[Update: May Run in 2014] Critz Goes to Gov’t Affairs, Grassroots Firm

Mark Critz campaign portrait
Mark Critz

Update: A source close to Critz said Tuesday that the Congressman is considering a rematch versus Rothfus in 2014. It’s been widely speculated for months.

“I have no doubt that Mark wants to do it,” the source said. “But he’s got to make the evaluation about whether or not he does do it. He actually came to love the job [in Congress],” the source told The Hill.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is taking the possibility seriously enough to issue a statement on Critz’s new job. From spox Ian Prior:

“In his time in Congress, Mark Critz took over $1.4 million from special interest groups of all varieties. Now that he’s become a big-time lobbyist, he has finally ended the charade of working on behalf of Pennsylvania and is openly cashing in on his inner special interest superstardom.”

His name is also buzzing in Democratic circles as a potential Lt. Governor candidate.


Former Rep. Mark Critz, the Democrat who lost to Keith Rothfus in November, has joined government affairs and advocacy group EIS Solutions.

The firm specializes in energy and land use.

“As a former Member of Congress and district director for Congressman John Murtha, Mark Critz has the experience and relationships at the local level to help difficult projects get approval,” EIS Solutions President Wade Haerle said. “Mark knows how to navigate local politics and governmental bureaucracies at the state and federal levels and will be an asset to clients seeking to build local support for energy related projects in the coal and natural gas industries.”

He’ll be a Senior Vice President based in Johnstown.

“It was an honor to serve the people of Western Pennsylvania in Congress where I had the opportunity fight for jobs and economic development,” Critz said in a company press release. “Development of our energy resources is vital to growing our regional economy and making our nation independent of foreign sources of energy. I look forward to working to make sure that our region develops these resources in a safe, responsible manner while working to grow our economy and meet our energy needs.”

Critz served in Congress from 2010 through January. Prior to that, he served as former Rep. John Murtha’s district director.

A blue dog Democrat by ideology, Critz was a strong ally for goal and natural gas developers while in Congress.

He’ll join his former campaign manager Mike Mikus, who himself is a Senior VP for the Eastern Region at EIS.

Critz is frequently talked about as a possible challenger to Rothfus in 2014.

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  1. It’s simple, Critz wouldn’t have this “job” if he wasn’t going to run again. He got the job because that “firm” thinks he can help them get government dollars in the future. That is his only credential.

    Not unlike when the mafia shakes down store owners. You know, you pay me and I won’t break your legs. Both get something for doing a favor. At least the mafia is honest about it.

    I dunno, I live in the district and have watched it continually decline in the past 30 years. I’ve watched my graduating class leave the area to find work. I’ve watched property values take a nosedive. I’ve witnessed firm after firm leaving the area. Progress, I guess?

    It’s nice to include the mandatory tea party degregation comment. Also, you’re right on point with the democratic plan to condemn anyone successful (i.e., “hate the millionaires). Mark Critz called Rothfus a millionaire in every one of his ads, as if success is a bad thing, or as if he stole it. Spot on. Keep it up, soon everything will be free for everyone.

  2. Tommy ,Critz resume also includes 16 years working on the front line of projects for Jack Murtha. Including time as district director. He worked through more issues and got more done than in your wildest tea bag dreams.Now show me your brilliance and deny Murtha was one of the most effective legislators in nations history. Yes your spelling was correct sorry bout that but if you believe the babble you penned there us a good chance you think the problem with America is anyone who is not a millionaire. Explain how Critz working in the private sector equates to the Mafia?

  3. You know its a quality article when they don’t even prufe read it. “goal and natural gas”

  4. None of it’s true? If that’s so, Critz is lying. He didn’t work at those places? He’s not staying in Johnstown and working for a firm in Colorado? He’s not taking a paycheck from a lobbying firm and didn’t run on a platform of “taking on the special interests”?? Tell me specifically which part is a lie and why.

  5. Hey Fredo nothing you just wrote is correct so the difference is you are free to shoot your mouth off without paying any price

  6. Before being elected to congress, Mark Critz’s resume consisted of store level assistant manager positions at the prestigious firms of Roy Rogers and American Outfitters. After 24 months in Congress, he’s qualified to be a Senior VP at a lobbying firm. Quite a promotion, eh?

    So the man that railed against special interest groups is now taking a paycheck from one? No hypocrisy there.

    EIS Soulutions is said to be based out of Colorado, yet Critz plans to operate as a Senior Vice President in Johnstown? Where is the EIS office located in the friendly city? The wonder of telecommuting I suppose.

    It would be interesting to see how many former congressmen that recently lost close elections and plan to run again landed lucrative management positions at lobbying firms. My guess, it’s more than a few.

    Can someone please explain to me again how the federal government is different than the mafia?

  7. It begs the question why Critz didn’t fight for his job in the last election. There’s a pretty good chance Rothfus will be gone in two years. That Critz will be the one to unseat him seems less likely.

  8. Hey pa girl you have seven years to file a civil criminal complaint. You don’t need a cop or a lawyer or a congressman to do it. Why haven’t you? Critz wasn’t even a congressman during these allegations so either get busy prosecuting the man who you say committed a crime or perhaps what your after is a bogus lawsuit settled out of court and a quick payday? If someone did this to you file a charge you have the biliary to doso all on your own .

  9. We made a huge mistake electing Rothfus. Rothfus and his staff have been a disaster from day 1. Its almost like the dog that caught the bus.

    If Critz runs again, you will see Lawrence County will come out in droves to unseat the weirdo we sent to DC.

  10. i glad you got a job but i hope next year you will have a rematch to Keith Rothfus and help western Pennsylvania

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