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The PoliticsPA Guide to the 2022 Primary

We are now inside two weeks until the 2022 Pennsylvania primary when the Republican and Democratic parties will select their candidates for the U.S. Senate, Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

In the next week, we will compile our look at the key races throughout the Commonwealth and what to watch for on May 17.

Today, it is our voters’ guide to the primary election.


When Is Election Day?

  • Tuesday, May 17, 2022


How Long Are The Polls Open?

  • 7 AM to 8 PM. As long as you are in line at 8 PM, you are permitted to cast your vote.


Am I Registered to Vote?


Can I Still Register to Vote?

  • No. The deadline to register expired on May 2.
  • You may register to vote for the November general election (November 8) beginning on May 18.


Can I Still Request a Vote-By-Mail Ballot?


I Received My Vote-By-Mail Ballot. Now What Do I Do?

  • Fill out your ballot. You do not need to vote for every race on the ballot.
  • Place the ballot in the secrecy envelope. Failure to do so could invalidate your vote.
  • Sign and date the return envelope and mail to the local elections office. You may also personally deliver your ballot to the elections office no later than 8 PM on Tuesday, May 17.
  • You may NOT return someone else’ ballot without the proper form.


I Requested a VBM Ballot But Changed My Mind and Want to Vote at the Poll.

  • If you already submitted your VBM ballot, you are not permitted to vote at your polling place.
  • If you did not return your VBM ballot, please take your complete envelope to your polling place. You will be able to fill out a form to be able to vote in person.


Where Do I Vote in Person?


I Heard Something About Redistricting. Did That Affect My Area?

  • Possibly. Redistricting changes the congressional district boundaries in Pennsylvania, based on the 2020 census, for the next 10 years.
  • Your polling place has not changed, unless your county changed your polling place for reasons unrelated to redistricting. 
  • The boundaries of your congressional district will change. To find your district, view the map above or read the verbal descriptions.
  • Voters who are unsure of their district, or if they live in a split municipality or ward, should call their county election office to check their new district by residential address.


Anything Interesting to Vote For?

  • Absolutely. Governor, Lieutenant Governor, U.S. Senator and Representatives to U.S. House of Representatives. Each party – Republican and Democrat – will be selecting their candidate for the general election in November.
  • Ballots will differ based on locale, as some voters may be selecting races such as city council. You can also find sample ballots on your county election office’s website.


What If I’m Not Registered as a Republican or Democrat? Can I Vote in the Primary?

  • No. Pennsylvania has a closed primary system which means that only members of those parties are permitted to vote for their nominees.
  • This is different from general elections where all registered citizens are permitted to vote.


How Many Voters Are Affected by the Closed Primary System?

  • There are 7.4 million registered Democrats and 3.4 million registered Republicans voters in the Keystone State.
  • There are 1.28 million registered voters who are not affiliated with either major party.


Are You Sure the Voting Machines Are Good?

  • As of the June 2, 2020, primary election, all 67 of the Pennsylvania’s counties have deployed voting systems that produce voter-verifiable paper records  and meet 21st-century standards of security, auditability and accessibility.
  • Any voting system selected by a county must be certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and the Pennsylvania Secretary of State.


I Have Another Question.

  • For all questions that are not included above, go to Vote.PA.Gov


Ballot Order (chosen by lottery)

U.S. Senator – Democrat

  1. Alex Khalil
  2. Conor Lamb
  3. Malcolm Kenyatta
  4. John Fetterman


Governor – Democrat

  1. Josh Shapiro


Lieutenant Governor – Democrat

  1. Austin Davis
  2. Ray Sosa
  3. Brian Sims


U.S. Senator – Republican

  1. Kathy Barnette
  2. Mehmet Oz
  3. George Bochetto
  4. Jeff Bartos
  5. Dave McCormick
  6. Sean Gale
  7. Carla Sands


Governor – Republican

  1. Lou Barletta
  2. Douglas V. Mastriano
  3. Nche Zama
  4. Dave White
  5. Melissa Hart
  6. Bill McSwain
  7. Charlie Gerow
  8. Joe Gale
  9. Jake Corman


Lieutenant Governor – Republican

  1. Clarice Schillinger
  2. James Earl Jones
  3. Rick Saccone
  4. John Brown
  5. Chris Frye
  6. Jeff Coleman
  7. Russ Diamond
  8. Carrie Delrosso
  9. Teddy Daniels



4 Responses

  1. For those that are people or people that support candidates that beat their wives (such as Mastriano, Daniels, and Marsicano), they will lose their primaries on May 17. Go Dr. Mehmet Oz, Lou Barletta, and Rick Saccone!

    1. Specifically, please name the PA candidate(s) who have been criminally charged, prosecuted and convicted of spouse abuse?

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