Wagner Certified Bail For Accused Sexual Predator While a Bondsman

Gubernatorial candidate state Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York) is known for owning Penn Waste, one of Pennsylvania’s largest trash companies.  Prior to founding Penn Waste, Wagner spent time as a bail bondsman in York County.  

On December 11, 1984 Wagner signed a certification of bail and discharge for Jeffrey Markey as surety.  Markey was charged with corruption of minors and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.  Part of Wagner’s job was to ensure that Markey showed up for his trial date.  

While he was out on bail on May 30, 1987 Markey is accused of taking a 13-year-old to a park and forcing him onto a bench and performing oral sex on him.  

On November 29, 1990 York County entered a judgement against Markey and Wagner “on forfeited bail bond” for Markey missing his court date.  

Markey plead guilty to statutory rape, indecent assault without consent, and corruption of minors.  

“Anyone who understands the bail bond process knows that providing a bond for a defendant isn’t an endorsement of the person or the crime. Scott certified that he would do everything he could to return him,” Wagner campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo said.  

“The insinuation that Scott is somehow complicit in these acts is ridiculous, insulting and desperate,” Romeo said.  

Wagner’s campaign blamed the information coming to light on one of his primary opponents, Paul Mango.  

“The same week Paul Mango is shopping around negative and false attacks throughout the Southeast Caucus and Republican State Committee in a last-ditch attempt to save his failed campaign he is actually sinking to a new low,” Romeo said.  

The PA GOP’s winter meeting, where they will vote on whether to endorse for Governor and who to endorse, is scheduled for February 9th and 10th.  More pressing is this weekend’s Southeast caucus straw poll, which will be the fourth of the straw polls held ahead of the meeting.  So far, Wagner has the lead among the four candidates in the race with 91 votes, 61 votes ahead of the closest challenger.  

“We’d say they are beneath Paul Mango, but the sad truth is the past few months have shown nothing is beneath him.”

Mango’s campaign responded calling for Wagner to explain the allegations against him.  

“It’s becoming tiring that as more and more concerning news about Scott Wagner becomes widely known, he simply blames others and tries to play the victim.  Instead he should start doing some explaining so voters can learn more about these troubling allegations,” Mango campaign advisor Matt Beynon said.

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  1. best part of this thread is that there are people commenting on here that Wagner is actually a good person….. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. as noted repeatedly, previously: “game-over”

    Trump figures into PA GOP gubernatorial debate…
    Ellsworth: she hadn’t voted for the president…
    ht tp://tri blive.c om/politics/politicalheadlines/13201689-74/trump-figures-into-pennsylvania-gop-gubernatorial-debate


    STRAW POLL: Wagner remains favorite…
    htt p://ww w.pennlive.c om/politics/index.ssf/2018/01/scott_wagner_remains_favorite.h tml

    “Wagner’s camp noted their candidate is now just 45 votes away from securing enough support to win the GOP endorsement when the full GOP state committee meeting meets Feb. 10….The southwest and northwest regional GOP caucuses meet on Feb. 3 to hold their test votes.”

  3. I suppose there are plenty of political people who like to argue here but I wish you wouldn’t take up the slamming on discussion boards.
    I appreciate thoughtful conversation and debate like the attirney’s reminder to us that Bail is one of our rights according to the Founding Fathers. The bailbonds man/woman puts up the amount as directed by the judge, correct? There are no saints who need bail but all are treated equally with regard to bail—one bonds person cannot alter the amount as it is set by the Court.
    If you are allergic to peanuts and you eat peanuts in food bought from a grocery store, is the grocery store at fault? It’s their job to sell everyone peanut butter, who asks for it. Thanks for polite responses.

  4. I hadn’t decided who I was voting for. I like Wagner but as a Vietnam vet I also liked Mango, but when a buddy told me about this that was it for me. I won’t back anyone who would sink this low — veteran or not. If you’re living under a rock maybe you don’t know that bail bondsmen are not cops, judges or lawyers. They dont make judgements, set bail or decide guilt or innocence. This smear assumes people don’t know any better which is manipulative and deceptive. It’s cheating. The good men I served with would never trust this guy to have their back. He has no honor. Wouldnt let a rat anywhere near my foxhole. Definitely not giving one my vote for governor.

    1. Get out of here with that nonsense. You for speak 4 other vets. The people are entitled to know and make an onformed decision. This is politics. Also make it little less obvious that youre a wagner shill trying to play midfle of the road and speak to vets. We support our felloe brother in arms. Vets 4 Mango

  5. Did all of you expressing outrage on this attack express the same outrage when this exact kind of attack was used against a Democratic candidate? Anyone remember an ad involving Willie Horton in 1988? Or is that partisan selective memory getting in your way?

    1. Far from analogus situations. Dukakis was a Governor who let a dangerous criminal go free for a weekend. Wagner was a bail bondsman.

