Simmons Out of Congressional Run

State Representative Justin Simmons is dropping out of the race for the 15th Congressional district.  

Sources have confirmed to PoliticsPA that Simmons will be exiting the race today.  

Simmons’ campaign Twitter account changed its handle from @SimmonsForPA15 to @SimmonsForPA.

This story will be updated as details come out.

Update: Simmons officially suspended his campaign this afternoon.

“It has become clear that running for, and possibly serving in, Congress are not conducive to the commitment I must keep to my family, especially my young daughter,” Simmons said in a press release.

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  1. Wow! You LV folks fight like those people in New Jersey. Wasn’t it Simmons who term-limited himself? A political hack is a political hack despite their personal misdeeds. If Justin Simmons can’t handle being under a microscope and being open to public scrutiny, then he needs to seek a private sector job!

    1. Someone is trying to impersonate Simmons wife. It’s a fake post. Just like all of the other fake posts by the Dent gang.

  2. Ryan Mackenzie has this race now. None of the other candidates have the name ID and ground game that he does in the Lehigh Valley. Only question is which Dem does he face?

    1. Marty is the one with the name idea, not Ryan! Rumor has it that there are possibly two more candidates from the Lehigh Valley getting into the race.

      1. Marty has the name recognition. He will get national press over his run for Congress. The headline will something like Olympian Gold medalist running for Congress. No one really knows Ryan.

        1. Marty’s whole campaign is based on the fact he can ride a bike. So can my 9 year old nephew. Doesn’t mean he has has the smarts or experience to be in Congress.

    2. He’s gotta get by Scott Uehlinger first, who has the Tea Party bona rides, CIA career, and increasing media profile to win the primary by a wide margin.

        1. Scott is a terrible candidate. He spoke at the Berks County GOP dinner a few weeks ago and was awful. The guy is like a CIA agent from Get Smart.

          1. Marty is a wonderful speaker. Just view his website. On the other hand Mackenzie’s video is horrible. He looks like such an amateur! Marty all the way!

        2. Agreed. I think Scott should also utilize the skills he acquired working for the CIA to investigate into Dent/Mackenzie staffers doing campaign work on taxpayers’ dime.

  3. This guy is almost as embarrassing to the LV as Turzai is to Allegheny. Is he actually going to run for the State House again?

    1. Right! Did notice that the people of Allentown re-elected fed-ed? For god sakes these people are the embarrassment. They re-elected someone with 54 charges against them.

        1. Ryan’s constituent services are below par and he’s a lackluster representative. Marty is a terrific guy and will be an awesome congressman. All the buzz around the valley is about him.

          1. Sir/Madam – you have no idea what you are talking about. Rep. Mackenzie’s office provides excellent service.

  4. Shorter Simmons: “I had no idea that running for Congress would be hard, or that anyone was going to look at my voting history.”

  5. Well, well, well. Simmions you little troll, thank god you didn’t waste anymore of General Lee’s money. What was it that made you drop out is my inquiry..the cheating, the absence from State House votes, the fake Trump texts that Dent leaked, the fact that MacKenzie is ripping you to shreds, the fact that Pries entered the race yesterday and is already polling better than you?

    Whatever it was, I’m glad. Now here is the question, do you quiver back to the 131st and run again even though you’re already over your self imposed term limits? Or do since your handle is now for “PA” are you disillusioned that you could actually win some kind of Statewide office?

  6. Don’t worry Justin. Uncle Luke is still out there. You really think no one took your picture all those times you were out whoring it up in Harrisburg?

    How long til your ghost voting comes out… You know like that vote you cast while somehow in Jamaica. You’re worse than Schlossberg. Was that trip to clear you conscience of diddling around behind your wife’s back?

    Go ahead and drop out of the 131 race too. It is only going to get worse for you from here. Uncle Luke promises you that…

    1. Defamation of character is the oldest political game. If, you want to look at character that is really immoral. All you have to do is look at Dent, his staffers, Mackenzie and Mackenzie’s father.

      1. Insert eye roll. Seriously, Trump supporter, please stop defending Justin. It is over. Just stop. And pointing the finger at everyone else is embarrassing. None of those people made Justin miss 500 votes.

