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Top 8 Attorney General Election Stories

Freed, left, and Kane

Here’s what happened this week in the battle between Democrat Kathleen Kane and Republican Dave Freed.

Freed is the Cumberland County District Attorney; Kane is a former assistant District Attorney from Lackawanna County.

1. Kane has polling lead.

Just a month left to go in the election, and Kathleen Kane continues to cruise. The Attorney General hopeful leads her opponent, Dave Freed, 41 percent to 29 according to a poll commissioned by the Philadelphia Inquirer. 30 percent of voters remain undecided.

2. Governing Magazine moves the race from “Tossup” to “Lean Democrat”

A significant subplot is the Penn State-Sandusky investigation. Kane has extensive experience prosecuting sex crimes, and she was a frequent commentator in the media on the Sandusky case. Not only was the case a huge issue in Pennsylvania, but GOP Gov. Tom Corbett oversaw the early stages of the investigation while he was serving as AG, to some subsequent dissatisfaction among voters. Corbett’s approval ratings have already been weak for a variety of reasons, but the fallout from his role in the Sandusky case could serve as grist for Kane and other Keystone State Democrats.

3. Kane takes special interest money she criticized in the primary. From Capitolwire:

During the primary campaign, Democratic attorney general candidate Kathleen Kane said she was more independent than former Congressman Patrick Murphy.

She lampooned her Democratic opponent for taking contributions from organized labor and other groups.

But her latest campaign finance report shows she has received roughly $800,000 – about half her summer fund-raising haul – from organized labor, law firms with lobbying operations, and other special interest groups.

4. PAGOP slams Kane for anti-Marcellus comments during primary.

“Kathleen Kane’s hypocrisy by publicly criticizing Marcellus Shale while privately making millions off of this expanding industry is a bait and switch for Pennsylvania voters,” PAGOP Chairman Rob Gleason said, citing this article and this one.

“The well-documented economic benefits of Pennsylvania’s energy industry are also helping related industries prosper, like Kane is Able trucking.  But it is at the height of hypocrisy for candidate Kathleen Kane to secretly profit while at the same time publicly condemning the industry that provides family-sustaining Pennsylvania jobs. If we can’t trust Kane to be honest about Pennsylvania’s energy future, we can’t trust Kane to be our next Attorney General.”

“There they go again. David Freed and Tom Corbett’s buddies continue to use distortions and half-truths to rescue Freed’s campaign,” said Kane campaign spokesman Josh Morrow.

5. The Pa. State Corrections Officers Association labor union backs Kane.

“Pennsylvania needs an Attorney General who has experience safeguarding our children, protecting our seniors, and keeping repeat offenders behind bars,” said PSCOA President Roy Pinto. “We’re proud to support Kathleen Kane and help her become the first woman ever elected to be Pennsylvania’s Attorney General.  But even more importantly, we know that our officers and their families will be safer with Kathleen Kane as the Commonwealth’s chief law enforcement officer.”

6. Patriot Voices PAC and founder Rick Santorum endorse Freed.

“David Freed is a seasoned prosecutor who will serve the people of Pennsylvania well as our next Attorney General.  As a longtime prosecutor and the DA of Cumberland County overseeing more than 4,000 cases per year, David understands what is required of this office.  He has the kind of forward-thinking approach and the tenacity that will serve the office of Attorney General well.  We look forward to supporting him in the weeks ahead,” Santorum said.

7. Former Pa. Governor Tom Ridge endorses Freed.

“This November, Pennsylvania voters have a critical – yet very clear – choice to make in the race to elect the next Attorney General,” said Governor Ridge. “I’m supporting District Attorney David Freed because he’s the experienced prosecutor and principled leader that Pennsylvanians expect and deserve in an Attorney General.”

8. Pittsburgh’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #1 endorsed Freed.

“We’re proud to lend our support to David Freed,” said FOP Lodge 1 President, Michael LaPorte. “With David as our next attorney general, we’re confident that we have a strong advocate for our men and women in uniform.”

“David Freed’s sterling reputation and his proven leadership make him the clear choice this November. We hope that Pennsylvania voters join Pennsylvania law enforcement in supporting David Freed.”

5 Responses

  1. As a lifelong Republican I am embarrassed and outraged by the admittedly false advertising created and run by the Freed campaign. It makes all of us look bad.
    To spend over a half-million dollars on shameful claims that are clear indicators of desperation on the part of candidate Freed makes me reconsider my affiliation.
    If he were to occupy a Commonwealth position of real power, what is this man prepared to do in order to get what he wants?

  2. In the 4th item the attack makes no sense. The first article cited suggested that Kane is Able Trucking was having trouble finding driver’s with a CDL. Not sure how that translates to the company is making money from fracking. Moreover, its beside the point. The distortions by the Republican party in this race have taken on a sense of desperation.

  3. There is no sun light between PA Tea Party and PA GOP. Smith is a case in point. Who are you suggesting Kane should reach out to?

  4. I wonder. I think Kathleen Kane would be far more likely to uncover what happened in AG’s office on a number of issues but she does not seem to be reaching out to the independent Tea Party voters on issues like cover up and the abuse of power that comes from 32 years of one party rule.

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