Superior Court Affirms Kane’s Conviction

The state Superior Court affirmed former Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s conviction on perjury and leaking grand jury information charges.

The Court’s decision puts Kane closer to having to serve the 10-23 month sentence for her conviction.  The judge ruled she did not have to start serving her sentence until after her state appeals were done.  

According to the Inquirer Kane is entitled to an automatic appeal to a three judge panel of Superior Court judges.  

The panel ruled unanimously against Kane, going through all of her objections to the conviction, including that the special prosecutor who built the case against her lacked the legal authority to do so.

Kane also argued that she should have been able to bring up the pornography scandal in the Attorney General’s office.

From the Inquirer:

Kane was accused of leaking grand jury material in a vendetta against former prosecutors in her office. In a complex argument, she said she wanted to tell jurors that she was aware that those prosecutors had received pornographic emails on the job but that she had not used that knowledge against them. This restraint, she said, showed she had not been engaging in a vendetta. But Demchick said mentioning porn would have pointlessly and unfairly inflamed the jury.

The Superior Court panel consisted of a Democrat, Anne E. Lazarus, who wrote the opinion, and two Republicans, William Platt and Paula F. Ott.

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6 thoughts on “Superior Court Affirms Kane’s Conviction”

  1. Smokescreens Can't Last Forever says:

    Ms. Kane needs to realize the game is over. She made a conscious decision to break the law by leaking grand jury information. And, then committing perjury.

    Ms. Kane never thought she would get caught. But, she did. And, her repeated attempts to change the story away from her own crimes….well, it didn’t work.

    Too bad for Ms. Kane that Hillary didn’t get elected. Because if it were a Clinton White House now, Ms. Kane would be pleading for a pardon.

  2. same old same old says:


  3. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

    Omg no way, a Democrat broke the law..imagine that..

    1. David Diano says:

      Only Dem breaking the law here was the DA putting on this bullsh*t case in the first place. Selective prosecution and abuse of office.

  4. Johnny Drama says:

    Will they also be confirming Cole Goodman’s abuse of power while on the Sesquhanna school board?

    1. Concerned Central PA Dem says:

      What did Cole Goodman do?

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