Turzai New Speaker; Reed to Become Majority Leader

Dave-ReedThe House Republicans have finished their leadership elections and the votes are in.

Surprising no one, Mike Turzai was elected the new Speaker of the House.

The Allegheny County Republican is currently the House Majority Leader and was unopposed in his race for Speaker.

The battle for Majority Leader, however, pitted House Majority Whip Stan Saylor (R-York) against House Policy Chair Dave Reed (R-Indiana).

Rep. Reed ended up pulling out the win and will be the new House Majority Leader come January.

Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) was elected House Majority Whip over Rep. Mike Vereb (R-Montco).

In other news, House Appropriations Chairman Bill Adolph of Delaware County was re-elected. Also, Chair of the Republican caucus, Susquehanna Rep. Sandra Major won unopposed.

Update: State Rep. Brian Ellis (R-Butler) overcame Reps. Mike Peifer (R-Pike) and Dan Truitt (R-Chester) to become Caucus Administrator.

State Rep. Donna Oberlander (R-Clarion) was elected Caucus Secretary and Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre) was elected House Policy Committee Chair.

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8 thoughts on “Turzai New Speaker; Reed to Become Majority Leader”

  1. PBunyip says:

    Isn’t Turzai the one who bragged that the Voter ID law would win Pennsylvania for Mitt Romney?

  2. Listen, what Observer had to say was politically incorrect and sophomoric and flat-out wrong – and we need more of it. Wingnut repubs have learned that you can never stoop too low and it’s about time we fired back at the same level. We will get nowhere staying above the fray.

    And we should call him Turds-Eye, too.

  3. Isaac L. says:

    Observer – I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Rep. Reed, but there’s no need to stoop to that level. It’s unbecoming and uncalled for. The next time you feel like writing garbage like that, do yourself and everyone else a favor and keep it to yourself.

  4. Richard Kane says:

    In response to Observer says, Copying right-wing hate and smear in a progressive direction doesn’t help

  5. Brad Kirsch says:

    It looks like a right wing sweep of the party. The moderates had better stand up or their days are numbered.

  6. Denny Bonavita says:

    What’s a “look retarded” Do you mean that he looks as stupid as you are for having posted that pejorative slur, you bigoted punk?

  7. Observer says:

    Reed looks retarded in that picture. Can they spend a buck to get him one where he looks like he half a brain? Of course, that may not be possible…

  8. chesco says:

    Who’s the whip?

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