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Wolf Releases Public Education Video (WATCH)

Yes, you read that right. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf has come out with another video for his campaign.

The beginning of the video highlights Governor Tom Corbett’s missteps regarding public education. A shot of Corbett speaking at a podium fades in with a headline from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Corbett swings budget ax at schools, colleges.”

“I think that what has gone on at the state level has made the job of the local school board infinitely more difficult,” says school board member Ellen Freireich, one of the public school representatives who speaks in the ad.

The majority of the video is dedicated to these employees speaking to the camera about how Pennsylvania needs a leader who will lead the school systems from where they are now to “greatness,” according to retired principal Glenn Caufman. And just who is that leader?

wolf restore edWolf, of course.

Retired teacher Barb Hellman says, “I think Tom Wolf has always had education as a priority. I mean, that’s a good thing, as far as I’m concerned. We need a governor who has education as a priority.”

Wolf’s plan to help restore public education to its former glory makes an appearance on the screen at one point: charging oil and gas companies a five percent tax to help fund education and universal pre-k for all children in Pennsylvania. He also plans to create a fair funding formula that would make high-quality education more accessible.

The gubernatorial hopeful himself then makes an appearance, talking about the positive effect that his and his wife’s teachers had on them. Hellman comes back and says that Wolf has always believed education to be important for his own children, and that he’s an active parent in their school.

“I would have a lot of confidence that Tom Wolf would do the right thing for education,” Hellman says near the end of the video. Caufman and Freireich also sing Wolf’s praises as an education leader before the ad comes to an end.

In the midst of his ad-dropping, Wolf came out with a thorough policy plan that contains the entirety of his proposal for public education.

In the race for the Democratic primary, Wolf is up against State Treasurer Rob McCord, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, former DEP Secretaries Katie McGinty and John Hanger, Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz, and pastor Max Myers.

5 Responses

  1. The primary is 90 days away. Not sure what the other candidates are waiting for while Wolf blankets the airwaves rolling out his series of ads.
    In any event, I too will be very interested to see what the polls show when somebody gets around to releasing them.
    And if nobody bothers to engage PPP or one of the other polling outfits, I would expect Wolf to release his own internal polling before too long.

  2. @robbie all i said is after all of his tv ads and exposure if his poll numbers dont go up there is no need to throw away money.true i dont know what the next poll will be i only hope wolf leads mccord because that is the only one he will hurt.and you are correct i do support the women running for governor.

  3. @stevinpa–

    Like the previous one, this is a web ad, not a TV ad. People who run 21st Century campaigns know web ads are incredibly inexpensive.

    Do you know Wolf’s name ID numbers are not good in the next poll for Governor? I will bet you don’t. There are no recent independent polls in the race, not within months of Wolf beginning his TV buy. None of the candidates had good name ID numbers before ad buys (Schwartz had the highest, and even her numbers were not good, and almost nothing outside the Philadelphia media market).

    Is Tom Wolf spending your money or his money on the campaign? The money is his, and he can decide to do with it what he wishes.

    I’m not predicting Wolf will win (I’m not a know-it-all who makes predictions), but I’m willing to bet Wolf will outspend every other Democrat in the primary (he showed a willingness to spend a lot of personal $ and raise it from others). McCord probably will be second in spending (he showed he can raise $, and is willing to spend personal $). Schwartz probably will be third in spending (she raised less than $3MM in 2013, third behind McCord and Wolf among raising $ from others, more than half her $ came from a one-time transfer from her Congressional committee, and she doesn’t have the personal $).

    I would be surprised if the name ID and support numbers for candidates advertising on TV do not go up. That is what happens in political campaigns. If it was a waste, it would not be spent that way. Your prediction sounds like it is based on what you want to happen, not based on evidence of what is happening (no unbiased and non-anecdotal way to tell now). Everybody knows you are a Schwartz supporter, and hopeful comments based on no evidence sound far more like nervousness than real analysis.

  4. after all these tv ads.if his name recognition numbers arent good in the next governor poll. he should save his millions and do something useful with it. instead of throwing it away on politics.people of pa are not paying attention to the governors race yet.

  5. after all these tv ads if his name recognition numbers arent good in the next governor poll he should save his millions and do something useful with it. instead of throwing it away on politics.people of pa are not paying attention to the governors race yet.

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