State Senate and House Open Seats Thread

2018 has seen large numbers of retirements and candidates seeking higher office in both the state Senate and House, so we are compiling them all into one thread that will be updated as new retirements are announced.

For each open seat we name who currently holds the seat, what counties they represent, how long they have served, and the district level results from the district.  We got the results from Daily Kos.

If we missed any, please email us at

State Senate

SD-10: Charles McIlhinney (R-Bucks), served 12 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 45.93% Clinton: 50.08%

SD-12: Stewart Greenleaf (R-Bucks/Montco), served 40 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 45.40% Clinton: 50.79%

SD-28: Scott Wagner (R-York), served 5 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 60.54% Clinton: 35.15%

SD-30: John Eichelberger (R-Blair, Cumberland/Franklin/Fulton/Huntingdon), served 12 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 74.09% Clinton: 22.64%

State House

HD-2: Flo Fabrizio (D-Erie), served 16 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 40.91% Clinton: 54.43%

HD-15: Jim Christiana (R-Beaver/Washington), served 10 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 65.48% Clinton: 31.00%

HD-25: Joe Markosek (D-Allegheny), served 36 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 46.87% Clinton: 50.07%

HD-39: Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny/Washington), served 8 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 60.37% Clinton: 36.49%

HD-40: John Maher (R-Allegheny/Washington), served 22 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 55.57% Clinton: 41.12%

HD-44: Mark Mustio (R-Allegheny), served 18 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 53.29% Clinton: 43.16%

HD-53: Bob Godshall (R-Montgomery), served 36 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 46.74% Clinton: 48.69%

HD-54: Eli Evankovich (R-Allegheny/Westmoreland), served 8 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 61.80% Clinton: 34.91%

HD-62: Dave Reed (R-Indiana), served 16 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 61.69% Clinton: 34.47%

HD-68: Matt Baker (R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter), served 26 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 74.62% Clinton: 20.98%

HD-74: Harry Lewis Jr. (R-Chester), served 4 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 35.55% Clinton: 60.37%

HD-76: Mike Hanna (D-Centre/Clinton), served 21 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 67.03% Clinton: 29.08%

HD-79: John McGinnis (R-Blair), served 6 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 65.55% Clinton: 30.70%

HD-80: Judy Ward (R-Blair), served 4 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 76.10% Clinton: 20.96%

HD-82: Adam Harris (R-Franklin/Juniata/Mifflin), served 16 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 77.01% Clinton: 19.62%

HD-93: Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York), served 4 years. 2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 64.67% Clinton: 31.05%

HD-105: Ron Marsico (R-Cumberland), served 30 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 51.91% Clinton: 44.00%

HD-112: Kevin Haggerty (D-Lackawanna), served 4 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 41.46% Clinton: 55.53%

HD-144: Kathy Watson (R-Bucks), served 18 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 50.70% Clinton: 45.34%

HD-177: John Taylor (R-Philadelphia), served 34 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 39.92% Clinton: 56.98%

HD-178: Scott Petri (R-Bucks), served 14 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 50.00% Clinton: 46.82%

HD-193: Will Tallman (R-Adams/Cumberland), served 10 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 68.67% Clinton: 27.49%

HD-199: Steve Bloom (R-Cumberland), served 8 years.  2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 58.63% Clinton: 37.16%

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46 thoughts on “State Senate and House Open Seats Thread”

  1. Neutral observer says:

    Wouldn’t it make our state legislature more effective to just not fill all these positions?

  2. Truth to power says:

    PoliticsPA is slow on their reporting. Ryan Mackenzie is running for both his State House seat and Congress! He’s been circulating petitions to get on the ballot for District 134!

  3. You are Justin Simmons says:

    Don’t forget Michael Hanna. His son is running now.

    1. Ray Allen says:

      Horace “Buck” Hanna was my favorite teacher at LHHS. Many others agreed.

  4. Isaac L. says:

    John Maher brought an intellectual rigor and sensibility to his caucus. He was genuinely interested in good government and governance, and he – like other thoughtful moderates such as Chris Ross – will be sorely missed, though I can appreciate why he might want to get out now. Best of luck!

  5. Beaver Politics says:

    Is jim christiana running for his house seat? I’m hearing he is considering it after his poor senate fundraising and with the state committee and trump endorsing barletta.

  6. Scoop says:

    Has Marguerite Quinn retired from her House seat since she’s running for Chuck McIlhinney’s seat?

    1. David Diano says:

      One of my FB friends posted that she was not running for the 143rd



    1. Other Chris says:

      Hmm. That’s cool, I guess.

    2. Isaac L. says:


      1. Luke says:


  8. BP says:

    Who will take Flo Fabrizio’s seat? Seeing former Erie Mayor Rick Filippi make a comeback would be interesting.

    1. JJ says:

      Current Erie City Councilman Bob Merski as well as former Erie City Councilman Jay Breneman have been reported to be entering the race.

      1. Thinking Pennsylvanian says:

        I’m sorry, but the 2nd has always been held by an Italian-American since at least the mid-60’s. Fabrizio, Capabianca, Bellomini The former mayor automatically has the edge.

  9. Timmy T says:

    Are you going to put Neuman (48) up here or what????

  10. MontcoWatch says:

    Looks like Stew Greenleaf’s plan to hand off his senate seat to his son has hit a big roadblock as both the Montco and Bucks GOP endorsed Todd Stephens, by very big margins I might add. The Greenleafs are as charismatic as drying paint, and Mr. Stephens has demonstrated that he’s a very capable legislator. If Greenleaf Junior were smart he would bow out.