      I appreciate your broader point, but the charges against Dukakis were largely warranted. Trying to tie Wagner to this case is absurd.

      1. Then why was he charged for failure to secure the bond on this specific person, a child sex predator. And he wants us to trust him w the state?

  6. Eloquently stating my thoughts is this comment by Dean H. Malik, Esq.

    I may have my differences with Scott Wagner on some issues, but the latest attacks against him are outrageous and reek of desperation. He was a businessman and at one time had a bail bond business. Trying to assassinate his character by linking him to criminal defendants through that business is absurd, illogical and offensive. Also, quotes about “global warming” taken out of context are the worst form of fake yellow journalism. Stick to the issues in the the Republican PA Gubernatorial primary.

  7. Not me: You are showing your stupidity!! Wagner did not have to post bond for a sexual deviate, he chose to just like he chooses to pick up garbage.

  8. I am no Wagner fan by a longshot. But this attack is just insane. Judges set bail. Bail bondsmen post that bail when they are paid a fee. That’s how it works. Judges decide if someone should get bail and the amount. To blame a bondsman is beyond insane.

    The right to bail has only existed for a couple hundred years in this country. What other Constitutional provisions does wacko Mango have a problem with?

    1. Mango actually has nothing to do with this story. This isnt about the claims Wagners camp made, this is about decisions he made as a human being. Being a bailbondsman is fine, but when youve proffited off of allow predators to roam free, you cant complain when it gets brought up when you run for PUBLIC office. Your callousness to this situation is disturbing and imho belongs no where near the highest public office in our state.

  9. Governor Wolf will have to defend his repeated decisions to spare convicted murderers of the death penalty. Since taking office, the Governor has imposed a moratorium on the enforcement of the death penalty. One particularly noteworthy case is that of Hubert Michael. Sixteen year old Trista Eng of Dillsburg, York County was walking to her summer job when she was abducted and then raped and murdered on the state game lands in York County. He shot the poor girl three times with a .44 magnum and left her body in the woods. He then fled to Utah where he was captured with the gun in his car. At the time of the Eng murder, he was out on bail on an unrelated rape charge in Lancaster County. He pled guilty and was sentenced to death. Following extensive appeals, he was teed up for execution when Governor Wolf intervened and granted him a reprieve, against the pleas of Trista’s family and the DA.

    1. I’m from Philadelphia, a corrupt city, and I don’t knock Gov. Wolf for the halt to all Death Penalty cases as a Judge (Philly) named Willis W. Berry, Jr. Assured Guilty verdicts as he averted his own arrest, by Philly. So I can see how an innocent person can be executed! Besides, it’s too costly to do the Death Penalty! I can’t attack Wolf on his stopping executions as an innocent person can’t be brought back to Life, after an inept Government kills him. It’s a true fact that it’s less expensive to forgo Death Penalty cases and give the guy Life!

    2. There’s nothing fiscally responsible or pro-life about the death penalty. It is expensive, ineffective, unchristian, and barbaric.

  10. Always remember that it was Lee Atwater that started this garbage with his deceptive Willie Horton ad. Dirty and vile people run campaigns from behind the scenes and high five each other when they can tear down decent people who run for political office.

    1. Decent? Read the article and see how silly that statement sounds in the comment section below it. Proof is in the pudding no matter how hard to convince yourself otherwise. Morality should be rigid, not subjective at your convenience.

  11. I understand the Wagner people don’t want this to be a big issue, but can you imagine what the Wolf commercial against Wagner will look like on this issue?

    Picture this tv ad… a kid sitting on a bench, head and hands with a narrator saying Scott Wagner posted bond for a man charged with indecent assault and corruption of minors. Because of Scott Wagner, that man was free to take a child into a park and sexually abuse him. Do you think that child would trust Scott Wagner to keep Pennsylvanians safe?… There are so many ways you could go. Wagner is a bad bad candidate and Wolf is licking his chops waiting for him to be the nominee.

    1. It would look every inch as desperate on TV as it does here on politics PA. People aren’t stupid. Everyone knows that bail bondsmen aren’t judges. But judging from all the fake Mango commercials, his people think we’re all nitwits. Tom Wolf would look as desperate as Paul Mango — but given the whooping he gave Tom Corbett, I don’t think Tom Wolf is that stupid.

      1. And EVERYONE knows that in America, a defendant has a constitutional right to a spirited defense. But every time a lawyer has spent 2 minutes in the defense bar and runs for office, some Republican creep finds a case like this and runs and ad saying the candidate loves kiddie rapers. So boo hoo, the shoe is on the other foot, and I won’t lose any sleep over it.

  12. Arresting police sets bail. They could have set it too high for anybody to post bail. Too bad a so called Veteran fighting for our rights as he has so frequently stated is ignoring the right to be “innocent until proven guilty” which is the job of the courts, judge and jury, not the right of a Bail bondsmen. If you have an issue perhaps it should be as to why the Police and courts didn’t set bail higher.

