State House to Hold Weekend Session, Move Budget Bills

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The state House is calling its members back to Harrisburg for a weekend session to begin moving budget related bills.  

Currently, there is no final agreement between the state Senate and House leaders about how to close the $800 million gap that needs to be filled.  

Steve Miskin, the House Republican spokesman, said that the House will start moving some budget related bills and see if they can make a final deal with Senate leaders.  

“Everybody’s got to figure out how to finish this off. One way or the other, we got to find the right puzzle to put it together,” state House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) told the Patriot News.  

The state Senate is not scheduled to return for session days until Monday.

7 Responses

  1. Cut size of legislature and also legislator salaries. Set them at median pay for PA residents. No more, no less.

  2. Tax the rich – 4 houses, 3 Marsadies Bendzes and a yacht are enough for them. Trickle down doesn’t work – just admit it already you bozos

  3. What is a VGT? Is that the name of a sexually transmitted disease. I hope that the state of Pennsylvania doesn’t mess around with dirty lobbyists and get VGTs

  4. Let’s take the advice of PoliticsPA readers and do video gaming AND a severance tax. Something for Republican leadership and something for Democratic leadership. And maybe we will have enough money to pay for our schools and still drive down property taxes!

  5. VGTs make sense to deliver to all areas and allow all of PA to get a slice of the revenue. The idea of satellite casinos again only address smaller markets and areas like Gettysburg have already rejected casinos twice. But it’s a sad day that the Rs in House & Senate cannot come together for a Revenue plan.

  6. Who the ?&@! Just suggested raising the casino tax! The godfather and his little runt each get paid 17k a month to lobby the supreme court and they got the tax lowered 10 years ago. Now some &$?!-&@$(?@ wants to raise the tax back up! We can’t send them anew because the court is cleaned up now, a bit anyway…and the godfather is feeble and his runt is inept. These legislators better stay bought…or else.

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