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Sims Announces Bid for Lieutenant Governor

The 2022 race for Lieutenant Governor has begun. 

On Monday morning, state Rep. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) released a video announcing his candidacy for Lt. Governor

“I think everyday about the values that my Army officer parents instilled in me,” Sims says in the video announcement. “To take responsibility, to show empathy, to have courage, and to be authentic.” 

“I want to put those values to the direct service of the Commonwealth,” he continues. 

Sims was first elected to the state House in 2012 by defeating longtime incumbent Rep. Babette Josephs in the Democratic primary for the 182nd House District. He fended off primary challenges during the two most recent presidential elections. In 2016, he secured the Democratic Party nomination by garnering 40% of the vote in a four candidate primary. In 2020, he defeated Marisa Shaaban by 16 points in the Democratic primary. 

“My time in the Pennsylvania legislature has taught me a lot about not only how Pennsylvania government works, but a lot about how it doesn’t,” Sims continues in the video announcement. “It’s taught me a lot about how to work with people who don’t always agree with me.”

“I think it’s time for me to take what I’ve learned in the House and to be able to bring that leadership to the direct service of the Governor,” Sims said. “I want to be your next Lieutenant Governor.” 

“We need adults in the room and I want to bring bold, visionary leadership based on lived experiences and shared values to the Commonwealth,” he continued. 

Sims was the first openly gay person elected as state rep in Pennsylvania. He has a reputation of being a progressive lawmaker and backed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential candidacy during the 2020 Democratic primary. He received backlash from local and national Republicans in 2019 after he posted a video on social media of himself berating a handful of protesters at a Planned Parenthood in his district, accusing them of shaming people who are going into the facility.

Sims currently serves on the following committees in the state House: Game & Fisheries, Human Services, State Government, and Tourism & Recreational Development.

10 Responses

  1. He seems confused that “Lt.” Governor is not a military post, thus his Army parents mean nothing.

  2. He verbally and publicly assaulted a young teen girl who was praying the Rosary. This guy has no discipline, no discretion, no character and no sense of decency. A hyper-partisan that in no way represents the values of Pennsylvania families. That he uses his parents noble service to our nation as a marketing tool for his campaign is pathetic. His actions and words speak for themselves- he deserves censure, not a promotion.

    1. Right, and then tried to boast about it on social media thinking he’s be a hero. He’s an opportunistic poseur who’s never accomplished anything beyond virtue signaling. What do his parents in the military have to do with anything. Sad.

  3. He won by 40% and by 16% in previous races. Most politicians would dream of these numbers. He should come out of Philly pretty well in the Lt Gov race.

    1. Wrong Ned. In 2016 he got 40% of the vote in a crowded primary, meaning 60% of voters in his district wanted somebody else. And sims winning by 16% in the primary this year, against an unknown candidate, was not impressive.

      Sims is on thin ice in his district and he knows it. People have gotten to know him, he’s a bully with zero accomplishments as state rep.

      I’m guessing this time next year he will have long ago dropped out of this. I’m also guessing he’s hoping the Democratic Party will, in time, offer him a job somewhere else, outside of elected politics, to go away. Josh Shapiro is the heavy favorite for the gubernatorial nom next year, he’ll want someone from western pa to balance the ticket as lt. gov. Josh, from Montco, and the party along with him, wont like the prospect of josh running with an abrasive show off atheist with documented poor judgment from right next door in Philly. That would be the perfect way to give he gop the governorship.

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