        1. So, the people of Allentown re-elects a mayor that is into a pay for play scheme and you have the nerve to criticize someone else. You are a special kind of stupid.

          1. There is avoiding the fact that Justin Simmons missed about 500 votes in Harrisburg. He also lied to his supporters that he missed votes, according to his Facebook page.

            Simmons does not want to be in Harrisburg, representing his constituents.

            Andy Lee will represent the voters in 131 and will actually vote on bills, unlike Simmons.

  7. Simmons couldn’t raise any money once his voting absences became public. He didn’t have anything to do with Dent’s retirement. Dent made that decision long before Simmons announced.

    Now Simmons is running for the 131 again, after just getting caught not doing his job. That takes real guts! I hope Simmons is soundly defeated next fall, and has to look for his first real job.

    1. I find it odd that you say Simmons needs to find his first real job. If you want to be fair neither Dent or Mackenzie have ever had real jobs. They have always lived off taxpayer money. On the other hand Marty has had jobs in the private sector! Vote Marty!!!!

      1. Go for Gold – Marty’s primary job is at a non profit, begging for money from other people to pay his salary. Go for Gold, sounds more like he’s a Gold Digger!!!

  8. Good riddance, hard to believe that voting record was not revealed sooner. So much for working for the public good, feeding at the public trough more like it.

    1. It’s just amazing that Dent staffers are on this site trolling away. Should be you looking for a job?

          1. LOL, believe what you want DJT supporter, but I am not a Dent voter, volunteer or employee; but someone who believes in public employee accountability. Simmons should be leading by example; obviously not.

  9. Not sure how you call him a loser when he chased Dent out of race. That small victory was probably his downfall though since it brought in more candidates.

    1. Simmons IS a loser, and a lazy, deceptive loser at that. Simmons didn’t chase Dent out of running. Dent’s internal polling among district Republicans did. District Rs like him well enough personally, but they don’t like how he votes. They don’t trust him to vote with Republicans in the House.

      1. max2sam – no one else had the stuff to stand up and take on Dent, so to me that gets Simmons credit. Maybe Dent stepped down, maybe he didn’t. If the polls told him he had to once challenged, that still meant someone needed to challenge. No one other than Simmons was brave enough to do it. I guess that sometimes in politics being the first doesn’t always mean being the winner.

        1. Simmons knew Charlie was getting out. Every savvy political obs ever in the LV knew that. So, it took no real courage to run against him. It was just plain stupid. People like you were chirping in his ear and he listened. Look where it got him. He is going to have a tough time even keeping his seat.

          1. But only Mackenzie had official advance notice. It’s simply no coincidence that he announced his candidacy almost immediately —
            the morning after the afternoon Charlie announced he wasn’t running, with a Harrisburg campaign shop’s flack as his “contact.” I’ll wager Mackenzie spent months making his preparations. There’s no way he would have run in a primary against his daddy’s old buddy, Charlie.

          2. Dent staffers are typing away on this site again. Someone, needs to investigate Dent’s staffer, as they are wasting the taxpayers time and money.

        2. Justin was the only one to have the fortitude to stand up to Dent. Everyone else that entered the race were just opportunists.

    1. Dent staffers are wasting taxpayers money. Shouldn’t they be working? Instead, they are trolling away on this sit.

      1. I am sure that it will be lies. That’s Dent and his unscrupulous staffers for you. They don’t work for the tax payers. They are into trolling away on the computer.

        1. Y’know, Justin, if you weren’t so busy posting “anonymously” on comments boards, perhaps you wouldn’t have missed so many votes in Harrisburg.


          2. Tough day for Team Simmons. Hobgoblins accusing every single post of being a Dent staff member. Now resorting to caps lock because screaming at the comments section of this article is about as effective as Justin’s campaign.

        2. What is with the Simmons fixation? The race has changed and only Marty knows how to win this one!

          1. You’re missing the point. Justin brought this attention on himself, and now is running from it. Its mildly entertaining to watch such an insufferable and loser politician think he’s better than everyone else.

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