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Shapiro Says Sims’ Ad Wrongly Implies Endorsement

“An ad by one of three people seeking the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor this year drew a complaint Friday and a sharply worded letter from the party’s presumed nominee for governor.

The dispute pits Attorney General Josh Shapiro against state Rep. Brian Sims over Sims’ ad that the Shapiro campaign says falsely implies Shapiro has endorsed Sims.

Shapiro took the unusual step earlier this year of endorsing and running with state Rep. Austin Davis of Allegheny County, even though in Pennsylvania candidates for governor and lieutenant governor are not paired on the primary ballot.

So when the Shapiro camp noticed “ENDORSED JOSH SHAPIRO,” along with a check-marked ribbon, appeared at the end of Sims’ new statewide ad, lawyers fired off a cease-and-desist order.”

>> Why Is It Important: “Because they run separately in the primary but as a ticket in the fall, governors and lieutenant governors can essentially end up in a forced relationship. Some have worked together productively but others have struggled.”

>> Point: “Not only does the ad mislead voters, it also places Attorney General Shapiro in a false light,” argued Courtney Weisman, a lawyer for Shapiro, in the letter sent Friday. She said Sims’ wording was designed to mislead Pennsylvanians.”

>> Counterpoint: “Rep. Sims was proud to endorse Shapiro then, and has continued to promote and endorse Shapiro for Governor while on the campaign trail,” the campaign statement said.”

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6 Responses

  1. Wait..

    Did it say: “Endorsed Josh Shapiro”? (Meaning Sims endorsed Shapiro.. which is completely legitimate)

    Or did it say “Endorsed BY Josh Shapiro” (misleadingly referring to past endorsements of Sims by Shapiro for other offices)

    At the State committee endorsement convention, Shapiro has taken the unprecedented step of putting up campaign signs with him and Austin.

  2. Josh: let it go. Unless Bill McSwain endorses you. Ha ha. Insider stuff. No one cares.

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