Toomey takes the Floor: Maiden Speech Addresses National Debt

By Whitney Roper, Contributing Writer

This afternoon, Senator Pat Toomey -(R) took the floor and addressed the U.S. Senate in his maiden speech with his concern over the national debt limit. He said that America must re-examine the spending and that to raise the debt limit would be irresponsible.

“It’s like a family maxing out all of their credit cards.” Toomey compared a family’s struggle to get out of credit card debt, to the government’s out of control spending.

The Senator’s Full Faith and Credit Act is legislation he introduced last month and offered today on the floor. The amendment would make it so that the national debt becomes the Treasury’s top priority in the event that it reaches its limit.

“We can have a terrific economic recovery if we get this under control.”

The answer to America’s fiscal instability should be found in spending reforms. Toomey said that we need real cuts in spending and in order to do that, the government needs a balanced budget amendment that would make it harder to raise taxes and harder to spend. In addition, statutory spending caps with penalty laws, incase government exceeds the limits set in place, would help create fiscal responsibility.

“It never ends well when a government can’t control its spending.”

The Full Faith and Credit Act has already gained support and sponsorship in the Senate among fifteen members. In addition, Rep. Tom McClintock plans on introducing similar legislation in the House.

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One thought on “Toomey takes the Floor: Maiden Speech Addresses National Debt”

  1. John A. Quatrini says:

    Dear Senator Toomey:
    My wife, I and many of our friends agree that deficits will destroy our country if we don’t act. However, we must START with the military’s out of control spending.
    We spend more on “defense” than the rest of the world COMBINED! We are still fighting 2 insane, self defeating wars after 9
    years. Why do we have tens of thousands of troops still in Germany and Korea and at bases around the world? Who appointed us imperialist masters of the world?
    As President (and 5 star General) Eisenhower warned, beware of the military/industrial complex. Please do the right thing and include Pentagon/military waste in your deficit reduction proposals.
    Thank you.
    John and Judy Quatrini
    4145 Thistlwood Rd.
    Hatboro, Pa. 19040

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