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Urban Rumored for Trump Chief of Staff

UrbanAccording to the Washington D.C. rumor mill David Urban is one of four candidates to take over as President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff.  

Urban was the senior advisor to the Trump campaign for Pennsylvania.  He currently works for ACG, a D.C. lobbying firm, and was Chief of Staff for Senator Arlen Specter from 1997 to 2002.

According to Axios, Urban is on a short list to possibly replace current Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.  Also on the list is House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California), Wayne Berman of Blackstone Group, and Trump’s current economic advisor Gary Cohn.  

“Things are happening, but it’s very unclear the president’s willing to pull that trigger,” a Trump aide told Axios the possibility of a major shake up in the Trump White House.

Sources also tell Axios that it is more of a question of when the move will happen, not if.  

Disclaimer: David Urban is part of PoliticsPA’s ownership group.

10 Responses

  1. Alison-

    I’m very much in favor of gender equality. Seneca has the same right to say stupid stuff as any man. (And use the bathroom he/she identifies with)

    I don’t think Seneca is a reference to the Roman philosopher, nor do I think she’s from one of the five Iroquois tribes, nor a smoker of Seneca cigarettes.

    It could be an ironic reference to the game maker from the Hunger Games who failed and had to eat the poisoned berries. Her love of Trump may be because he’s trying to create a post-apocalyptic world and live like Snow.

    Or maybe, she’s just from Seneca, Pennsylvania.

    However, it is a very feminine sounding name, and I’ve seen no clear masculine tones in her posts.

  2. Splendid education displayed by Diano’s confusion about the gender of Seneca.

    In the land of sane people, Trump could do much worse than Urban, although I don’t think the appointment will ever happen.

  3. DD, you must understand the warped mind of Seneca. He loves that Trump is appointing people to destroy the govt. That is his sick Bannon mentality.

  4. Seneca

    They are all still terrible picks, regardless of how long Trump keeps them on the job. Bannon already got kicked off security council.

    Spicer is possibly the worst press secretary in history. Past holders of the job have stated they would have quit, rather than spew Trump’s obvious lies.
    The others seemed to have been picked to destroy the government and departments they lead.

    DeVos is trying to destroy public education. Pruitt is trying to destroy environment. Perry didn’t even understand what his department is. Sessions is there to promote injustice.

  5. Flynn. Spicer. Bannon. DeVos. Sessions. Perry. Pruit.

    When I last checked, all except Flynn were still there. 6 out of 7 is not too bad, unless you have some issue with the other 6. Oh, wait! That’s right–you’re a Democrat…..

    Give it a while, and see if they are there at the 6-month mark, and what they have accomplished by that time.

  6. Trump has demonstrated he can’t make good picks.
    Flynn. Spicer. Bannon. DeVos. Sessions. Perry. Pruit.

  7. My guess is that Urban going to White House is something that Casey/Toomey/Brady/Dent/Rothfuss would all agree is a good thing. But Trump can not take advantage of a good thing.

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