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Union Affiliated Groups Target Southeast Republicans in Ads

SEIU and Save My Care PAC are running ads targeting Congressmen Ryan Costello, Charlie Dent, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Pat Meehan over the Republican tax reform plan.

“They’re online, they’re on the radio, some are on TV.  It’s part of a grass-roots movement that’s happening in the area and across the country,” Democratic strategist Mark Nevins told WHYY.  Nevins is working with the groups on the ads.  

The ads push for the Congressmen to keep the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act.

According to City & State, the ad buy is over $185,000 in just radio ads.  

The NRCC responded touting the benefits of the Republican tax plan.  

“Nonpartisan analysis reveals the GOP tax reform bill will create 36,215 new jobs in Pennsylvania while doubling the standard deduction and increasing the child tax credit. Debunked lies from special interest groups will not stop Republicans from delivering historic tax relief for the middle class.” NRCC spokesman Chris Martin told City & State.

You can view the video ad targeted at Costello below.

6 Responses

  1. Bye bye Ryan and the other stooges. Sent him a picture of Chris Christie on that beach last summer- after next election Ryan, Pat, Brian and good ole Charlie-can plan on having plenty of free time. It’s bad enough they stand for little- but their rationale for supporting this tax package suggests their
    Either delusional-or take voters for fools.
    The corporate tax cut might be a good value idea- the personal tax changes are a disaster-why didn’t they eliminate carried interest- why didn’t they impose more of the burden on those best able to pay. The SE republicans are hacks- nothing less nothing more

    1. Yeah sick dude. You have no idea what you’re talking about and the only thing you can reference is pop-news events like Chris Christie on the beach. Truth is, these guys are all different and all are running their own races so to use broad strokes doesn’t do the situation or members justice. Dent is retiring, we agree on Fitzpatrick, but Meehan and Costello are good Reps. They will both absolutely retain their seats.

      1. You probably also think Clinton is honest and the Cowboys are America’s Team. Sorry fact is Costello and Meehan aren’t good guys – this time around gop largesse will help bring them down

  2. Chris Martin conveniently leaves out a lot, including that it eliminates the personal exemption and raises taxes on parents with more than two children.

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