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Stack Becomes First Statewide Candidate to File Petition Signatures

Sen. Stack
Sen. Stack

According to Senator Mike Stack’s (D-Philadelphia) campaign manager Marty Marks, the Stack campaign filed 4,000 signatures today to get him on the ballot in the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor.

He is the first statewide candidate to file his petitions this year, and they’re not due until next week.

“We decided we wanted to file early to reflect the hard work we’re doing and to demonstrate that mike stack brings a significant organization to the ticket,” Marks told PoliticsPA. “We believe that we can help the ticket most in November and our early filing here helps demonstrate that.”

Lieutenant Governor candidates are required to amass a minimum of 1,000 signatures from registered Democratic voters, with at least 100 from 5 different counties.

Stack’s first round of filing included 4,000 total signatures, representing more than 100 from 7 different counties. His campaign expects to file an additional 4,000 early next week with representation from six to seven more counties.

Other Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor include Harrisburg city advisor Brenda Alton, former Congressman Mark Critz, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith, State Rep. Brandon Neuman, Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski and former PSU assistant football coach Jay Paterno.

11 Responses

  1. truth-
    I said “In at least one western county, he’s paying some select committee people”

    I know this because a friend of mine is one of those people and working with a few others. My friend’s view is that he’s helping a few committee people or some college kids feel appreciated in an underfunded district. They don’t have the walking-around-money that Philly ward leaders and candidates pass around.

    So, “truth”, don’t begrudge Stack helping some people working to collect signature and showing a little appreciation for their efforts.

    However, the reason I brought up the whole topic was that Stack doesn’t need to use tax payer funded staffers, as a buck-a-signature is an inexpensive way to augment the existing free volunteers he already has and get help in remote counties.

    Midge Jones-
    You go right ahead and cast a vote for Corbett for Lt. Gov.

  2. Unfortunately, many who post on this website have nothing better to offer than calling names and making baseless accusations about the candidates they do not support (or those who are running against their preferred candidates–for Lt. Gov., Gov., etc.). It would be much better if those folks kept their opinions to themselves, as they influence nobody and only reflect poorly on them.

  3. Stack got some name recognition running for
    Guv in the rest of state. He has a lot of knowledge from his senate position of state government. Plus he’s got a strong résumé with his military service. There are a lot of veterans across Pennsylvania and I think he’s the most complete candidate.

    The others have impressed me as well in their own way.

  4. i also volunteered in allegheny county for senator stack on my own time last time i checked his office is in philly and david your smarter than that to say he payed a 1 a signature i helped the senator cause i think he is the most qualified.

  5. Hey unionpride:
    I don’t work in Senator Stack’s district office. I volunteered my time to circulate his petitions in a Central Pa county, where I reside. Don’t make spurious charges about illegal acts unless you have FACTS.

  6. unionpride-

    Um.. no.

    In at least one western county, he’s paying some select committee people $1 per signature they get.

    Considering how much cash on hand he has, this is a drop in the bucket, since it’s only going to help in a few remote counties where he wants to clear 100 signatures.

  7. Slimeball Stack had his tax payer funded district office personnel out gathering signatures and bringing petitions to the office.

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