Turzai Exits Governor Race

State House speaker Mike Turzai announced to the Republican State Committee that he is no longer running for Governor.

“Sometimes you have to make a decision, and I am at that point,” Turzai said.

The announcement came before the party voted on an endorsement in the race.

Turzai’s move decreases the number of candidates in the race to three, with only two participating in the endorsement process.

State Senator Scott Wagner and Paul Mango are both continuing forward in the endorsement process, while Laura Ellsworth said she would not participate in the endorsement process.

9 Responses

  1. Smart move by Turzai. This race comes down to Mango v.s. Wagner. Think it will be closer than people think/than it should be. Mango has an amazing paper resume, but is a terrible public speaker, no enthusiasm and no relating to the crowd. Wagner has the money to win but he is Trump, Jr in the sense of how he conducts himself. Mango was the first to hit the tv screens, which was smart, but it will only last so long. Wagner is a-coming.

  2. will he be running for reelection as a state representative then whatever for he dropped out of the governor’s race just now.

  3. I thought he would disclose how many gallons of benzene goes into each bore hole on state lands, after all we are the land owners. Why not use tracers on the bore holes to prove water contamination. OH, I forgot he is bought and paid for by the gas industry. Don’t believe me look at the conventional drilling Regulations striped from DEP and responsible for radioactivity spike at the bottom of three Western PA waterways. Sorry ,I do not approve bribery.

  4. Smart move. Even if he manages to beat Wagner’s zillions, there is no way Mike Turzai wins a statewide general election in PA. Heck, I know many Rs who can’t stand him.

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