Wolf Denies Kobach Request for Voter Information

Governor-Wolf4-2-300x221Governor Tom Wolf joined a growing list of Governors by refusing to give the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity highly detailed information on Pennsylvania voters.  

In a letter sent to the Commission’s Vice Chair Kris Kobach, Wolf said he would not give the commission information including partial social security numbers, birth dates, and driver license numbers for every voter in the state.  

“Your request is problematic for several reasons,” Wolf wrote in the letter.  

“You have suggested that you would make this information public.  Wholesale public disclosure of individual voter records would be inappropriate, and it is contrary to Pennsylvania law.”

Wolf did offer Kobach the ability to buy the publically available voter file from the Pennsylvania Department of State for $20.  Wolf reminded Kobach that the information comes with some caveats.  

“Of course, in accordance with Pennsylvania law, such data may not be used for commercial or other purposes, except are required by 24 Pa.C.S. sections 1207(b) & 1404(c)(2).  Further, such information may not be published on the internet, as such publication is prohibited by 4 Pa. Code sections 183.13(g) & 183.14(k).”

Wolf joins 18 other Governors in refusing to give the commission the information.

29 Responses

  1. Do you want the Russian hackers to have your Social Security number or any of your personal info? I would hope not. The Governor is doing the right thing by not handing over what is not already public info.

  2. Trump only wants the voter info so he can hand it over to the Russians so they can help him win his next term.

  3. Where is the small government crowd condemnation about a big government intrusion?

  4. Wolf is not trying to hide anything, nor does he appear very passionate about protecting the public’s voter data. Instead, this is an easy one for him the year before he tries for re-election. And he needs anything he can get to beef up his 2018 resume. Wolf can use the privacy shtick and claim that he protected Pennsylvanians from big government. Ironic, and patently false, but an absolutely great political play/ploy.

    Don’t count this man out yet in next year’s elections. He has some good political skills, or is listening to some advisors who do. He will be harder to beat than the Republicans think.

  5. Does any one with a brain believe that Philadelphia elections are honest. It would be the only thing in the city that is honest.

    1. The elections are honest. It’s the candidates who aren’t (usually).

      However, this cycle, Philly got two good candidates: DA and Controller.

  6. “President Hillary Clinton today, in an effort to ensure election integrity, is requesting from each state their full voter roll, including the names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, party registration, and voting history of every registered voter, matched with their partial social security numbers, and driver license numbers.”

    If you feel differently about *that* statement than you do about Trump’s commission, you should think about why that’s the case.

    1. President Hillary Clinton wouldn’t ask for that information. She is a Yale educated law Lawyer and actually qualified for the president’s job. She knows it would be wrong.

      1. Completely. But there are so many “small government conservatives” who only believe government should be small when Democrats are in charge.

        Like how local schools should be run by local choice except in Philadelphia because those locals were choosing wrong.

  7. The Dems are violating the law to obscure the fact that lotsa people are multiple-registrants and that lotsa illegals vote.

    1. Really? “Lots of people” register in two or more precincts and then drive from one polling place to another to cast multiple votes? You actually believe this? And none of the election clerks and inspectors and judges who sit at the polling place IN EVERY ELECTION have caught someone doing this? You really have no faith in the intelligence and diligence of the one-half of all election board officials who are REPUBLICANS! Yes, there are a few, like the Republican voter in Kansas who owned a vacation property in Colorado and who fraudulently cast votes in both states. But please explain how this elaborate conspiracy is orchestrated. How did the Democratic Party manage to enlist “lots of people” to participate in this conspiracy? Who masterminds this plot with thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of conspirators? How do they get all of these people to do the same thing without a shred of paper or email to reveal their plot? If it really exists, how is it possible that the Russians – who were able to hack every other email server the Democrats had – were unable to reveal this cabal? Who are these people who have so much time on their hands and so much motivation that they can spend election day driving from one poll to another, stand in line, cast a vote and then go to the next poll and repeat the same thing. This is delusional!

      1. The Democrats aren’t alone, rskarloff!! Mississippi, Alabama & Mike Pence’s Indiana have refused.

      2. In 2012 50 Philadelphia Republican election officials were denied their positions and had to go to court to get seated. Who knows what was done in the first half of the day before they were seated.

    2. You’re wrong. You have no proof of this. You’re repeating nonsense “the donald” has spewed. He had Russia’s help and intervention from the FBI, and he still lost the popular vote to a woman.

  8. Wolf is in good company with this decision. Even Kobach’s Kansas refused to share some of the requested info.

  9. The best part of the letter is when Wolf suggests that Kobach just buy the publicly available file from the state website for $20 like anybody can.

  10. The “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity”.

    This is from the same president who (falsely) claimed he got more electoral votes than any president since Reagan. Who (falsely) claimed there were over 3 million illegal votes. Who (falsely) claimed he won the popular vote. Who (falsely) claimed that more people attended his inauguration.

    Seems to me the Commission would have its hands full documenting all of Trump’s false claims and lack of integrity.

    1. Trump doesn’t know when meaning of Integrity which is why he is bring “advised” by his unqualified kids.

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