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Tomasetti Announces Challenge to McCormick for GOP Senate Nomination

Brandi Tomasetti

Looks like the race for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate will not be a one-man race after all.

Brandi Tomasetti, secretary/treasurer of Lancaster County’s Conestoga Township, has announced that she is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat in a direct challenge to Dave McCormick.

The challenge facing the 32-year-old Messiah College graduate? Trying to make inroads in a Republican race that has already seen the state GOP endorse McCormick for the position, as have all Republican members of the Pennsylvania congressional delegation. If that wasn’t enough, add to that the war chest of over $5.4 million that the former Bridgewater Associates hedge fund CEO has and Tomasetti is already starting behind the 8-ball.

Tomasetti, though, is undaunted.

“I (am) immensely concerned for our future,” she said in a campaign announcement video. “Our country’s leadership has failed. The cost of living has become unmanageable, and many are struggling to support a family on two incomes. Our national debt is nearly 34 trillion with billions accruing interest moved to China. Our government is spending more than we raise in taxes with billions being allocated to foreign aid. Problems aren’t getting solved. And our country’s morale is at an all time low.

“While it may surprise some I have faith in our governing system, and possess the insight needed to enact the changes required to repair our democracy. My personal journey has given me a perspective that I believe cannot be replicated by a career politician,” she says.

With the day quickly approaching to obtain the requisite number of signatures on her nomination petition to get on the ballot, Tomasetti made a personal plea during the nearly four-minute video.

“To save our country and get me on the ballot, I am seeking between 30 to 100 volunteers to help gather 2000 signatures from January 23 to February 11. It is imperative that we elect America First candidates in 2024.”

Tomasetti hasn’t filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission as of this writing, but her campaign has started social media pages and a website promoting her candidacy. And makes clear why she feels that change is nigh.

“The time for change is now and we are not going to see it by electing career politicians like Dave McCormick or Robert Casey Jr.,” she said. “McCormick, a neoconservative that has been part of the swamp since the Bush administration and in recent years had a close business relationship with China, does not even reside in the state he wants to hold office. Democrat Bob Casey has held office since 2007, loves Ukraine over America and is running for a fourth term while battling cancer. Before today these were Pennsylvania’s only two options.”

An outspoken America First supporter, she has endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2024. Tomasetti is committed to a thorough examination of our healthcare system, developing evidence-based policies and strategies aimed at improving access to mental health services, implementing a constitutional amendment establishing a two-term limit for senators, and adopting lobbying reform.

“With a dedicated effort. I can beat career politician and RINO Republican Dave McCormick who is unlikely to succeed in a purple state,” said Tomasetti.

“We welcome her to the race and look forward to winning the primary in April,” McCormick campaign communications director Elizabeth Gregory said in an email to the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. “Come November, Pennsylvanians will elect combat veteran, West Point graduate and seventh-generation Pennsylvanian Dave McCormick to shake things up in Washington and put an end to Bob Casey‘s ineffective 17-year career in the Senate.”

6 Responses

  1. Tomasetti sounds as loony as any MAGA man. Merely by endorsing Trump she shows she is unfit for office.

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