  11. Charles Pont says:

    I also remember the 2016 Clinton Wave that all of the pundits were talking about after the DNC in Philly when the Democrats were going to get 353 electoral votes, retake the US Senate, make large gains in the US House with 1980 Ronald Reaganlike coat tail effects in many state legislative races across the country. We saw that did not happen. If the Democrats nominate more moderate candidates around the country they could do very well. If they nominate a bunch of super lefty Liz Warren types the party is in for a big disappointment again. 10 months is a long time in politics.

    1. David Diano says:

      The Pundits didn’t take into account Russian interference nor Comey f*cking things up with making a non-issue look like it was something before saying “Oops. Never mind.”

      Hillary still got 3 million more votes than Trump, so he had more support, though it didn’t get translated into the electoral college.

      However, 2017 demonstrated REAL and measurable increases in both Dem turnout and candidate performance with more R’s and moderates voting Dem.

      With all the new candidates running for seats that were previously unchallenged, and more Dem volunteering and engaged, there is a clear case for expecting a Blue Wave in 2018. No guarantee it will be a tsunami, but it’s going to be significant.

      1. Surely you Jest says:

        You are Dreaming ! The Democrats are going to be wiped out across the Country . The Democrats Vote against everything that will help the little guy . Put that in your pipe and smoke it David .

  12. Luke says:

    There is no Democratic wave coming. You’re crazy to think a Democratic wave is coming. They may gain seats, but Republicans will as well.

    1. Thinking Pennsylvanian says:

      Whether Democrats or Republicans gain seats is a political question and we will get a political answer in November. A mathematical question,can both Democrats AND Republicans gain seats can be answered today. No, both can not gain seats.

    2. Phil Hughes says:

      Sounds like the R’s are running scared. There’s a reason for so many Republican defections. It’s called the Trump Factor.

  13. Militant Republican Moderate says:

    You missed Greg Vitali(166th) running for the 7th Congressional District. When his wacky voting record and his 27 years of not accomplishing anything come out he will be toast.

    1. Whats up with that ? says:

      is he running for his House seat at the same time ?

    2. Jack says:

      Vitali decided to not run for Congress and run for re-election instead from what I heard.

      1. vince phillips says:

        I can’t say re Greg Vitali’s ultimate political plans but I think he is often characterized as wacky or not accomplishing anything. I’ve known him ever since he came to Harrisburg and whether you agree with him or not, he is sincere and has personal integrity enough to ask pointed questions. He is also a visionary who looks ahead. I remember a few years ago he asked me what the impact of climate change would be on insurance given fiercer weather and rising sea levels. It was a sincere inquiry from someone who tries to do his homework. That anecdote was from about ten years ago when no one was thinking about climate change and insurance. So, criticise Greg Vitali on issues but respect the guy. That’s all anyone should ask.

    3. Scott Alberts says:

      Greg Vitali is running for reelection to the 166th, and NOT for Congress.

      He has no primary opposition, and we are confident he will be re-elected with his usual strong support from Democratic, Republican, and other voters. No Republican candidate has received more than 42% of the vote against Greg since 1994, despite it being a predominantly Republican-registration district from 1992 to 2014, and despite the Republicans routinely spending three times as much as Greg does on these campaigns.

      So, I’d hazard a guess that most people are satisfied with his “wacky” voting record.

  14. D says:

    This got bumped to the top again. Could you by any chance chance give a date of when incumbents announce they’re retiring?

  15. PA23rdresident says:

    I heard Gene Yaw is retiring too, has anyone else heard that?

  16. Notreadyforprimetime says:

    Marsico is from dauphin county, lower Paxton Where andrew lewis lives.

    1. Marilyn says:

      Lewis is burning bridges after throwing the Dauphin County Chairman and Council of Republican Women under the bus for his own personal gain and news coverage. Not smart, which leads me to not vote for him for anything.

  17. John says:

    It’s coming BABY hold on.

  18. Lowell Sprit says:

    Judy Ward is so HOT!!!

  19. centPAdem says:

    I think some of the Republicans, for example McGinnis in Blair County, is actually living up to their promise that they would only serve 3 terms. These are areas that Trump won ‘uge / bigly and I’m sure the Republicans will hold these seats. One the fact that John G says Wagner isn’t running for his seat either – WIN for all of PA when he loses for Governor and isn’t in Harrisburg at all.

  20. Patricia Gambol says:

    Anyone running for these vacant seats has a great opportunity to change how Harrisburg runs. Run on a platform that you will return your “bloated” salary to pay down the pension bubble.

    Then go to Harrisburg and work to adopt New Hampshire legislative model. New Hampshire law-makers earn 100.00 a year. Our lawmakers make around $90,000.00.

    1. PhillyPolitico says:

      There are also something like 450 state legislators in New Hampshire.

      1. Patricia Gambol says:

        Yes. We need our representatives to close to us and represent our needs. We need Patriot citizens. Hey

        1. Patricia Gambol says:

          No normal people people will finally be able to run. They will keep their full time jobs and vote from home. Texas pays their lawmakers 7,000!a year. New Mexico pays 0.

    2. The 1% says:

      Thank you so much, that’s an awesome idea. Then, those lousy average peasants won’t be able to run for the job and all my 1% rich friends will control everything. Best idea in years…. can we anoint a really rich king as well?

  21. JC says:

    You forgot Neuman 48th HD.

  22. John G. says:

    Scott Wagner is not running for his Senate seat.

  23. John says:

    I see only one Democrat and the rest Republicans they know the WAVE is coming and getting out.

    1. Luke says:

      Your crazy to think their is a wave coming.

      1. DCF says:

        There not their

        1. The_New_Liberal_Lion says:

          Also you’re not your. Lol.

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