his first interviews since securing his victory on Tuesday.

In speaking with KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia, Shapiro laid out his plans for a new administration in Harrisburg.

He reiterated his campaign stump speech, noting that he wants to invest in schools, promote public safety and help grow the economy. “I will use my veto pen to stop bad things that come to my desk from the legislature,” he said, talking about reproductive and voting rights.

On the topic of a possible Pennsylvania constitutional amendment (SD 106) that would ban taxpayer-funded abortion in the Commonwealth, Shapiro said that he thinks it is dead.

“It looks like the Democrats will be in charge of the (state) House,” he said about his party’s 101-100 lead in the 203-seat chamber.” Shapiro noted that Republicans may pay a political price for moving the amendment forward, noting “the good people of Pennsylvania do not want politicians in Harrisburg to make those decisions. Republicans would be foolish to try to move forward even if they have the votes. If somehow they got a bill to my desk, I would veto it immediately.”

He wants to try to cut business taxes, especially for small businesses, get rid of nuisance taxes and offer people a gas tax rebate to help offset “the pain at the pump.” He said that he has a responsibility to address that work with the legislature to put together a relief package.

In regards to gun violence that is plaguing Philadelphia, the Commonwealth’s largest city, Shapiro said that he wants to put more resources into policing, including more dollars to hire more police officers. “People have a right to be safe, to feel safe,” he said. “We need real accountability in law enforcement in Philadelphia. It’s going to be a team effort.”

Shapiro said that he “will appoint a pro-democracy Secretary of State” in what will likely be his first major cabinet announcement, noting that it will be “someone that both Republicans and Democrats can have confidence in.” He wants to work to “expand voting rights opportunities, including same-day voting registration, and have citizens participate in our democracy. I think there are ways to improve that process. We need to demonstrate to Pennsylvanians that state government can work.

He was queried on whether Republican challenger Doug Mastriano had reached out to him post-election with a concession. “No. But honestly who cares? The people picked the winner, not him.”

Some national pundits are saying that the 49-year-old former Attorney General could be a potential presidential contender down the line. Shapiro put that to bed quickly.

“I’m focused on being governor. I just asked the good people of Pennsylvania for their trust. They gave me that trust.”

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  1. He will be one of the worse governors in our history. It’s up to the gop se ate and hopefully house to block his radical agenda. God help us his policies never become law.

  2. Voters are sick and tired of right wing nut cases spinning wacky theories about government and not wanting to cross the aisle and work with the other party. Gov Elect Shapiro won by an overwhelming mandate despite endless litigation on covid restrictions by Republicans and blaming Wolf for the sun not shining. All must go with Wolf appointments. Get some new ideas and faces to start a new administration. Gov Elect Shapiro did stellar and the public obviously rejected MAGA and wants government to work.

    1. All of that is correct except 2 things – there are good Republicans who are beat down by far right and they should be supported, Wolf is a nice guy but he focused on far left priorities and not Governing. And, lastly, Wolf did irreparable harm as a result of focusing on politics during Covid shutdowns. People should be pissed about that.

    2. Agree with you 100%. Glad to see a Dem speak up with regard to this news. Frightening how people admire the fascist Nazi demagogues like Mastriano.

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