    1. so many random people with the exact same argument as to why this is not a big deal. really makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

      1. Wow. How much is Paul Mango paying you? You are going to blow a gasket. Can’t stand the reality that people don’t buy into your nonsense? We know who Scott Wagner is. He’s done too much good for you to convince otherwise. And now definitely we know who Paul Mango is now.

        1. I cannot stand watching phonies like wagner pretend to be about the people when they are most obviously only in this for themselves. I served my country and now I advocate my politics. Get over it. 109 missed votes is not doing good. He is a phony with NO morality. Point in case, this article.

  13. 30% of the commenters on this article are the same person, and they have a very specific narrative to push. It doesn’t take a genius to smell the swamp at work.

  14. The right to bail is one of our most cherished, fundamental civil rights that we have — protected in our Bill of Rights. It’s what protects us from false persecution — the kind we fought to escape from. Also in the Bill of rights, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is on this notion that bail bondsmen operate. There is always risk involved.

    1. Anyone who thinks offenders of this nature should be granted bail are insane and should be no where near our Executive Branch in PA, or the courts for that reason. What happened to this country, we used to have some common sense and know when to call out this kinda nonsense. “There is always risk involved.”-you. Tell that to the victims.

    2. Glad at least one person posting on here is educated enough to know there is a Constitution and Bill of Rights and the police are not to be Judge and Jury. After the party is proven guilty of these horrific things it is easy for couch potatoes to criticize and condemn the wrong persons. Bail is set by police / courts upon arrest. What if this arrest was of a person later proven to be innocent, life and reputation wrecked forever as a result of a false accusation? This one was proven guilty after a long long court process. The bail bondsmen job is to follow the laws they are under and provide bail. Not the bail bondsmens job to set bail, nor to be judge and jury.

      1. I’d rather see an innocent main detained until his trial and then exonerated by trial then see a guilty one go free and harm another. Call me crazy. I believe in protecting children from predators, I’m a bit old fashioned like that. Couch potato? You could carry my ruck half empty bub.

      2. As a member of a strong libertarian organization, I have to wonder what other protections given to us under the Bill of Rights Mr. Mango doesn’t support. And holy Jesus does this scream of desperation. Mr. Wagner has been working for years to make things better for average Pennsylvanians. This joker thinks he can come in, with his Ivy League education and his fancy car, start slinging mud — and what? We’re all just supposed to bow down to the great one who wouldn’t go across the street to cast a vote? He’s drinking the “cool” aid of the seedy consultants who are taking his millions. Hopefully he at least gets to keep the Porche when he loses.

        1. Can you guys at least change the narrative up a little bit? The repetitive talking points really give you away.

      3. Bail bondsmen don’t make judgements as to whether or not “offenders of this nature should be granted bail” because the fact is they are not offenders of any nature until proven so. Judges, not bail bondsmen, decide whether or not to grant bail. Bail bondsmen never post bail for those proven guilty, only for those who are presumed innocent. Again, the law requires the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Hadit you are exactly right.

    1. We notice the wagner shills posting under 5 different pseudonyms on here. You are not fooling anyone, instead you are making it appear that what transpired was not a big deal to those in the Wagner camp. Disgusting and despicable.

      1. You better hope they’re pseudos cause otherwise your Tonya Harding move is going to haunt you. Scott Wagner is a good man. If saying that makes me a shill, then guilty as charged.

        1. What a weak threat. Keep defending this type of morality, you are obviously no better than he. “You better hope”, get lost punk.

    2. At least we know if we ever wanted a governor who has jumped out of an airplane, Mango’s our guy. He’s told us in every. single. commercial.

      1. Decided to pretend to be a woman on this one, weak tactic. It’s sickening how you would diminish what happened to the victims of the man he posted bail for. This is a sad attempt to distract from the tragedy that took place by posting as all of these different accounts making specific political jabs at his opponent. You are not even remotely trying to discuss what Wagner was a party to, and trying to make it seem like a group consensus, that we all just accept this as business as usual and not be outraged, rather we should be outraged at a political opponent as opposed to the individual who posted bond for a child rapist. You are out of your f****n mind.

        1. Pretending to be a woman? Is this how Mango supporters treat women? Shame on you. Will consider the source.

          1. BickeringBrenda, Bilkingbrabender, paul mango’s Porsche, etc. you not even trying to mask what your doing. These comment sections have about he same 25 -50 ppl in them every time, we have memories and we are not dumb. Good try though. Anyone with half a brain reading these comments will know what’s up.

