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VP Pence Speaks in Philly amid Protests

Pence in Philly
Source: Twitter

With a couple of hundred of protesters outside Congress Hall, Vice President Mike Pence spoke to the Federalist Society and urged them to help support Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Pence spoke to the room of about 120 people and promised them that Gorsuch have a vote, one way or another, including using the “nuclear option” which would remove the filibuster from the Democrats’ arsenal.  

Outside, a few hundred protesters gathered a block from the event side to protest Pence’s visit to the city.  

“No Pence! No fear! Philly doesn’t want you here,” chanted the group according to the Inquirer.

The group joined a group of several thousand for a March for Humanity.

7 Responses

  1. @ Seneca agree 100% with your second statement. But as one of those protesters, I wonder what we could possibly do to make people stop demonizing us for trying to reach out to our representatives. If we call we are paid out of state callers. If we protest we are either thugs or Soros shills. If we do nothing we’re apathetic, and people will die.

  2. @G. Yes, that’s certainly how a lot of politics in this state works, and I believe we could both cite a lot of depressingly similar and flagrant examples close to home here in PA, without going to other states or that toxic waste dump of government AKA our national capital.

    Widespread political corruption, be it outright bribery or quid pro quo, or anything else, is not only morally bad in itsef, but degrades the quality and effectiveness of government. And it always threatens that less common group among elected officials–those who are honest and who resist constant temptation or other pressures to keep them from remaining so. Corruption has always been a problem and will probably always be.

    This is why constant vigilance in our system is necessary, to cultivate a less corrupt political culture. While I was never a big Tea Party fan, I did appreciate their efforts at the grassroots level to vet the home team. Corruption always starts there, generally regarded by many elements of the public and press as acceptable. But by the time they get to state and national office, they have often been bought and sold several times over.

    Public apathy, and often willful ignorance, of political corruption, at least until it can no longer be ignored or rationalized away, IMO continues as a major contributing factor in our political system. Too many ignore the warning signs at the local level.

  3. @Seneca between you and Pat Toomey the only okay way to influence elected officials is to bribe them. Don’t call us, don’t write us, don’t protest us. We are perfectly accessible as long as you can cut a 50,000 dollar cheque

  4. Pence is just another GOP mutt. Lay down with a dog like Trump and you surely get infected with fleas. No surprise that decent society wants you gone. We want to scalp him.

  5. The Trump administration should of course be grateful to the Federalist Society for developing a vetted list of solid conservatives who could serve on SCOTUS and other high level judicial positions. The Gorsuch nomination is the culmination of a lot of hard work by the members of the Federalist Society.

    As for the demonstrators, the Inquirer story shows them to be the same upset, overwrought individuals they have been since last November 8, acting out their usual tiresome script, and carrying signs with the same hackneyed slogans. Of course, they got the usual undue media attention and sympathy, which was their aim.

    If anything, the nastiness against Pence by the demonstrators reinforces the fact that it’s not just Trump the contemporary Left has a problem with. Rather, it’s anyone and anything on their ever-growing enemies list.

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