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Wolf Campaign Launches Web Ad On Abortion

Governor Tom Wolf’s campaign launched a new web ad today, telling the story of a woman who had an abortion at 21 weeks after learning her child had a lethal disease, which would be banned under SB 3 that is currently moving through the House.  

Wolf has vowed he will veto SB3 if it makes it to his desk.  

“Senate Bill 3 is a particularly vile assault on a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions.  If Senate Bill 3 does make it to desk, I will veto it. I’ll veto any effort to restrict the rights of women to make their own health care decisions,” Wolf said.  

The ad features Karen Agatone, a woman from Bucks County who ended her pregnancy during the 21st week after learning her daughter had a lethal genetic abnormality.  

“It’s a huge sense of relief to know that I live in a state where my Governor, Governor Wolf, puts his full trust in me to make decisions for my own body and my own family,” Agatone said.  

The ad’s release coincides with the House likely voting on SB3 this week.  The bill would ban abortions after 20 weeks, without exemptions for the safety of the mother, or because of issues with the child.  

Update: The PA GOP defended SB3, and continued their push labeling him “America’s most liberal Governor.”

“Of course Tom Wolf — America’s most liberal governor — would promise to veto a bill that prohibits brutal dismemberment abortions. Tom Wolf is a puppet of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one provider of abortions, and is going to gladly accept their special-interest money for more political favors.  Scientific evidence has proven that unborn babies can feel pain at twenty weeks. We must end the barbaric procedure of dismemberment abortions,” PA GOP spokesman Greg Manz said.  

You can view the video below.  

4 Responses

  1. Greg Manz is…not right in the head. He supported Ben Carson for President, the guy who thought Pyramids were grain silos. So… not our “Best and brightest”. Abortion must be safe and legal. If someone opposes abortion on moral grounds, as is their right, then every American fully supports their decision not to get one. But do not legislate the bodies of others. We use science to make decisions in America, not religious texts. If you want THAT, go to Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, where religion is law. Here in America, that is UNAmerican.

    1. Very poor argument. You’re equating “moral grounds” with religion and they are two very different things.

      One does not need religion to reasonably believe that it is morally wrong to crush the skull of a viable 22 week old baby and literally rip it limb from limb with metal tools. If you want THAT, maybe *you* should go to China or some other country where they place little value on human life. At some point, that “choice” becomes a child.

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