  15. I tried to give Paul Mango the benefit of the doubt. Someone said he is fake. I thought so too, but I wanted to be open minded. I don’t know Scott Wagner personally, but I know many who do, and they talk of a man who is always fighting for others, alwys giving to others. If Scott Wagner bailed out someone as part of his job as a bail bondsmen, and that person went on to commit a crime, as disturbing as it is, that is not Scott’s fault. It happens all the time to bail bondsman and to judges. This helps me make up my mind about Paul Mango. I will not be supporting him and I will be making sure my church understands how dirty he operates. he’s not trying to earn votes. He’s trying to burn other people to the ground. Bad person.

    1. Nothing dirty about backing the bond for a child rapist. To think you actually tried saying the dirty thin was bringing light to this as opposed to securing a bond which let a child rapist roam free. I’m sure your church would be proud. Sheesh.

  16. This is going exactly as I planned it! Governor Val DiGiorgio will be coming in 2023, just as soon as I destroy all of this year’s candidates.

  17. Well, I’m not a Wagner shill. So, the guy was a bail bondsman in his past. Who cares? And who are you to say he wasn’t made to post bail for Markey, Bono? You know the particulars about Wagner’s employment at that time? We’re you privy to the details of the bond they negotiated? That’s what I thought. This isn’t fake news, it’s desperation.

  18. Seeing this, I am surprised Scott didn’t try to post bail for Jerry Sandusky. He probably couldn’t because he had his bail bondsman license suspended by that point.

    The more you learn about Scott Wagner, the more you feel like you need to take a shower.

  19. Everything about Paul Mango is staged, scripted and dirty — including his team.

    I’m sick of seeing Mango attack fellow Republicans. I’m sick of seeing his actor-filled commercials. I’m sick of seeing his “organic” videos in which the cameras just happen to catch him out jogging or raking leaves. I’m sick of him taking people for stupid.

    We’re real people, with real problems. His commercials are insulting, and they suggest that he doesn’t want to dirty himself with regular people. The truth is real people are dwelling at the bottom of the nation and we feel it, even though Tom Wolf’s commercials tell us we’re doing really, really great. But Paul Mango is even worse than Tom Wolf.

    At least Tom Wolf votes.

    Paul Mango has the gall to ask for my vote, after not casting one himself for three decades, and he can’t so much as present an honest, straightforward proposition?

    If he thinks he’ll get my vote because he’s demonstrated that he can waltz onto the scene and start beating on fellow Republicans who’ve done A LOT for this state, he’s as goofy as he looks in his dumb commercials.

    1. Says the Wagner shill. Please try and defend this, I beg you. The fact that this story doesn’t bother you is disturbing.

      1. There’s nothing to defend. Bail Bondsmen don’t secure bonds based on guilt or innocence. They don’t have that insight.

        1. They are well aware of the charges and the circumstances surrounding the defendant. He knew and he chose to endorse the bond nonetheless, and now he thinks he is worthy of leading our state? Get lost and get real.

    1. Sooner or later the party and the Wagner shills are going to have to come to terms with Mango winning.

      1. Well that’s a nutty thing to say. Mango doesn’t have a chance. People just don’t like him. The polls bear that out. They don’t like his fake and they don’t like the way he exploits veterans. He hasn’t voted in a republican election for 30 years. Now he wants to be governor?

        1. The polls are full of crap as they have been for sometime now. You didn’t learn that last year? Wagner has been loosing FB likes for over three months, in the same time Mango has gained 40,000 likes and has organized over 500 volunteers. Politicos and the establishment are NOT in control anymore. The people are.

          1. You need to seal your mask. It’s taking on water. We all know Mango bought his FB likes whereas people actually like and trust Scott Wagner. They know he’s a good person and none of these sniveling dirty tricks will change that. They only make Paul Mango look smaller than before.

          2. Paul Mango is paying for those ‘likes’, genius. He’s wasting his money on FB likes and terrible tv ads while Wagner wins the election.

    1. No but they make a choice to endorse the bond or not. Nice cop out. I’m sure the child abused would have a different opinion.

      1. Dear scubasteve person, bail bondsmen don’t know whether the person they’re bailing out is innocent or guilty, only that they have been accused. Bail bondsmen are engaged BEFORE a trial. You may need to read this a few times because it’s probably very complicated material for you. Again, this is in line with crazy mango’s desperate flimsy attempt at running for governor. He needs to go home. Nobody wants him.

  20. Hes not sliding by on this one. It was only a matter of time until his campaign imploded. Im guessing there are several skeletons still waiting to fall out. Save the voters the embarrasment and just drop out.

  21. I have been saying this from day one of Wagner campaign. He is unelectable. Something about the guy is off and not in a good way. Time and again he makes these insane lapses in judgement and just acts like it’s nothing. His actions precipitated in a child being sexually abused by Jeffery Markey. This is absolutely unconscionable.

  22. Regardless of the circumstances in the specified case, this speaks to Wagner’s character. Nobody made him post bail for Markey

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